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FTG FOR COVERAGE OF A LARGE TORNADO THAT DESTROYED HOMES AND BUILDINGS IN MAPLETON, IOWA 15:11:52 Terry Russ passenger in rtuck It was bad I listened to my scanner...that came I was in my bedroom watching TV. pretty bad. 15:12:32 what'd yuou, real black. But i had to look to the south of us 15:12:49 Windows were broke, breaking in and stuff like that 15:12:56 We have a crawl space. I didn't want to get into the crawl space I was afraid the house would fall in on us. We hid in the house, but we had b lankets over our heads so we didn't get blasted 15:13:28 Scary. Hearing stuff crash... 15:13:42 This is my pickup...survived? yeah. Glass gone, windshield got cracked (truck is a mess by the way0 15:14:15 w're going down to my grandmas until we find other arrangements, other house (wider 2 shot of guy and driver 15:14:36 sheriff and police vehicles going thru town 15:14:50 pan of houses...see one house demolished 15:15:02 tree limbs, debris pan 15:15:13 tree uprotted leaning against house 15:15:23 family in front of damaged house 15:15:31 backhoe moving debris in background 15:15:39 good nat sound 15:15:45 guy removing debris 15:16:02 more debris next to house porch 15:16:11 street littered with siding, debris.. 15:16:21 GOOD SHOT OF HOUSE with no ROOF...just furniture and clothing piled all over foundation 15:16:38 tighter shot of man going thru remains of his home 15:16:45 15:16:56 man bending over his belonging 15:17:13 [pan of total debris of man's house 15:17:23 men with power tool cutting tree (GOOD NAT SOUND) 15:17:46 guy with baseball hat on backward 15:17:59 We went to my grandma, they were trapped in the house. the furniture fell ontop of themselves 15:18:13 all this is trash. everyboyd's house is gone. 15:18:26 you could see trees (motions with his hand_ CHECK TO SEE IF HE CURSES...) 15:18:34 it's true what they say, too. It sounds just like a train.Everyone's trying to help everyone else out. 15:18:57 Hopefully everybody's alright. We can rebuild houses, we can't rebuild lives. LENLEY STHIELD 15:19:32 vw bug with broken window pulls up 15:19:42 national guard guys with sheriff and sheriff truck 15:20:07 Jeff, County Sheriff Last night about 720 a tornado hit...damaging 12-15 blocks. we're estimating 60% of the town of mapleton has been destroyed.. 15:20:53 we currently do not have any fatalities and the only injuries we have is 1 broken leg . We did not have any injuries but we do have a lot of debris in town. we are asking peo if they come to help for them to help family member. we have enuf people that we dont need extra volunteers. We do not need food items. We cant keep things cold, we cant keep things hot. 15:21:51 we are giong to start turning power back on. All of the gas is shut off and expe3cted to be off for 2-3 weeks. Power will be turned back on in areas not affected by tornado. 15:22:30 15:22:37 We arrived about 5 minuts after the tornado. Debris was still falling. ....we had everybody out. We had been following the tornadoes for about 21 miles...followed them all the way over to mapleton. ...e3verybody had 10 minute warning. we had spotters int he area 15:23:29 it seemed it hung here a long time, but we estimate a half to a quarter mile wide when it went thru town 15:23:47 we have national guard. 15:23:55 that's what's so nice about being in iowa...everybody pitches in and helps 15:24:08 we have the counties, municipalities, we have a ton of peo in town right now. 15:24:26 how lucky???we're very lucky! Somebody was looking out for this community last night.** 15:24:43 we rescued peo out of the tornado 15:24:52 how long for the search? we started searching about 8 or 9 oclock, finished about 3 oclock in the morning 15:25:09 once we got the gas main shut, once we got all the power lilnes off the ground 15:25:21 no estimate on guard troops 15:25:33 Natl weather service says its an F3, it may go higher 15:25:47 we talked about 135 mph 15:25:53 congressman ...iwas surprised and shocked. I could not have described how bad it was in mapletown. It cant be overstated how bad this damage ie. This community will never be the same. 15:26:23 the gov is trying to get here..with a rep from DHS 15:26:50 it's amazing to me that there's no loss of life in this city. even tho mapletown is shell shocked they're not walking around mourning for their family **** 15:27:19 have these guys all been thru this before? some of them. They know how to do this. 15:27:34 I appreciate the peo stepping in. The leadership here..they know how to get this done 15:28:24 talks about Early 15:28:27 it would be premature to make a suggestion. You cant overstate how bad this is or what damage it did. *** 15:28:46 It is a shock. When I hear a tornado touches down. I'm really happy to be here and so we can put this back together 15:29:23 wide shot..sheriff talking..The southwest corner is the worst hit 15:29:33 sheriff. I believe we should have had fatalities and we didn't,. I believe in the good lord and he saved this town*** 15:30:05 we're feeding about 500 peo thru the red cross and salvatn army. Its amazing how many volunteers have been helping out 15:30:23 about 100 house. they cant go into and live again 15:31:00 mom with yankees jacket and son? 15:31:11 I was getting shooting pix and caught the tornado forming outside the house (single shot of son) 15:31:30 At first it was kind of a light bluish color and then it came back and got darker and cdarker, and it kept getting closer and closer and I got it all 15:32:06 I was excited. I've been waiting for it forever (son) 15:32:18 I'm pretty sure I was in the center of it, because I could see the debris swirling around 15:32:40 part of our windb,ocker blew off. I saw a roof get picked up and thrown against our grocery store *** 15:33:04 i could have got hurt, but I didn't 15:33:15 I was holding on to the pole 15:33:30 mom--I tried to get him in and he wouldn't come. I went to the basement and put a blanket over my head. He got the footage he wanted. he's an idiot 15:34:03 it sounds like a loud whistle, only louder 15:34:21 i was scared to death./I thought he was dead. I was crying. I thought he was dead 15:34:39 NAMES-JOHNNY MOODY (SON) LOUANN MOODY (MOM) 15:35:07 My house is fine. I've got one big branch down. We were very lucky. Very lucky 15:35:30 Johnny shows his flip cam...debris behind them... 15:35:45 tight shot flipcam 15:36:30 flip cam video...tornado approaches you hear whistle, 15:36:55 sky gets darker... 15:37:24 pov of johnny...tornado coming...hear siren (EXPLETIVE) 15:37:52 tornado approaches...MOM AND HIM CURSING 15:38:13 siren >>>tornado approaching...blacker, blacker 15:38:45 Johnny"It doesn't sound like a train like they say 15:39:08 johnny making comments 15:39:26 flip video of tornado coming toward him...VERY BLACK 15:40:07 lightning...tornado coming closer 15:40:24 hear wind ******* tornado getting blacker....and closer** 15:41:08 more POV AS TORNADO-- 15:41:34 TORNADO COMING TOWARD HIM--DEBRIS GOING PAST HIM (BLAIR WITCH PROJECT 15:42:05 WIND BLOWING *** 15:42:57 GOOD AUDIO of WIND *** 15:45:06 Tornado 15:45:13 lightning A tornado that tore through the small Iowa town of Mapleton on Saturday night caused damage in the EF3 range. The Enhance Fujita Scale holds that an EF3 tornado has estimated winds of 136 mph to 165 mph. According to the National Weather Service, the worst damage that was found in Mapleton fell within this range but noted that it was probably in the lower end of the EF3 range.
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