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INT BROLL OF A DONALD TRUMP CAMPAIGN EVENT IN DALLAS / 19:00:57 see her running with red cape 19:01:06 see her running back facing camera. >> Katrina Pierson >> Scottie Nell Hughes 19:38:30 Wow! Wow! [ Cheers and applause ] Amazing. Amazing! Thank you. Wow. So exciting. Do you notice what's missing tonight? Teleprompters. No teleprompters. We don't want teleprompters. 19:38:51 That would be so much easier. We read a speech for 45 minutes, everybody falls asleep listening to the same, old stuff, the same old lies. So much easier. So, you know, I have a little debate coming up on Wednesday. And I hear my -- let's call them opponents. Can we call them opponents? We're allowed to do that, right? New York was very nice to you last night. You know that, right? Did they hand you that game? They handed it. I said, I am going to have the friendliest audience. Sit down. I am going to have the friendliest audience. I wasn't sure, was I happy or was I sad. But Jerry Jones is a great guy and deserves everything he gets, quite frankly. 19:39:53 And another great guy is Mark Cuban. Really. And I think -- you know, he's been talking a little bit about maybe some day doing this himself and I think he'd do very well. We may not have the exact same feelings about where we are going but that's okay. But Mark was great. He actually called me like literally a few days ago and said, you know, if you want to use the arena, which is, by the way, a beautiful arena. This is a great arena. And Derk, I love him, he is one of my favorite players. One of my favorite. And the mavericks have been fantastic and it's just a great team. But he said, if you want to use the arena. I said, Mark when?, how about Monday night? That was like in four days. And you had a big holiday in between. And he said, I think, you know, they really like you in Dallas. They really like you in Texas. Maybe you can get a lot of people. 19:40:55 [Cheers and applause ] Because we were coming here and we thought maybe we'd get a thousand but we never get a thousand anymore. It's always the same thing. You know, we went to Alabama. We started off with a 500-person ballroom and after about two minutes, look at all of these guys, paparazzi, aye-ya-aye. Look at this. We got everybody here. We started off, by the way, with a 500-person ballroom and after about two minutes the hotel called up begging for mercy. We can't do it. They were inundated. So we went to the convention center and that was 10,000 and that was wiped out in about an hour so we went to a stadium. We had 31,000 people which is by far the largest they say ever for an early primary. It's probably true. Choep dhoep [cheers and applause ] 19:41:52 And this is sort of [...] when I see these seats full at the top, can you people see me up there? I don't know. Man! I said to them, don't fill up the upper wings, it's not fair. But you all are great. Thank you all, I appreciate it. So I want to thank Mark and I want to thank -- where is pastor Jeffers? He's around here someplace, what a good guy, where is he? Come here. I love this guy. Come here. I shouldn't say this. I should not say this, pastor, because, you know, I need all the help I can get and I will say, I'm leading with the evangelicals big league and I really want to thank you because you've been so -- he said he may not be perfect but he's going to make this country great. 19:42:58 He's a leader. That's what we need. And I want to thank you, pastor. He's been so great. And I am protestant. I am presbyterian, just in case anybody wants to know. So the polls come out and we're really killing it. We are killing it. [Cheers and applause ] They mentioned a little while ago, Scottie, about the silent majority. It's back. And it's not silent. I think we should call it -- maybe we should call it the noisy, the aggressive, the wanting to win, wanting to win majority. That's what it is. We're tired of being pushed around by incompetent people. We're just tired of what's happening. We're sick and tired of what's happening. And it's going to change. It's going to change. 19:44:09 But before I get to that, because that's unpleasant but it's going to be pleasant because I finished this speech last week and I have to say, we're going to have so many victories. At some point they are just going to be coming out of your ears. I have to be careful what I say about coming out of somebody's ear. I have to be careful. Nose, ears, eyes, those are the only places I'm talking about.The only. But we're going to have so many victories and they are going to be great victories. And we're going to have them all the time because we have an amazing country. We have a country that is dying to just want to have victory. 19:44:59 starts talking about debate We don't have winds anymore. We don't have it. So, the debate. I hear they are all going after me. Whatever. Whatever. No, I hear it. Everybody -- you know, all these geniuses, the talking heads on -- some are great. Actually, some have come around. You know, at the beginning, three, four months ago, well, he's just doing this for fun. He's doing this for his brand. I need this like for my brand. Okay? But he's doing it for his brand. One person, a real loser, said, he's a clown. He's a clown. Now they are saying, how do we stop this guy? No more clown. I haven't heard the word "Clown" in a while. I tell you, they don't use that word anymore. They don't use it. 19:45:54 There's a group of pundits out there. I don't think they are smart, I think they pretend they are smart. They wear their heavy glasses and they look and they look. I'm not talking about Perry who happens to be a nice guy. Really, he is a nice guy. But he came after me hard. Didn't he? You know, I had dinner with him a couple of years ago and I thought he was terrific and then he came after me very hard. And you know I gave him a really good, I said, it's kind of easy, when someone drops out of the race I'm going to say that about every body. But I like that man and frankly he tried but I'm talking about the guys who sit around the table and they talk about us, they talk about me and they say, well -- but most of them are now saying, we think he's going to win. You know, can you believe it? Now -- [cheers and applause ] We still have a few out there. The hatred is so incredible. It's so incredible. 19:46:59 Absolute hatred. I watch some of these guys, like this guy -- shall I mention names? Okay. I will. The problem is, when I mention them, they can never, ever support me. That's the problem. And you know, look at all of those live television feeds. It's always tough. Every time I speak they put me on live television so I have to make different speeches. These guys go around and make the same speeches hundreds and hundreds of times. Nobody cares. It's true. It's true! [ Applause ] It's true. 19:47:42 You know, you have CNN live, you have got them all. And -- who needs -- no, they are 50% good. 50%. They've been pretty nice. But you know, who really, when you think about it, who has to do this? So I come out today, how many live feeds you have? Look at all of those cameras back there. Take a look, everybody. Now, if you like the media, give them a big hand. And if you don't, give them a big boo. [ Booing ]. I had a feeling. You know, the truth is, there's some really great people. I'm dealing usually in the world of financial. That's easy. It's numbers. You're either good or not good. You know it's sort of much easier. But I find the press to be much more honorable in the financial media but the political media -- and I found some great ones. There are some great ones. But should I mention some? No, I'm not going to do that here because then you're going to leave some out. But -- okay. So George Will is a disaster. This guy is a disaster. 19:48:58 Honestly, another one, Karl Rove. He's terrible. He's terrible. He's terrible. He still thinks that Mitt Romney won. He's still going around saying, I think he won. This guy -- think of this. He ought to be on Wall Street. He raises money pretty well. The raised last cycle, the last presidential election, he raised $434 million and didn't win one race. Can you believe that? Can you believe it? And I understand it because I saw some of the commercials that he made. I saw a commercial he made against Barack Obama. And I called up and said, who did that commercial? It's one of the best commercials I've ever seen. I've got to use that firm.They are phenomenal. But I didn't realize it was against Obama. It was so good for Obama, the one with Germany. Remember, do you want a rock star? Do you want -- I said he's not a rock star. We have an incompetent president. This is not a rock star. [ Cheers ] 19:50:11 We have a president that doesn't know what the hell he's doing. [ Cheers ] So Karl Rove every night, you know some of these guys like George Will and Karl rove, a few others, those I'll mention like anybody in the real estate business, right? Couple of us? I love real estate. Let me just tell you, one of the great people in sort of the Andy Biel. Biel Bank Stand up Andy. Come on, he's a shy man. He's only worth about $6 billion. He's a great guy. Been a great friend of mine. I don't want to borrow any money from him because he expects it to be paid back in full and on time, right, Andy? But you look at some of these guys and they are like boilers, okay? Real estate. 19:51:01 They are like boilers. Bill O'Reilly said the other night, Bill O'Reilly is a great good guy, great guy. He is a good guy, great guy. Although he's tough and he's tough with me, that I can tell you, some people say how can you say he's a great guy but he's fair but I saw Carl rove on a show the other night and the name Trump came up and you could see it was like a boiler ready to explode. [ Laughter ] I think the guy is a total incompetent jerk. But him and there are others. But I would say this, anybody that gives him, Karl Rove and any others , the group of losers, anybody that gives them money you are losers yourself. It doesn't make sense. Because they don't know what they are doing. 19:51:48 So the pools come out and everybody is surging, but Trump. They don't want to say that I am surging. I went up by 40% today in New Hampshire, you saw that. 40%. Second, second is I think is 11 or 12, right? I think 11 or 12. And, I won't mention names cause he is actually a nice guy. I'll mention names. Why shouldn't I, should I? Guys, right? It's Ben Carson, he is a nice man. 19:52:24 I think he's in second place at 11 or 12%. Now I'm at 40 and it's actually 41 but they don't want to say that, they don't want to give me the benefit of a couple of.... you know, If I'm 40.9 they will say I'm at 40. Do you understand that? So Ben Carson, good guy, I think he's 11 or 12 and they are saying Carson, here is the headline, Carson surging. I said what about me? Where is my name? I'm at 40. Where is my name? 19:53:00 It's unbelievable. Do you know where my name is? Do you? They don't know where my name is, either. Can you see in the back, they have the best view. Can you see it's really my hair? [ Cheers ] Well, that's the other thing, I mean, I get killed on that. I had an article recently -- it's true. They have the best view. They know. Not that bad, right? I mean, I have friends, it's over. I have many friends, the hair is over. But I had the article the other day, the other day a great article, they said Trump is a financial genius. They said all good things, they said he is doing great, doing great here and but they said he wears the worst hairpiece, the writer says this, wears the worst hairpiece and I said that's terrible. If I can't show the article to anybody even though it was good a article. But in the polls it's been so amazing. We started off, and everybody said, you remember this, I won't run. I won't run. And I said why do they say that? I'm telling you I'm going to run. NBC came over and as you know, and I like NBC. 19:54:18 starts talking about apprentice You know, for years we had "The Apprentice". It was a tremendous success, one of the greatest successes on television and the head of Comcast, I just tell you his first name is Steve and he's a phenomenal guy, Steve Burke, one of the great people, a great, great guy and a great manager. He came over with a group of people from NBC, Steve is one of the, you know, head of Comcast and they said, we're going to renew "The apprentice" and by the way, it's a lot of money. Did you see my certified financial statement when I made with "The apprentice"? When I gave up "The Apprentice" I made $213 million. Can you believe it? From a television show. 19:55:00 And I had -- no, I had these announcers say oh, no, I think he only made $1 million and guys like Joe who is a good guy said no, no, he's got a prime time show for years, it's got to be, anyway, when they checked it, 200, so NBC renews "The apprentice" and I told them don't do it because I'm running for president. I'm going to make our country great again. Don't renew it. [ Cheers ] Now you know if I make $213 million over a, you know, run of 12 years or whatever, that's a lot of money, even for me that's a lot. That's a lot of money. That's pretty good, right? Considering it's not my main business but I made this money and the people come up and they say, oh, well, we're going to renew it anyway because he's not going to run. So NBC renewed "The apprentice" and announced they renewed it. They said that Donald Trump would do not season and I don't them not to do it. Then I told them that I'm not doing it again and they went in the upfront and they were so angry at me. They were so angry. But you know what? I give up a lot when -- when I do this I give up a lot. I miss all of these deals. I love my business. I love what I'm doing. Andy can tell you that, Tom Bennenson can tell you that. I love club corporation of America, by the way, in case you haven't heard of Tom Bennenson. But I lose a lot. Not only I do not do "The apprentice" and get paid a fortune, it's also I lose opportunity, all these deals. I have deal in China and I have deals all over the place that I could do. Boo, boo. But it's true. It's like picking up a check, like picking up a check but I give up a lot. When a politician all talk no action, politician runs, what do they give up? They give up nothing. 19:57:02 They run, you know what? They run, they lose, they win, they don't care, all they want to do is be re-elected or run again if they failed. Right? With me, it's a whole big deal, it's a whole big deal and you know I am self funding my campaign. I am not taking all of these blood money. Not doing it. [ Cheers ] I'm not doing it. And I feel a little bit awkward and a little stupid. I have guys offering me millions and millions of dollars. You know when you are in number one place then the blood suckers come out. The lobbyists, the special interest, Don we love you, guys we haven't heard from in ten years, Don, we love you. 40% to New Hampshire, winning Iowa, we're killing in Iowa. Incredible people. New Hampshire, incredible people. South Carolina incredible people, incredible numbers there, too. We're winning in Florida. Think of it. You have Jeb Bush, governor of Florida. You have a sitting senator in Florida, Marco Rubio and the poll comes out the other day, trump is leading in Florida. [ Cheers ] >> Can you imagine? Big lead. How about this? Have you ever heard of the great state of Texas? [ Cheers ] >> Leading in Texas. How does that happen? So, so it's been an amazing period of time. I've never experienced anything like it and I've been well-known for a long period of time. 19:58:53 mentions Arnold and how he wishes him well That's why I got chosen for "Theapprentice" in the first place. And in fact I don't know if you just heard, they called me up today, NBC, couldn't be nicer. You know, they finally calmed down. I settled my lawsuit with them. 19:59:03 Did you hear? Did you hear? Yes, she heard. I settled my lawsuit with them last week. A lot of litigation. Settled it. They couldn't have been nicer. And they called me today and wanted everything, you know,they want me on their side and I am on their side because I really like the guys at NBC, and they have announced or will soon announce, you know who is going to take the place of trump? Arnold. Arnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Good, right? I think it's a good choice and he's a friend of mine and I approve 100% and I'm with him 100% and I think he is going to do great and will raise a lot of money for charity. I'm still in there because I have a big chunk of it. A lot of people don't know that, these are minor details. BUt I think Arnold will do great and they announced today Arnold schwarzenegger is going to be doing "The apprentice." I can't do it because I'm doing this. So, I wish Arnold well. 19:59:57 We have so many problems in this country. We'll talk about a few of them. And we'll celebrate because ultimately, we're going to have victory. We're going to have victory. This is a movement that's happening. I had a lawyer come up to see me a little while ago that said Mr. Trump, I've been doing this for 35 years and never seen what happened here. I got a call from a writer from the New York Times. I have great respect for ""The New York Times." Called up, somebody, I know. I hear that. But, it's okay. It's a good story, not a bad story. And he said could I ask you a question? I said what? Very powerful writer, actually. He said how does it feel? How does what feel? He said how does it feel? How does what feel? He said what you've done has never ever been done before. You've dominated, taken over the polls. 20:00:46 You know, on television, on fox and cnn they call it all trump all the time. Can you believe it? All Trump all the time. And by the way, their ratings are through the roof. If they weren't, they wouldn't put me on. I'll be honest. It's a very simple formula in entertainment and television. If you get good ratings, if you get good ratings and these aren't good, these are monster then you're going to be in all the time even if you have nothing to say. If you come up with a cure for a major, major, horrendous disease and if you don't get ratings, they don't bother even reporting it. It's very simple business. It's very simple. So we've gone on, we've had a lot of fun and now it's time to really start because this is going to happen, I'm telling you, I'm not going anymore. Somebody said today. 20:01:52 We're not going anywhere. [ Cheers ] >> Somebody said today you've done so well, you don't have to go any further. I said are you crazy? You know what? The writer "The times" told me, he said it's been amazing what you've done. I said, "But I haven't won. We haven't won anything. What if I won, I mean I'm having fun and all, but I haven't won. There's been no victory." He said it doesn't matter, what you've done is incredible. You have won. I said you're wrong, unless I win it's been a waste of time for me, folks, I'll be honest. A total waste of time. I really mean that, too. We should have won, thank you, he said you will win. We should have won last time. Mitt Romney let us down. 20:02:43 I mean, he let us down. He let us down. You know, one of the things that I'm really happy about, I'm surging, they said. Can you believe this one? I'm surging with women. Can you believe it? [ Cheers ] >> I have such respect for women. I cherish women. I'm going to take such good care of women's health care issues, you won't even believe it, but I'm surging with women. One of the things coming out, I'm watching television and they said trump is surging with women. I said really? That's amazing. It's incredible. talks about carly fiorina and her poll numbers being bad 20:03:29 I'll make statements because Carly is giving me a hard time even though her poll numbers are horrible. She's the one. She was another one. She is surging. Ben is, everybody is surging but me. [ Laughter ] >> Hilary is not surging, I tell you that. They are not saying that, they are not saying -- thank you. Hilary is not surging. Look, I like Carly and I like Ben and I like many of the people that I'm running against. I mean, many of these people are terrific people, but nobody is going to be able to do the job that I'm going to do. Nobody. They won't. [ Cheers ] >> They won't. Don't forget, I love these people in back of me. [ Cheers ] >> But they won't. I mean, what I do is I do deals. I deal. I have tremendous energy, tremendous to a point where it's almost ridiculous when you think about it, but we need somebody with great energy, with great passion, with great deal making skills. 20:04:52 And we need a closer. We need closers. We don't have closers. We just don't have closers. And honestly, they are not deal people. I'll tell you they are good at raising money for packs, so whatever the hell, they are probably not supposed to do that but most of them are doing, anyway it's illegal as hell, but I think they are doing it anyway. You notice they have money in the pack but the hard money, but the pack is giving them -- I say what is going on over here? I am not allowed. How come I can't talk to anybody and again, I have to tell you this, and I want to have your opinion. So I'm self-funding, I told you. But if I took hundreds of millions, I tell you what, I could have $200 million so fast. If I took that, would you people object if I promise not to do anything from the people I took it from? No? I had a group in Iowa, actually, much more vocal about this one issue. And they stood up, no, no, the place -- I mean, I realize how important it is, putting your own money in because I'm telling people that Jeb, nice guy, really a nice guy. Jeb -- 20:06:02 >> Boooo, boooo. >> Hilary. >> Boooo. >> well Jeb is more popular than one person I know. [ Laughter ] >> But all of them. I don't want to go through the names. They have money put up in pacts or hard money, wherever the money is, believe me, I was the king. I was the king. You know, I was the white-haired -- no, blonde-haired, let's say blonde. I was the blond head. I was perfect. I was the ultimate. I was the ultimate sort of insider. I put up money. They loved me but then when I said I'm running, they all looked at me like the RNC is a great guy but took them a little while because they looked at me like you're not supposed to be doing that. You're supposed to be putting up money and if you need something in two years, three years, five years, they will do whatever you want. 20:06:56 What happened is I know the system I think better than anybody. I know the tax system. Look, taxes. Who knows better than me? We're going to reduce taxes. [ Cheers ] >> We're going to make the hedge fund, any hedge fund guys it would be mostly -- you got good seats. Are there any hedge fund guys in this room? If there are, you should probably leave right now. I have a friend in the hedge fund business, not really a friend. Not actually a nice guy. But he'd be good representing us, I will tell you, because when I finish he might not have much of a hedge fund left. I said what did you make last year? He said about $250 million. This is serious. I said, oh, that's a lot of money. What did you pay in taxes? He goes, Don, practically nothing. That was a couple years ago. I never forgot it. The other day he calls me up because he heard me talk about hedge fund guys paying up. And he calls me up the other day, I was only kidding. You know when I said that, it was sort of ... He doesn't know what to do. The truth is they will do just fine. They will do just fine because we'll make the country so successful, they'll do just fine, they will end up doing better. They will end up doing better. [ Applause ] 20:08:16 >> But we got to lower taxes for a lot of people. Corporations paying far too much, far too much, middle income people are being decimated, they are being decimated. I mean, we have a group of 200 guys but the middle income in this country is being decimated and we're going to change it. We're going to change it. So I'll be announcing over the next three or so weeks, I'll be announcing, I think a great tax plan. I know the tax code. I know everything about it probably as well as anybody there is, right, and we'll be doing something that's going to be really progrowth, really reduction in taxes. We're going to get the $2.5 trillion that's in other countries, we're going to get it back. 20:09:02 [ Cheers ] >> No, we're going to get it back. And you know, you have corporate inversion. Does anybody know what that means? In the old days people might leave New York for Texas or they may go from New Jersey to Florida or whatever. It's not that way anymore. Now they go from this country to other countries, and they go for two reasons, lower taxes, lower labor, but lower taxes. You have countries that want to charge them nothing so they take these companies and these guys, they make a fortune, they have no real loyalty in many cases. They have no real loyalty to the United States. They want to show good profit and loss and take and go to another country and all of a sudden numbers look good and they can't bring their money back in and by the way for two and a half, three years, I have seen every politician agrees that we should lower the tax on bringing money. Because it's so onerous that nobody in this room would bring that money back. Everybody says it for two and a half years, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, everybody, they can't make a deal. They can't make a deal. We have a government that's really messed up because we don't have a leader at the top. A right leader could get it done. 20:10:21 [ Applause ] >> The right leader will get it done and you will see numbers like you've never seen before. I actually believe that, and we're in trouble. You know, I've made the statement and I've said this before, the American dream is dead but I'm going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. I made that statement. And I'll tell you what happens and it happens a lot. The other day I went home and I said to my wife, what's wrong? Oh, darling, you were very tough. What? What did I do? 20:11:01 Of course, it's live television. She said you said the American dream is dead. I said no, I said the American dream is dead but I'm going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. She said no, you didn't. You just said it's dead. So I turn on television, it's wonderful to record this and see it ten hours later. I turn on television and me standing in this big crowd, the American dream is dead. I said, oh. Again, the dishonest media. I went ballistic. I was so angry. The American dream is going to be better. I tell you what? We can make it better than ever before. We can do, I mean, we're in Texas. We can do things with oil and gas that will be unbelievable. Unbelievable. 20:11:58 [ Cheers ] >> Unbelievable. Try sending your oil outside of the boundaries of the united States. How ridiculous and we're sitting on top because of technology, we can be the number one energy producer in the world. Right here in the United States. But we have archaic laws, we have everything is wrong and I have so many friends in the energy business, they are great people working, they are not as rich as they were about two months ago, but these are minor details. They will be fine. But we can do things with energy that will be so, so incredible, which is great for Texas but is great for the country. It's great for the country. >> Now, China, Japan, true, you you can't be upset with China or Japan or Mexico. Can't be upset with anyone. 20:13:04 You know, when I announced for the presidency, it was very interesting what happened. I made a beautiful speech. I thought it was wonderful. Everything was fine. About a week and a half later, they attacked me. In other words they went... and then they lied and made it up and talking about illegal immigration and I brought up a subject called illegal immigration and I just saw back stage some of the families who were decimated. Their families were decimated, their sons, their daughters killed by illegal immigrants and it's a massive problem. We have to stop illegal immigration. We have to do it. [ Applause ] >> We have to do it. Have to do it. [ Cheers ] [ Cheers ] >> Usa! Usa! Usa! Usa! Usa! Usa! Usa! 20:14:33 >> And when I hear some of the people I'm running against, including the Democrats, we have to build a wall, folks. We have to build a wall. And a wall works. All you have to do is go to Israel and say how is your wall working? Walls work. And I want people to come into the country but I want them to be legal and i want them to go through the process. 20:15:07 I want them to come in. I want to have a big beautiful door but they have to be legal. They have to be. And if they are not going to be, they can't come in and I'll tell you what, the first thing we do, you know, people don't realize, you look at crime in Chicago and crime in so many different places and you see gangs. Many of these gang members are illegal immigrants. they are rough dudes. They will be out of here so freaking fast -- [ cheers ] [ Applause ] >> And I think a lot of these countries send them in here because they don't want them. Because what do they want them in prison for 40 years? Look, look, whether it's any country, their leaders are smarter than our leaders. They are more cunning. They are tougher. They are better. And we take them, Kate in San Francisco, this magnificent young woman shot in the back by a guy that was sent over here probably pushed over, who knows, but he was an illegal immigrant came over, went to San Francisco, we have to end this sanctuary cities crap fast, fast. [ Cheers ] >> So he admits he's guilty. Now he's got a lawyer. Oh, he didn't really know. He wasn't aiming there. It was a ricochet, blah, blah, blah. It's disgusting what's happening to our country. We are a dumping ground for the rest of the world. We are a dumping ground, and let me tell you something, talks about Tom Llamas (indirectly) and anchor babies 20:17:08 the whole subject of anchor babies, did you hear that character from one of the networks? 20:17:16 Anchor babies, really not a nice term. I said what would you do, what would you say? And it gives me like a 12-word definition. I said no, we'll have to use anchor baby. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but when a man has a problem and he's got his wife or his girlfriend and they move her over to the border for one day, has the baby on the other side of the border, our side, now that baby is a citizen of our country for however long the baby lives, hopefully a long -- it's wrong. It's wrong. And by the way, by the way, the law doesn't call that. That's not what the law says and people are finding out now that I'm right. We didn't say that somebody can be pregnant for nine months, come across the border, have a baby and now it's ours and we have to take care of the baby forever. It doesn't say that. It does not say it. So we have to straighten out, we have to straighten out our act. We're going to have a great country. We're going to have a great border. We're going to have a border that's a real border. You people are suffering.You kow, I'm in New York but from New York, too. They are all over the place. We want people to be in our country legally. Legally. 20:18:47 [ Cheers ] >> And we want great people, too. We want people of achievement. If you go to Harvard or Stanford or the warten school of finance or any of these schools or Yale and you're the top in your close, you graduate and want to stay in the United States and you want to have your career here, you can't. They throw you out. They put you back in China, they send you back to Mexico. 20:19:17 They said those are the people, we need those people. We need them in silicon valley, we need them in Manhattan, we need them in Dallas. We need them. Why are we throwing them out? They want to be in this country and we throw them out. So we have so many things we can do. So many things we can do. Now I'll give you the little thing that happened the other day. I made a speech on behalf of the tea party. And by the way tea party people are fantastic people. They are fantastic people. They love the country so much and you talk about people that get decimated, they just get decimated by the media. These are fantastic people. They love this country. These are the people that we want. But I look at what's going on and I look at what's happening and I made a speech in Washington the other day, for the tea party and your senator, too, senator Cruz who happens to be a good guy. Good guy. [ Cheers ] 20:20:16 >> Now if he comes out and attacks me on Wednesday night, I will take it back immediately. Okay? But he is a good guy. So I'm standing there and the capital building has a massive scaffolding around it, right?Have you seen it? Massive. I said man that's a big deal. As a real estate guy, the thing I do best is build. Wouldn't it be good to have a the president that knows how to build? Like I'm so good at it. Infrastructures, roads, airports, highways, I could do it for a fraction. You know I'm building the post office on Pennsylvania avenue under budget, ahead of schedule, can you believe that. And I got it from the Obama administration and everyone else wanted it, which I still haven't figured out actually, but it's going to be a great hotel.They are doing the capitol building and it's got a massive, massive scaffolding. And we are having you know in 2016, we're going to have a thing called like an election, right? And they say that this massive scaffolding, I heard this the other day from a construction firm that's involved in the job. That this massive scaffolding, they want to have it for the inauguration, wouldn't that be nice for me? 20:21:32 But they want to have all the scaffolding down but they can't do the work because they don't have enough time. They have so much time. What are they doing, caulking, pointing, fixing. Not a big deal. They are talking the scaffolding down and paying millions to do that, millions and after the inauguration will put it back up again and pay millions of dollars. Do you believe that? Right? Now I say do it simpler, get them to work faster. Do you agree? I like the idea. No, no. I like the idea of the scaffolding being down when they are swearing me in, I do. I don't want to see all the scaffolding all over the place. I want to see that beautiful, I want to see it. I love it. Such a beautiful building. But you know what? I told them, I said why don't you just move faster? Work faster. Get it done. So you take it down and you don't have to put it up. They said we never thought of that. Believe it? But they are going to take it down. They are going to take it down. They are going to take it down and put it back up. Can you believe this? 20:22:50 Let me tell you I'm going to save my first money for the United States. If I win, I will let the scaffolding stay up, okay? All right? I'll let it stay up. We'll save millions of dollars so in the pictures, they will have some scaffolding. They can probably now a days do something with that. So in the pictures we'll have scaffolding, not if I win, stand up, what did you say? Not if you win, when you win. [ Cheers ] >> So a story I tell is a friend of mine who is a big manufacturer, great guy. Can't do business with China. Can't get his stuff in there. 20:23:33 He calls me, he's depressed. He says to me, Donald, I can't deal with China and he's a good guy, does great stuff better than they do. He said I can't sell it. They don't take it. Finally they are taking it and charge a massive tax. A massive tax. Another friend of mine recently bought an airplane, a rich guy. Bought like for these people here. They probably all have -- but a really good plane. 20:28:01 >> Our country is being drained. Jobs are being stolen by all these countries, not just them all of them. What would president trump do? President trump? Trump, trump, trump. What would president trump do?So I'd call the head of Ford or whatever company. I'd call the head of Ford and say congratulations, I understand you're building a massive plant in Mexico and you're taking a lot of jobs away from us in Michigan and other places, I don't like that. I don't like it. I just don't like it. Well, Mr. President, it's wonderful, wonderful for the economy. It's great. Whose economy? Not ours. We lose on everything, jobs, money, we lose on everything. So what I'd say is the following, I don't want you to do that. And if you do it, you're not going to have any cars coming across the border unless you pay a tax. That's it. That's it. 20:29:07 And they are going to say, they are going to say to me, Mr. President, please, please, please. I guarantee you, let's say I make this call at 9:00 in the morning. By 5:00 in the afternoon I think the deal is done, they move back to the United States. It may take a half a day longer. May be 12:00 the following day, but I guarantee you, so they will -- what will happen is I'll be called by lobbyists but not giving me money. I won't take it. I turned down $5 million last week, $5 million. I said I can't take it. I go like this and close my eyes. It's really sort of not natural to me to turn down money. Does that make -- but I turn it down because once I know the game. Once they give you, you sort of owe them, right? 20:29:56 You know. How can you tell a guy, you know, you gave me $5 million and helped me get elected and I'm going to hurt you with your client. What happens I would say is I would get a call from the head of Ford, and he'll say Mr. Trump, you're doing the wrong thing. All right, that's fine. Just do it. Just do what I say. Do what I say. And I guarantee you after I tell all the lobbyists, special interest and people that donate to everybody else but me because I won't take their money, after I tell them no within a short period of time they will call up and say, Mr. President we decided to move our plant back to the United States, sir. This is going to happen. That's what is going to happen. Just a couple of more points and you -- it's depressing, isn't it depressing? We're together, we love each other but it's like depressing if you think about it. Cause it doesn't end. 20:30:53 >> I could stand up here all night long and I can tell you stories and they are depressing. BUt the good news is they can all be remedied. Every one of them. They can be remedied. So, Iran deal, Iran deal. >> Booooo. >> They did not read that great book, where is that book? "The art of the deal." They did not read it. Secretary of state Kerry, he actually may go down as worst than Hillary Clinton because he made this deal. He may be the worst. He may top her, because this is deal at the all-time worst. We're giving them 1.5, think of this, we're actually giving them $150 billion. Now think of it. Think of it. We don't have the right to inspect. We have to wait 24 days but before the clock starts ticking, we have to go through the process. 20:31:56 They could build a nuclear whatever, distribute and have plenty of time to clean the place up. A 24-day period, not any time, anywhere, which is what it should be. Think of another thing. They have one instance where in a very major area, they self-inspect. Can you believe this? They do their own inspections. They do their own inspections. And another thing, look, having a good deal, we should have doubled the sanctions, wait for another month or two. They would have come and we would have a deal like you've ever seen. We have chief negotiators, secretary Kerry at 73 years old goes into a bicycle race. Think of it. He's wearing the gear, the helmet, he thinks he's in a bicycle race. He's actually in a race. It wasn't just casual, I could understand that. This is a guy that's in a bicycle race. 73 years old, all the gear, falls, breaks his leg in the middle of our thing. Takes two weeks off, goes back with crutches. The people from Iran say, what is shmuck? Can you believe this? This is who we negotiate with. Think of this, it's embarrassing. Isn't it embarrassing? I swear to you if I'm elected as president, I'll never go into a bicycle race, I swear. So, one of the things -- 20:33:27 20:36:05 >> Think of it. So what I said is very simple, if you had the right messenger, not Kerry, not Obama. If you had the right messenger, that messenger, let's say it's me. and by the way, I know the greatest negotiators in the world. And you've heard me say it some of them are horrible human beings. They are miserable, disgusting people. Who cares? Who cares? Who cares? They are phenomenal natural negotiators, Andy knows what I'm talking about. These people are so tough and so ruthless and brilliant. The Ford deal is too easy. I just handled that.I don't want to waste anybody's -- I know the toughest guys in the world. I know people that are great. People are over rated, won't use them. I know people you've never heard of better than all of them. I know the toughest guys and smartest guys in the world. Carl icahn called me. Carl Cahn is a great guy, very successful. If I put him in charge of trade with China, believe me, believe me, we do great. And, you know, believe me, instead of people we have that are political hacks, you know who is negotiating for us? Political hacks, political hacks. I asked for some numbers today before I came here. I said what's the United States trade deficit with China, Japan, and Mexico? Now listen to these numbers. With China last year, we had a trade deficit of $343 billion. $343 billion. 20:37:59 That's gone on for many years. A business that's no good. What do you do, close it up, forget it. $343 billion. With Japan we're doing better. Only $67 billion. I call it that we're losing. Okay? Trade deficit. $67 billion. They send us so much, we send them practically the nothing. Now here is the beauty, Mexico. So Mexico, again, I love the people of Mexico. I respect the leaders. But they are too sharp. They are too good.So everyone said they won't build a wall because I said I'm going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it, right? Right? [ Applause ] 20:38:46 >> And all of these weak politicians, they are weak people. They are weak, weak people. They won't pay for it. I watch it on television. Idiots like Karl Rove he said Mexico will pay for the wall. George will, Mexico won't pay. Okay, think of this. First of all, there is going to be a wall. This isn't one of those deals where they jump over it. They go to Home Depot, buy a ladder, jump over a wall. This is a trump wall. This is a trump wall. This is a real wall. You know, you know, the great wall of China is 13,000 miles. It was built 2,000 years ago. It was actually built over a long period of time but started 2,000 -- a long time. So 13,000 miles. What we're talking about is 2,000 miles but less, maybe 1,000 because you'll have a lot of territory where you don't need it. You have natural barricades, some walls built that are okay. Although, I'd like to be nice in uniform. If I ever put my name on it, I want a gorgeous wall, the trump wall, that would be a beautiful wall. That's why I have to make it beautiful because some day when I'm gone, they will name that wall after trump, I think. 20:40:04 But I listened to these guys, and they say, I listened to them today. Some politicians said trump will never be able to afford the wall. We can't afford it. It's too expensive. It's peanuts. It's peanuts. It's nothing. And Mexico is going to pay. Here is the Mexico number, right? Let's say the wall cost $4 billion. They say $10 billion. That means $4 billion if you know what you're doing and $4 billion will be much bigger, much better, much stronger than the $10 million. Believe me. Do I know how to build? One of the greats. Let's say it cost 4 or $5 billion. Our trade deficit with Mexico is $53 billion. So four or five billion is peanuts, peanuts.Mexico is going to pay and they will be happy. They will be happy. Now, look, if you have some dumb politician negotiating, I agree they won't pay but when you have trump negotiating for you on your behalf, they will pay. 100%. 100%. 20:41:30
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