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COURTROOM FTG OF PORCH SHOOTING TRIAL, THEODORE WAFER IS CHARGED W/ FATALLY SHOOTING 19 YEAR OLD RENISHA MCBRIDE ON HIS PORCH B-roll of court and defendant and judge...throughout feed Witness: Sgt. Rory McManmon (First officer on scene of Theodore Wafer's home after the shooting) Tape of his dashcam video/audio Video shows nothing BUT audio includes conversation with Wafer in which he says the "gun discharged" and "he didn't know there was a round in there" ****THIS COULD BE IMPORTANT as it suggests the shooting was an accident. BUT that point was NOT mentioned in court! *** TWO ITERATIONS OF THIS. With a LOONG re-rack in between!!! ********************* Witness: Symphonia Page Saw Renisha McBride's accident in the hours before shooting...testifies about what she told police on 9-1-1 call...FIRST identifying Renisha as a man, then describing her as "drunk" in the call and said she was "disoriented" in her testimony today. She also testifies that Renisha "wanted to go home". ************************ Witness: Valentine Peppers Dearborn Heights PD Dispatcher Took the 9-1-1 call from Wafer. Then calls Wafer back and says Wafer told him that he did not know gun was loaded. CORROBORATES the officer's dashcam audioM. BUT this call TO Wafer is NOT recorded because the system did not record OUTGOING calls.
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