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FTG FOR STEVE OSUNSAMI WNT CS VO ON MISSING UVA STUDENT / EXT BROLL BUILDING WHERE SUSPECT LIVED / INT W/ LANDLADY ON SUSPECT NY INTERPLAY SLUG: TVU4 MISSING UVA STUDENT MON FRANCIS LEE-VANDELL , LANDLADY How long have you owned these apartments? 161016 Almost 8 years. Did you say he was a sweet guy? 1023 He was being real sweet, that when Thursday night I thought it was unusual, but he was sweet I mean he has been more relaxed now that he's gotten roommates. Two roommates in the second bedroom, so that was much better. 1052 Well, he was really sweet on Thursday it was almost unusual. How is he normally? 1100 Well, I don't think he particularly wants to say 'oh I owe you more rent' but he'll say 'oh yeah, sure'. Was he behind on his rent, or was he up to date? 1109 Well, I don't think he was very clear. He kept- he doesn't keep track of things very well. What could you tell us about him? 1123 He's 33 years old, right. Works at the hospital. 1138 I mean, I don't know where the girl is, or what happened I'm just as shocked as everyone else. 1200 BROLL of the apartment building- shots of the apartment door. 1445 Exterior shots of the building FRANCIS LEE-VANDELL , LANDLADY 1529 Jesse Matthew was living here and he took in tenants, two people a couple and he had a dog named Popcol (sp?). The plants here, were on the back patio also. How would you describe him? 1552 He made a special effort to be watching football a lot and he was close to his family, is very close to his first cousin which is much younger. And um, and he was pleased that he had had a promotion at the hospital to the emergency room. He lifts patients to the emergency. 1619 Nice guy. He would fuss about things he wanted. He would speak with some hesitancy, but always said it pretty firmly. He wanted this, he wanted that. Thursday night, I was talking about rent to him, this past Thursday and he was so sweet about it and said, 'I'm going to pay you'. and I said, 'don't you think you should check with your bank to make sure?' 1650 And um, he was really kind. Did he get along with his neighbors? 1655 Yes, he did. Got along with his neighbors. They may not be talking but he did. Are you surprised that's he's- 1712 I'm surprised and I'm shocked and you know I'm just waiting to see what happens. I don't have a feeling about it. 1724 When he moved here he had a girlfriend. That's right. But she left and that made the expenses a little bit high. Now this girl that's missing have you ever seen her? 1736 No. I can't believe there's a connection prior to them meeting. 1813 His father was really nice to me, Friday night. Told me how he was. He's a family person, close to his family. When you spoke with him Thursday, did you encourage him to- 1838 I didn't know anything about this until Friday. People called me Friday afternoon 1854 He was nicer than normal. You haven't heard from him since then? No. BROLL 1619 Francis' car pulls away. 1948 Wide shot of building 2040 Nice single shot of window, slow push in. 2105 '164' building number. Tight shot. Authorities in Virginia are searching for a man believed to be the last person seen with a University of Virginia student before she disappeared Sept. 13 in Charlottesville. Jesse Matthew is wanted for misdemeanor reckless driving. He has not been charged with the disappearance of 18-year-old Hannah Graham. Police say Matthew recklessly sped off from the Charlottesville police station Saturday after stopping by and asking for an attorney.
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