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RE-FEED OF ADRIAN PETERSON COURTHOUSE ARRIVAL AND EXIT AND ATTORNEY PRESSER UPON EXIT / ATTORNEY RUSTY HARDIN 121015 The case has been reset to November the fourth for motions and stuff. 1020 The state has said they're going to ask this judge to be recused, they're filing a formal written motion today. So the judge will have to have a hearing by another judge on whether this judge will be recused or not. [cut] 1131 Absent that the judge indicated from the bench that if he is allowed to remain on the case that he's [fry] to have it on the docket of December the first. That's not in stone or anything that's still to be determined by the judge. 1145 I want to tell everybody, look this is a really good man that I am incredibly proud to represent. This is a case about parenting decisions and whether something unfortunate happened when a parenting decision was made by a man who believes strongly and loves his children very much. 1202 We have been taking a good deal of stories that have a different side of him. I would ask all of you to please be tolerant of the fact that Adrian is chomping at the bit to publically talk and to publically defend himself, and the only reason he hasn't is us just insisting and jumping up and down and saying, "The solution is for you to get a speedy trial and resolve all of this in a court room." 1226 That's what we intend to do, we don't intend to respond to each and every allegation. I will tell you this, this man loves his children dearly, he is a really good guy, and he is the same guy he was before all of these things started happening publically and people taking their shots. 1241 I urge all of you just to wait, don't rush to judgment, this is hysteria that we've had with this particular public figure? It always happens the same way, at the end there's a totally 'nother side, that we'll be asking people to listen to and observe. 1257 I am confident that when people hear and see the real Adrian, he'll be the same person before all of this ever happened in other people's perceptions, and so I ask for y'alls patience. I know you're going to keep chasing stories anywhere. That's fine, God bless the First Amendment, alright. 1312 I'm not out here to complain about the articles or any of the coverage. I would say, however, there's always another side, and I hope y'all will start chasing the other side somewhat. 1322 Regardless, the only way you get this solved is to have a quick and speedy trial. We are asking the court to give us a trial absolutely as quickly as possible because this will not resolve. 1335 You talk about the other side, what is the other side? 1336 I'm not going to get into that, I'm not going to try him. All I-look the court is entering a deal that for the particular trial involved, he will have no contact until this is resolved. Everything else is standard. I hope y'all have a great day, I think there's a car right behind us, that we're going to try to move out of. 1353 Barrage of questions. 1356 I hope all of you have a great day. I saw a-I think I'm going to try to be like the coach of the New England Patriots for a time, instead of owned to Cincinnati, we're owned to trial and if you ask me another question I'm going to say, "we're owned to trial," if you ask me a third question I'm going to say, "we're owned to trial." Y'all have a great day. BROLL 1450 Adrian Peterson walking away, signing autographs, getting in the car. Medium shot. Q&A 1533 ATTORNEY: The other side is y'all chasing me, we're not doing it y'all doing it. Whoever goes with you.] 1539 How'd y'all manage to get the trial and case in this court when you can't try any others in the wait? 1544 ATTORNEY: Owned to trial. BROLL 1548 Mercedes attempts to drive away. Wide shot. 1609 Mercedes drives away. Medium shot. 1641 Medium shot. Man in tiger suit carrying "FREE AP" sign. 1649 Pan out. Wide shot. Tiger in suit and press surrounding him. 1656 Close in on man in tiger suit. Medium shot. 1702 Tight shot. "FREE AP" sign. 1706 Pan down. Tight shot tiger. 1708 Pan up to sign. 1712 Press photographing tiger. Medium shot. Media. 1911 Tiger and media swarming car wide shot. 1920 Tiger and media swarming car wide shot. Following tiger.
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