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HEAD ON PODIUM SHOT FROM THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION AT THE WELLS FARGO CENTER IN PHILADELPHIA / 17:00:35 Oh yes, women of America, women of the world, oh, we're gonna be treated with dignity and respect. We will not be judged by our appearance or our thighs or our accents. We will not be denied freedom of choice. We will demonstrate our talents, and we will prosper. Hillary's experience as the first lady, as a United States senator, as the best Secretary State we ever had really unique qualifies her to be the next president of the United States of America. Thank you. PRESIDENT OF NARAL ILYSE HOGUE 17:01:34 I am a 4th generation Texan. Texas women are tough. We approach challenges with clear eyes and full hearts. To succeed in life, all we need are the tools, the trust, and the chance to chart our own path. I was fortunate enough to have these things when I found out I was pregnant years ago. I wanted a family, but it was the wrong time. I made the decision that was best for me - to have an abortion - and get compassionate care at a clinic in my own community. Now, years later, my husband and I are parents to two incredible children. 17:02:27 My story is not unique. About one in three American women have abortions by the age of 45, and the majority are mothers just trying to take care of the families they already have. You see, it's not as simple as bad girls get abortions and good girls have families. We are the same women at different times in our lives - each making decisions that are the best for us. 17:02:59 If we want families to succeed, we start by empowering women. Give us accurate information and access to health care. Keep politicians out of our business when we're not ready to parent, and support us when we are. That's what gives our families the best chance to get ahead and stay ahead. And that is what Hillary Clinton has spent decades fighting for. 17:03:33 Donald Trump he is different. He said women who have abortions like me should be punished. He calls women "pigs" and says breastfeeding is "disgusting."Now some people think he doesn't really mean any of that. But, look who he picked for VP. 17:03:53 Mike Pence led the charge to defund Planned Parenthood, pushed to let hospitals turn a woman away if she needs an abortion to save her life, and signed a bill with some of the most outrageous abortion restrictions in the country. He has even said he can't wait to send Roe v. Wade "into the ash heap of history." Together, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have united to form the "make misogyny great again" ticket. 17:04:28 And the people who so loudly oppose abortion rights? Let me let you in to their dirty little secret: They're not only against abortions. Many of these people are also fighting to restrict access to contraception and block commonsense policies to support working moms. 17:04:48 It's not abortion that bothers them. It's empowering women to live our own lives. And -- that's right. And when we have power over our own destiny, we not only strengthen our families, we honor our most cherished traditions of liberty and equality. These aren't just "women's issues" - these are the very foundation of our freedom. We need a president who has the experience, the wisdom, and the grit to stand up against the bullies. We need a president who knows that "women's rights are human rights." We need a president who will keep expanding the frontiers of freedom for all Americans. We need Hillary Clinton. ANDREW GILLUM MAYOR OF TALLAHASSEE 17:06:04 Hello, my fellow Democrats and hello my fellow Floridians. In case you all needed a reminder, Florida is in the house. 17:06:25 As I prepared for tonight, I thought back on the path that led me to this moment. Born the fifth of seven kids in Miami Day, Florida to my daddy, Charles, a construction worker, and my mother, Francis, a school bus driver. My parents worked their entire lives to provide for me and for my siblings greater opportunities than they had ever been afforded. 17:06:56 Creating the possibility for me to be the first in my family to go to college and graduate from the Florida A&M University. [ applause ] They dared us to fly higher than they could ever see - and they always provided us the opportunity and a path to pay it forward. I can still hear my grandmother's voice telling me "boy," she said it just like that, " go to school, mind your teachers, get your lesson, and one bring that education home." She'd say, "Bring it home for your baby sister or your little brother who may not know what education is. She'd say bring it home for that little boy down the street that you play with. God knows where he'll end up, bring it home. 17:07:49 It was a reminder that if we were going to get anywhere, we would get there together. My friends, this is the story of our party. And it's what drives our nominee.Hillary Clinton has shown us her heart, her strength, and her passion for this country's future. A future quite frankly which means more to me now than ever before. Because in addition to being Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida, the capital city of our nation's third largest state, I'm also a father. Along with my wife R. Jai, we are raising two-year-old twins, Jackson and Caroline. 17: 08:37 So when I head to the voting booth, I want you all to know that they are coming with me. Because I want them to know that I'm not just casting my vote for Hillary Clinton and my fellow Democrats, I am casting my vote for them. Ensuring the kind of future they deserve will require leadership that can unify and inspire us. That can build on this country's best instincts for inclusion and optimism. The world can feel scary enough - without so-called leaders leading with fear for political gain. That's right. 17:09: 21 Every day, everyday in this country black parents send their sons out with a deep sense of anxiety, hoping they will return home to them safely. And every day, police officers kiss their loved ones heading to work -to protect and to serve and they hold that same sense of hope and fear in their hearts. In these times of anger and fear, we can't afford retreat to our respective corners. We can't let this animosity grow and get stronger. That's right. And we've seen examples of communities and law enforcement coming together during a crisis to grieve together and help each other heal. That is how it is exactly how it is supposed to work - and it's on all of us to make that a reality in our communities. 17:10:23 Because in the end y'all,in the end, we all want the same things for our families. Our fates are inextricably tied together. And with the right leadership, we can renew our trust in one another again. I believe with every fiber of my being that Hillary Clinton is the leader we need. 17:10:54 So on Inauguration Day - I look forward to holding my babies tightly -I look forward to watching history unfold before their eyes and before mine and I look forward to shouting with you toward that big stage in Washington DC and saying "Congratulations, Madam President!" Thank you, and God bless! [ VIDEO ON ASIAN/PACIFIC ISLAND AMERICANS ] CONGRESSIONAL ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN CAUCUS Rep. Judy Chu: 17:14:36 I am Congresswoman Judy Chu from California, and I am proud to be the first Chinese-American woman ever elected to Congress! Standing with me are my fellow Asian-American and Pacific Islander - or AAPI - Members of Congress. Many of them, too, are trailblazers in their own right. And we are all proud to support Hillary Clinton for President of the United States! 17:15:23 It wasn't too long ago that if you saw an Asian Pacific American walking in the U.S. Capitol, you had to stop and do a double-take. But how things have changed. We now have a record number of AAPI Members of Congress - and most importantly, we are organizing and making our voices heard. We have gone from being marginalized to becoming the margin of victory in key swing states and districts all across our nation. 17:15:58 America needs a president who will fight for us - someone who rejects the hateful rhetoric that is too often used to divide us and believes that America's diversity is our greatest strength. That's why we've got to elect Hillary Clinton as our next President of the United States! When it comes to the issues most important to us, Hillary Clinton gets it. 17:16:30 On immigration reform, she gets it. So many families have been kept apart for decades by an incredibly long family visa backlog. Hillary will fight to clear that backlog so that millions of American families can finally be reunited with their loved ones. We're with Hillary because she is committed to comprehensive immigration reform! 17:17:01 On education, she gets it. So many of our parents and grandparents sacrificed to come to the United States because they wanted their children to get a better education and live the American Dream. We're with Hillary because she'll make debt-free college available for all Americans. On voting rights, she gets it. Today, almost 70 percent of AAPI adults are foreign born. Access to translated and absentee ballots is critical. We're with Hillary because she will work with Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act and ensure fair access to the ballot box. 17:17:50 On making sure we have a diverse federal government, she gets it. We're with Hillary because she will appoint an administration that looks like America. And on safeguarding our civil liberties, she gets it. I am proud to have Congresswoman Doris Matsui and Congressman Mike Honda as members of our caucus. During World War II, both Doris and Mike were imprisoned in internment camps for no other reason than their ethnicity. Donald Trump doesn't seem to see a problem with this part of our history. With Hillary Clinton, we know the civil and constitutional rights of all Americans will be protected! 17:18:52 Tonight, we are also grieving for our dear friend and colleague, Congress member Mark Takai from Hawai'i, who passed away last week at the age of 49 after a hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer. Mark truly had the aloha spirit, and was deeply committed to advancing the priorities of the people of Hawai'i and our veterans. I will never forget the tears in his eyes when he learned about the Cancer Moonshot initiative. It gave him and millions of Americans hope that we will finally find a cure for cancer. In his memory, we've got to keep hoping - and fighting. 17:19:40 Hillary Clinton is the best choice for all Americans to move our country forward. Our caucus members reflect the diversity of America. And that is why we are proud to stand with her. Sen. Mazie Hirono: 17:20:05 Aloha. I am Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawai'i, an immigrant, the first Asian-American woman elected to the United States Senate. I support Hillary Clinton because she is a lifelong champion for women, children, and families. And with the help of all of us, she will fight for all families - including immigrant families - in the White House. Aloha, mahalo. Rep. Madeleine Bordallo: 17:20:50 Hafa Adai. I am Congresswoman Bordallo from Guam, and I support Hillary Clinton because she understands the unique needs of the territories, and is committed to the Asia-Pacific rebalance. She is a strong leader we need her to move forward as a nation. Thank you. Rep. Mark Takano: 17:21:30 I am Congressman Mark Takano from California, and I'm the first openly gay person of color to be elected to the United States Congress. As a proud "gaysian," I support Hillary Clinton because she is a strong champion for LGBT rights. She will to fight to end employment discrimination against LGBT Americans. Rep. Ami Bera: 17:22:07 I am Congressman Ami Bera from California. As the only South Asian member of Congress, and as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, I support Hillary Clinton because she is the only candidate that understands the complexity of the world and is prepared from day one to lead America. Rep. Bobby Scott: 17:22:38 I'm Congressman Bobby Scott from Virginia, the first person with Filipino ancestry to be elected voting member of Congress, and I support Hillary Clinton because she believes that all children deserve equality affordable education so that they can reach their full potential. Rep. Ted Lieu: 17:23:06 I am Congressman Ted Lieu from California and a colonel in the U.S. Air Force reserve. I support Hillary Clinton for president because she will l fight for our military personnel, veterans, and families. She will make sure that those who risked their lives for our country get the health care and the resources that they need. Rep. Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan: 17:23:40 Good evening, my name is Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan and I am from the Northern Mariana Islands. I support Hillary Clinton because she believes that all Americans should have - including those in the Pacific Island territories - should have access to quality, affordable health care. Thank you very much. Rep. Grace Meng: 17:24:31 I am Congresswoman Grace Meng from New York, the first Asian-American elected to Congress from the East Coast, and I support Hillary Clinton because she is the best candidate to bring Americans together and move our country forward! This election is so important, and Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders can make the difference. Our voting power has doubled over the last decade - we are now the swing vote in swing states like Virginia, Nevada, and also right here in Pennsylvania! And I call upon my fellow AAPIs to organize, to campaign, and to vote, so that we will be the margin of victory in 2016 and beyond! As our community continues to grow - and as we begin to see more AAPI candidates like Raja Krishnamoorthi from Illinois and Stephanie Murphy from Florida begin to run for higher office - it is critical that we elect a person who will make history for America and build a brighter future for generations to come. And that person is Hillary Clinton! BROOKS BELL 17:26:39 Hello, Democrats! I'm Brooks Bell, a technology entrepreneur in Raleigh, North Carolina. When I was 23 years old, I started my own company. It wasn't easy. Six months later, I had a stroke. I had to relearn to read, write, and talk. I was lucky. I recovered, and so did my fledgling company. 17:27:12 But that wasn't my only struggle. In fact, it was one of my many ups and downs - familiar to any small business with big dreams. I've gained and lost big clients. I've had to let wonderful employees go. It's given me the scars that I know many entrepreneurs share. 17:27:37 I believe in Hillary, because I know she also carries battle scars. Her relentless dedication to serve America over the past 30 years has been marked by hard choices - which makes this historic achievement all the more impressive. Her tenacity her toughness - her seasoned judgment - is exactly what we need in a president. We need someone ready for the hardest job on earth, day one. And that someone is Hillary Rodham Clinton! 17:28: 27 Today, my company employs 40 people. We partner with some of the largest organizations in America to help make the internet easier to use. We're growing quickly. My company is strong, as is my health, thanks in part to ongoing investment in education, healthcare, and innovation. Like they say, "Thanks, Obama!" 17:29:04 However, I am worried - terrified - about what might happen if we elect Trump. I'm not just scared for my business, but for other young entrepreneurs like me. We've already seen the preview in my state of North Carolina. Earlier this year, our legislature passed what's known as the "bathroom bill," which caused the New York Times to describe North Carolina as a "pioneer in bigotry." 17:29:50 Besides being deeply embarrassing and morally wrong, it had an immediate and dramatic effect on our state economy. I watched a large company cancel their expansion, taking 400 good jobs with them. Two influential technology investors immediately banned investments in our state. The NBA just pulled the All-Star Game out of town. The total economic cost is already $190 million and counting. 17:30:31 What does this have to do with Trump? For starters, Trump selected Mike Pence as his running mate, the same Mike Pence who signed a discriminatory bill into Indiana law, with similar disastrous consequences. It's no surprise that The Economist has listed a Trump presidency as one of the top-ten risks to the world economy. 17:31:05 Friends, I'm here tonight because the story of my startup is the story of America. Because how we write our next chapter is up to us. Please join me in standing up for an inclusive country, with innovation and entrepreneurship fueling our economic prosperity. Let's put Hillary Clinton where we need her most, as President of the United States of America. NEW YORK CITY MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO 17:32:02 >> Thank you. Thank you democrats. Now as a New Yorker, I am quite familiar with both presidential nominees. But despite sharing a home state, these two people are worlds apart. I was honored to manage her first campaign for the U.S. Senate. And here's the Hillary that I know. When she graduated from law school, she could have begun a lucrative career at the prestigious law firm of her choice. Instead, her heart led her to take a noble job at modest pay at the defense fund. Advocating for families and children who needed a champion. That is who she is. 17:33:06 What did Donald Trump do? He was born rich, and then he made a career out of ripping people off, racking up billions in debt, and bankrupting his companies. Instead of public service or philanthropy, he became one of the least generous billionaires our country has ever seen. When Hillary Clinton was first lady of the United States, she made it her personal mission to take on the insurance giants, to get health care for every American. Now despite millions of dollars spent attacking her, she never gave up. She helped deliver the children's health insurance program against all of the odds. 17:34:07 Who did Donald take on? The small business owners he contracted with on his real estate projects. Too many times, Donald simply stiffed them. If we know that trump is the great pretender. How can he pretend to be for workers when he did not pay his own workers what he owed them. When Hillary Clinton was in the senate, she helped get $11 billion after 9/11 protecting our first responders that offered so much. 17:34:57 Who did Donald protect? Certainly not the students at trump University. A place where his employees call a scam. Where vulnerable Americans were pushed to spend more and more money on worthless classes. The only person that Donald took care of was himself. As Secretary of state, Hillary fought for the dignity of women and girls. Passionately, passionately fighting the scourge of human trafficking and the horror of child marriage in Saudi Arabia. 17:35:42 What did Donald do? He's called women dogs. And fat pigs. And blamed military sexual assault on the presence of women in our armed forces. [ boos ] He's degraded women to make himself feel big. While showing us the truly little man that he is. 17:36:20 When, when Hillary Clinton raises her right hand on inauguration day,she will be armed with the most progressive agenda in modern times. One that rewards work instead of wealth. One that flips the script on economic policies of and by and for the 1%. From paid sick leave and paid family leave to universal pre-k and debt free college, from ending tax loopholes for Wall Street and billionaire investors to addressing the needs of American cities on housing, infrastructure, immigration. 17:37:12 Hillary Clinton will tackle inequality and be a force for real Progressive change in this nation. Now, how does Donald see the economic realities facing the American people? Actually, he roots for economic turmoil for his own personal gain. You want a real life example? When asked in 2006 about a possible real estate crash, he said, quote, I sort of hope that happens, because then people like me will go in and buy. That is the very definition of the predator class. 17:38:03 And now he wants to go further and repeal the new rules we put in place to make Wall Street more accountable. Throughout her career, as we heard so clearly last night, Hillary Clinton has taken on the tough battles for one reason. Because standing up for those without much money and without much power has been her life's calling. Hillary Clinton, she's smart she is steady, she is right, and she is ready. Donald Trump he's reckless, he's risky, he's wrong, and he's scary. If you care about fighting income inequality, about lifting up families and children, about building up America's great cities, then let's come together, fight together, and let's elect Hillary Clinton the next president of these united States. Thank you. [ Applause ] IN MEMORIAM MARCIA FUDGE 17:39:46 >> Democrats, over the last four years, we have lost a number of wonderful leaders in accidents, each of us have friends or family who we will remember fondly as we watch this memorial highlighting some of our Democrats who have helped us all in so many ways. 17:40:09 [ VIDEO PLAYS ] REMARKS CHAIR, U.S. REPRESENTATIVE BEN RAY LUJÁN (NEW MEXICO) DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN 17:46:40 I come from a family of pioneers. My grandparents took on the elements, lived through the great depression, survived poverty and family tragedy, and made a place for themselves in New Mexico before it was a state. There they tilled their land, raised their crops, protected what they had and tried to help others. I grew up on that small farm. I spent my childhood churning dirt, stacking wood, feeding animals. 17:47:18 We didn't have much, but we had each other. We had familia. My dad was a union iron worker local 495. My mom had a job with the local school district. They were married for 53 years before dad passed. Dads parents before him, celedon and Nestora were married even longer. 74 years. Grandpa Seledon the sheep herder who first put down roots in New Mexico was born in the era of the horse and buggy but he lived to see the space shuttle soar into the heavens. 17:47:59 My mom's dad, Grandpa Luis, he was a union carpenter who went off to serve in WW II. While his wife (name) raised the family, I was expecting their seventh child. He earned a bronze star for his heroism. When I was young grandpa seledon and grandma nestora helped care for us. When I was older Grandpa Luis and grandma (name) were hurt in a car crash. So we helped care for them, because that's what families do. Those are the values I learned growing up. That's why I'm here today. I know I might not look like you typical member of congress, and it's true I haven't really gotten the bowtie look to catch on. 17:48:49 But the story of my family is the story of millions and millions of other families. It's the story of the great American family. Carpenters and ironworkers, sheep herders and soldiers. generations of Americans have worked hard and looked out for each other ,serving and sacrificing for the next generation. We all gather together to celebrate the good times. We all rally around each other in times of hardship and tragedy. We all try to leave things a little better than we found them. 17:49:25 And these values hold true no matter who you are or where you come from. As democrats, we believe that everybody in America should have the same opportunity my grandparents and parents had. To have a place of your own. To build some real economic security that you don't have to worry will disappear overnight. To pass something onto your kids and grandkids. Those are the values that built our party. And for a century, we have the led the fight for social security and medicare, for pell grants and the GI bill. For universal healthcare. For inclusion and equality and opportunity for all. 17:50:11 We are proud of our accomplishments. But now, it's our turn to continue that tradition. We too must leave things better than we found them. And Hillary Clinton is the president who will lead us. [ cheers ] But she needs a congress that will work with her. For nearly 6 years, republicans have led the majority in the people's house. But clinging to that majority is the only thing they've accomplished. For nearly 6 years, house republicans have put party over country. 17:50:49 For nearly 6 years, they've been afraid to stand up to the birthres and bigots and conspiracy theorists, like the one they just nominated for president. Millions of Americans who don't consider themselves democrats have now joined us in rejecting Donald Trump's bullying, racism, and his attempts to divide our American family. Growing up, my grandparents shared with me the age old wisdom: [ speaking spanish ] 17:51:26 Tell me who you walk with and I'll tell you who you are. For me the choice is easy. I am for real leadership. Someone with character and values. I'm proud to walk with Hillary Clinton. But if your member of congress is supporting Donald Trump, instead ask yourself this, what is that say about their leadership, their character, their values. If they won't even stand up to Donald Trump, what makes you think they will stand up to you and your family. 17:52:06 [video on republican party loyalty] 17:52:38 It's time for leaders who will put families first. Leaders who will keep our nation and our neighborhood safe. Leaders who will help every american family build a more secure financial future. Leaders who will fight to level the playing field and put the people's voice back in th epeoples house. I would like you to meet some of those leaders. [VIDEO ON DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES] 17:55:09 >> Securing our nation, securing our democracy, and securing our future, democrats are focussed on what matters most. And the fresh faces we'll elect this November will join a team of democratic leaders in congress who, like Hillary Clinton, have spent their lives working to improve the lives of others. Together, we'll work to create jobs and raise wages, secure equal pay for women and paid leave for every family, make it easier to pay down student debt and possible for every American to attend college debt free. If there is one thing you can count on, it's that House democrats will always be in the fight. 17:55:59 [ VIDEO PLAYS ] 17:58:40 >> Tonight, democrats are united. We are passionate. We are fearless. And we are ready to get to work alongside the next president of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton. And if you are ready to get to work alongside us, then stand with us tonight. Go to and stand with us all the way to November. Because when we stand together and work together ,we win together. Now let's get to work. [ VIDEO PLAYS: "OUR AMERICA" ] "OUR AMERICA" ROBERT RODRIGUEZ FILMMAKER AND FOUNDER OF EL REY NETWORK 18:02:00 I'm robert Rodriguez,I'm a filmmaker and founder of El rey network. I made this film we jsut saw because there has never been a more important time for building understanding among people by telling our stories. I grew up in San Antonio texas in a family of ten kids. And it was there that I realized that storytelling amplifies our voice. To our fellow latinos, that voice is our vote. It can be more powerful than ever before. We can decide this election but only if we wield that power it's not enough to agree. We have to get out there and vote. We all stand here together each with our own story, that's our America. It's time to take a stand.It's time to tell our story, it's time to elect Hillary Clinton the next president of our America. TRIBAL CHAIRMAN 18:03:02 I am Jeff Grubbe. (?) Hello DNC. I am a Native American. I am a chairman of my tribe, the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians in Palm Springs, California. Like tribes across the United States, we have faced hardships and discrimination. Our ancestors fought to preserve our tribes and our culture just as I do with other tribal leaders today. Hillary Clinton is a leader that all of Indian country needs. She is a leader for America. Ah cha ma. PARK CANNON JUDGE 18:04:40 I'm Park Cannon, I am a woman, I'm African American, I'm queer, and I'm the newest member of the Georgia House of Representatives. [ cheers ] I ran for office, because I represent the rainbow of voices that too often went unheard in our state's capital. We need to trust black women. Our America is unapologetically ready to stand together. DR. DEBBIE ALMONTASER AMERICAN MUSLIM SCHOOLTEACHER AND FOUNDING PRINCIPAL OF THE KHALIL GIBRAN INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY 18:04:22 I'm Dr. Debbie Almontaser. Salam Alaikum Greetings of peace. I am a teacher and a proud american muslim. I spent the days after september 11th building bridges amongst students in NYC> I started a school designed to foster multicultural education, teach arabic and embrace diversity. Our America is not about fear and is abot acceptance. To my fellow american muslims, this november get out there and vote. DULCE CANDY DIGITAL CELEBRITY HOST 18:05:29 My name is Dulce Candy. I am an immigrant and I'm also a veteran of the US army. I'm a blogger on YouTube, and I see everyday people using social media to take action and create really great things. That's our America. With one click, you can create change. But we can't stop there. This November, we need to get offline and get to the polls and keep telling your story. It will make the biggest difference. Thank you. PERFORMANCE OF "AMERICA" BY RAUL ESPARZA, LA INDIA, HUEY DUNBAR 18:06:20 REVEREND JESSE L. JACKSON SR. CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER 18:13:09 Thank you. Thank you very much. Tonight I stand proudly in support of the next president of the United State's, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Let me also congratulate Bernie Sanders for energizing this campaign with his ideas of hope, the Bern must never grow cold. Paul (?) once said when where (hate?) abounds, love must abound even more. Where fear bounds, hope must abound even more. In the stormy season of violent campaign rhetoric, recall to be (steady in the face of the whirlwind?). There's a tug of war for America's soul. We have a clear choice, take down walls of separation, build bridges of hope and unity. 18:14:11 Love must trump ignorance and fear and hatred and violence. We love (inaudible) none must be left behind. We learned to survive a problem let's now learn to live together as brothers and sisters. And when Hillary (inaudible) in the (?) of Arkansas. Delivering legal protection for poor people in the (belt?) We brand her trusted, and tested and tried. Hillary can be trusted to appoint (in our?) supreme court a skilled administrator in including a man of faith like Senator Tim Kaine. Can. Can be trusted to ban assault weapons, turn our communities into the killing fields. (inaudible) shot in Chicago this year, (?) 250 killed this year alone. Ban these assault weapons now. 18:15:12 She can be trusted to honor the most Progressive platform our party's ever had. She will never forget our pain. She will never forget us. Nationally, there are about 45 million people still illiterate. More blacks incarcerated than graduated from college. They're scarred, there must be a change. Hillary understands the historical dimensions of the (?) that hope and promise that black lives matter. 18:15:38 Show knows our scars and our suffering from trayvon martin to Michael Brown Alton Sterling and far too many others. The shootings of young black men must stop. And we deeply regret the killing of police officers with powerful assault weapons. They resonate deep in us, so those police should be alive today. Ban assault weapons now. 18:16:06 We must choose reconciliation over retaliation and revenge today. And stop -- we can trust Hillary not to insult our Hispanic neighbors. We share 2,000 miles of border with Mexico. They are our neighbors, our eternal neighbors. We trade more with Mexico than we do with China and Japan every day. Stop insulting hispanics, stop insulting muslims now. 18:16:37 We can trust her not to mass deport 15 million people and disrupt or families now. Expand trade and development. She'll support historically black colleges, where 42% of our black engineers come from and teachers and lawyers. She'll grant (?) of Mr. Obama -- more jobs. He came into office, we lost 800 thousand jobs. We have not lost a single job, a single month since Barack has been president. 18:17:08 She'll sustain that drive and keep the hope alive. We never lost a battle that we fought. Never won a battle unless we fought. That journey began in 1984 and '88. We built the winning coalition, the rainbow coalition, registering and empowering millions of voters. This is a new day. Someone has to win and lose in the primary. Now we're beyond the primary. Now it's superbowl time. It's (?) It's superbowl time. 18:17:43 It's another day. If blacks register and vote in great numbers, progressive whites win. It's the only way they win. If hispanics and Latinos vote in great win, women win. When women win, children win. When women and children win, mothers win. We must all come together and win and fight for hope and go forth in hope and not fear. This land is our land. And we all come together, red and yellow, brown, black and white. 18:18:23 It's healing time. It's hope time. It's Hillary time. I know it gets dark sometimes, but the morning cometh. The lord is our light and our salvation. Whom shall we fear? Don't let opposition break your spirit. It's healing time. It's hope time. It's Hillary time. [ Applause ] 18:18:59 The scripture says, If my people will call by my name, seek my face, and turn the wicked ways in I will hear their prays, forgive their sins and heal their land. It's healing time. It's hope time. It's Hillary time. It's healing time. t's hope time. It's Hillary time. It's healing time. It's hope time. It's Hillary time. It's healing time. It's hope time.It's Hillary time. It's healing time. Louder. It's hope time. It's Hillary time. It's healing time. It's hope time. It's Hillary time. It's healing time. It's hope time. It's Hillary time. It's healing time. It's hope time.It's Hillary time. It's healing time. Louder. It's hope time. It's Hillary time. It's healing time. It's hope time. It's Hillary time. God bless you. STAR JONES ACTRESS 18:20:12 "I will fight for you," she said, "no matter how long it takes." I have known Hillary Rodham Clinton for over two decades now. And years ago, when she visited us on "The View," I told her, "When you decide that you're ready to be the first woman President of the United States, I'll be there to help." 18:20:43 So, here I am! But most importantly, here we all are. And we are all with her, because she has always been with us! As a former prosecutor, you know I like to deal in facts. Here's a fact: "There has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary, ever." The 44th president of the United States Barack Obama said that. 18:21:28 Here's another fact: Nobody else in the race has the same unique connection to women, children, families, and our day-to-day challenges. I'm saying that. And that's very different from some very loud, obnoxious, race-baiting folk on the other side, who I also know. Shade. Boy, bye. 18:22:07 And we all know, there's nowhere do we need a president who cares about all Americans more than in the place we're about to visit: Flint, Michigan. VIDEO: HILARY'S AMERICA: FLINT 18:22:27 KAREN WEAVER FLINT MAYOR 18:26:36 Good evening. I am Karen Weaver, and I am the mayor of the great city of Flint, Michigan. Flint is a community of 100,000 strong, hard-working people, living in the birthplace of General Motors, and the place where the great sit-down strike led to the creation of the United Auto Workers. 18:27:06 Flint is also a city in crisis. Five years ago, our Republican state government used a Michigan law to take over control of the city. In 2014, the state switched our water source to a polluted river to save a handful of dollars - causing lead contamination to leach into our drinking water, poisoning, poisoning a whole community, and leading to health impacts that may haunt our children for generations. 18:27:41 The problems in Flint are not over. The water is still not safe to drink or cook with from the tap. Our infrastructure is broken, leaking, and rusting away. Our local economy struggles to rebound, and there are many more Flints across the country where environmental issues are hurting our kids and families. 18:28:10 Today, the help we need from our federal government to start rebuilding our drinking water infrastructure still sits blocked in the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress -- [ boos ] I am a voice for Flint. And we need your help. Do you know who has also heard the call from Flint? Hillary Clinton! She came to Flint when the water crisis hit. She joined with our community groups, and our civic leaders, and our churches. Hillary said, "I will do everything I can to help you get back up and to help you get your strength and resilience flowing through Flint again." 18:29:02 With direct help from Hillary Clinton's team, the Flint WaterWorks program is now putting the young adults of Flint into new jobs and rebuilding their own community. Hillary's wonderful daughter, Chelsea, even came to Flint to bring people together to start this work and to create new opportunities for our families. 18:29:29 A month later, Hillary Clinton came back to Flint again and called out to say that lead poisoning, broken infrastructure, and struggling cities are a national crisis, not just a Flint crisis. She made a commitment that, when she is President, she will work for a lead-free America. And that's why I'm with Her! So join with Flint to get behind Hillary Clinton, to raise our voices for Hillary Clinton, and to make her the next President of the United States. God bless Flint and God bless America. CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS REPRESENTATIVE GK BUTTERFIELD (NC) CHAIR 18:32:08 Fellow democrats, I'm congressman GK Butterfield from North Carolina! In my community, tyou judge a man's heart by his wordsa n deeds. Donald J Trump, your words ahve been hostile. They have been bigoted and insulting. You've used every opporuntity to talk about your wealth ,to denegrate people who don't hold your views, even within your own party. YOu are not qualified to serve as president of the United States. 18:32:4 Instead of putting forth details to address income inequality and opporunity for everyday Americans, you use your celebrity status to paitn a picture of gloom and doom. You use your status to alienate African Americans and other groups. And you would use the office of president to take our great nation in the wrong direction. You wanna know why your polling numbers are so dismal among African Americans? I will tell you. We know. We know you have gotten rich through your business, but we also know your wealth has come at the expense of other people. We know. We know. We know you have no plan to address issues directly affecting African American communities, such as gun violence and voting rights, historically black colleges and universities, raising the minimum wage, and addressing persisting poverty. 18:33:46 Democrats want a better future for all of our people, for all of our families. Read our platform and compare it to the republican platform. Give us this chance. Give us this chance by electing Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine to lead our great country. [ cheers ] REP. ANDRE CARSON OF INDIANA 18:34:22 My name is Andre Carson, I stand here today not just as a rep of the great state of IN, but as a young African American Muslim and former police officer. [applause] YOu know, over the last year millions of good hearted Muslims and African Americans like me, have watched the deep seeded hatred of the past, once again become mainstream. Together, we have been singled out in the national spotlight, as threats to be dealt with and not a part of the American family. If Donald trump, my buddy Mike Pence have their way, this slide into hatred and bigotry will only get worse. 18:35:15 Now, I'm from Indiana. And I have seen Mike Pence's terrible judgement up close. Pence, has fought against same sex couples having equal rights. Pence, rejected fed funding for Pre K education. And for years, Pence has fought to defund planned parenthood both in IN and across this country. We can't let the terrible judgement of Mike Pence and Donald trump impact our civil rights. That's why we need Hillary Clinton. She believes that if every uniform makes you fear profiling and suspicion, if you watch your kids leave in the morning and wonder if they'll come home at night, you deserve compassion and understanding. 18:36:25 Hillary Clinton is undaunted by the challenges that have plagued our communities for far too long. She stands with us and we need you to stand with her. REP. KAREN BASS OF CA 18:36:54 Democrats, we have 103 days to tell the nation that there is a better path for our country than the one Donald trump offers. 103 days to ensure our nation will not slide backwards to the bigotry of our past. 103 days to stop our country from giving in to the incoherent rage which Trump has taken advantage of, to declare war on common sense. Donald Trump, when you take pride of your outright ignorance of world affairs, when you promise the deportation of latino families, when you dismiss officer involved shootings of African Americans, when you degrade women, Donald Trump you unite us. We are democrats and we embrace the full diversity of the American rainbow. Look around you democrats, the diversity in this room reflects all of America, not part of America. Not like last week's Republican convention. My fellow democrats I challenge you to take all of Donald Trump's hateful energy and turn it into the fuel we need to take back the house! To take back the Senate! 18:38:18 And to make Madam Secretary, madam President. Thank you. REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES OF NY 18:38:28 I'm Hakeem Jeffries from the great state of New York. We are here today, standing on the shoulders of giants. Like Shirley Chisholm, Adam Clayton Powell Jr, Barbara Jordan, Charlie Rangel, and so many others who have made it possible for a kid like me to serve in the United States congress. In november, the American people face a clear choice between the most qualified person ever to seek the presidency and the least qualified ever to seek the presidency. 18:39:10 It's a choice between a commander in chief and a bankrupter in chief. It's a choice between a secretary of state and the secretary of hate. Donald Trump is a bounced check, but Hillary CLinton is money in the bank. She believes that America is a better place today because of the presidency of Barack Obama. She believes we should provide for the poor, work for working families, make sense for the middle class, and stand up for senior citizens. She believes we should innovate in the inner cities, strengthen suburban communities, and revitalize rural America. 18:39:54 She believes we should increase economic opportunity, end the era of mass incarceration, and eradicate police brutality once and for all. And, she believes that whether you're black or white, Latino or Asian, Jewish or Muslim, Catholic or Protestant, gay or straight, young or old, that in this great country, every single American deserves equal protection under the law. And that's why together, we're gonna elect Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next president of the United States of America. God bless you. REP. YVETTE CLARKE OF NEW YORK 18:40:44 My fellow democrats. Envision an America where you can graduate from college without crushing debt. Where American manufacturing jobs are on the rise again, women are paid equally, and seniors with the dignity and comfort thanks to a strong social security system. Where we stand united with the conviction that we can make our great country even greater by lifting each other up, not tearing each other apart. We cannot get there with the serial divider, Donald Trump. A bottomless vessel of egotism who exploits every fault line to advance his favorite cause, himself. 18:41:41 We can get there with Hillary Rodham Clinton: a leader with experience and statesmanship. Who lived the life of public service to advance the noblest cause, our great nation. I am congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke from Brooklyn, New York. My mother, the honorable Yuna Clark, is the first caribbean born American woman to be elected to the New YOrk City council. And my congressional district was once represented by the first African Caribbean Congressman, the honorable Shirley Chisholm. 18:42:30 So, I know a great leader when I see her. Hillary Rodham Clinton is our great leader and our next president of the United States of America. REP. GREGORY MEEKS OF NY 18:43:01 I'm honored to unite around our nominee, and my good friend Hillary Rodham Clinton. As a lifelong New Yorker, I've seen two presidential candidates up close and personal and let me tell you, Hillary offers everything that Donald Trump can't. She would fight for American workers, he refuses to pay them. She plans to make college debt free for all, he creates a sham university to exploit others. 18:43:33 She offers unity and thinking, he offers division and plans that take us backwards. Donald says I'm always right but the truth is, he's wrong. He's wrong for our families, he's wrong for our communities, he's wrong for our country, Hillary Clinton cares about the aspirations of all Americans she's going to tackle income inequality, provide opportunity for the poor and strengthen the middle class and she's going to invest in communities that have been neglected for far too long. 18:44:12 So my fellow Americans, it's time for us to band together, it's time for us to work together, it's time for us to aspire for a more and a greater challenge so that we could be better ourselves. It's time for us to build a strong future for our kids and our country and we my fellow Americans can do that by sending Hillary Clinton to the White House this November. PRESIDENT OF EMILY'S LIST STEPHANIE SCHRIOCK 18:45:56 One hundred years ago this November, a social worker from my home state of Montana, Jeannette Rankin, became the first woman ever elected to Congress. The first, but not the last. Once that barrier fell, there was no turning back. And, for over 31 years, EMILY's List has helped elect hundreds more women to the House, and the Senate, and every other office on the ballot. Except one. 18:46:33 Hillary Clinton may be our first woman president. But she will not be our last. Once that barrier falls, it will never, ever, ever be put back up. The women we've elected haven't just brought new voices to the debate. They've brought new momentum to the progressive movement. You see, women don't just fight for women. They fight for families. They fight for fairness. Inclusion. Justice. 18:47:09 No wonder Republican leaders oppose equal pay for women, and refuse to stand up for working mothers trying to balance career and family. That's why they'd let your boss fire you for using birth control, and force us to undergo invasive trans-vaginal ultrasounds. They don't respect women. They don't trust women. They want to control women. 18:47:41 They're afraid of the change we bring, the progress we make, when we get a chance to lead. And they're terrified of Hillary Clinton. Because no matter what they throw at her, they've never ever been able to stop her. From the Children's Defense Fund to the Senate, from Little Rock to Beijing, she's fought for fairness, for inclusion, for justice, and she's won. 18:48:14 Now, they're making their last stand. Not just against her, but against all of us who have worked so hard and so long to make progress in America. They're panicking. They're desperate. And that means they're dangerous. They've nominated a man who said women should be punished for having an abortion. Said, "Putting a wife to work is a dangerous thing." Called us "fat pigs" and "animals." He picked a running mate who led the fight to destroy Planned Parenthood, tried to redefine rape, suggested that mothers who work "stunt the emotional growth" of their kids by putting them in daycare. 18:49:07 If they win, they'll erase every ounce of progress we've dared to make. But we have fought too hard and come too far to let that happen. Let's stand together to elect more Democratic women up and down the ballot. More women in local office. More women in the House. More women in the Senate and enough to take back the majority! Let's decide right here and now to break through that last barrier. And, yes, at long last, put a woman in the White House: Hillary Clinton, our first woman president, but not our last! HARRY REID VIDEO 18:50:02 SENATE DEMOCRATIC LEADER HARRY REID (NEVADA) 18:53:55 Thank you everybody. Thank you. [ cheers ] Thanks everybody. Thank you very much. >> [ chant ] Harry! Harry! Harry! Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you. 18:54:51 You know, I spend a lot of time in the Republican Senate, so it's nice to be in a room that respects reason and facts! I appreciate the tribute, I really do, I appreciate the tribute. But anything I've accomplished in the Senate, I owe to the great teammates I've had: my Democratic Senate Caucus; Nancy Pelosi in the House; President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden. And I give a never-ending tribute to our next President, Hillary Clinton! 18:55:36 As a team, we've fought for the belief that affordable health care is a right, not a privilege. As a team, we've fought for the idea that you shouldn't get the bill for Wall Street's bad bets. As a team, we've fought for the promise that your hard-earned Social Security is a sacred trust. 18:56:04 Donald Trump and Mike Pence want to put insurance companies back in charge of your health. Donald Trump and Mike Pence want to let big banks run wild again. And Donald Trump and Mike Pence want to gamble with your retirement benefits in the stock market. Republicans want to tear down the pillars of middle-class security. We won't let that happen! 18:56:37 And I've never seen anything more craven than Mitch McConnell and what he has done to our democracy. His Republican Party decided that the answer to hard-working American dreams is to slander our African-American President, stoke fear of Muslims, sow hatred of Latinos, insult Asians, and, of course, wage war against women. In other words, the only thing Republicans, like Mitch McConnell, have accomplished is setting the stage for a hateful con man, Donald Trump. 18:57:20 When Trump decided to run for President, he probably said to himself: "I'm an egomaniac. I don't believe in science. I think women are inferior. Where would I feel at home?" We know where that is. Parents: You're right to worry about your children hearing what comes out of Donald Trump's mouth. Republicans: You should have been careful, also, because Donald learned it from watching you. 18:57:57 You know, they say they believe in "Country First." What a joke. Republicans who won't stand up to Trump believe in one thing and one thing only: "Party First." And this year, 2016, they've gone even further, nominating the poster child of "Me First." Trump knew that hateful rhetoric and dangerous policies are the way to win in today's GOP. But that's not how you win in America. And that's not how America wins in the world. 18:48:24 Democrats know we win with an economy that works for everybody. With a strong, smart national security that v alues our allies and doesn't invite a cyber attack on our country. And we know winning is the work of a team. With Hillary in the White House and a majority in the Senate, Democrats will keep fighting for immigration reform that keeps America true; clean energy that keeps America strong; and a Supreme Court that keeps America just, and background checks for gun buyers and an assault-weapons ban that keep America safe. 18:59:27 Since my boxing days, I've fought my share of fights. In my 50 years of fighting for Nevadans, I've also realized a leader is actually a corner man, a corner man: someone who stands on your side, who has your back in a fight. Middle-class families fighting to give your kids a better life - Democrats stand in your corner. Americans fighting for the equality and respect our nation promises you - we're in your corner. New Americans risking everything to get here, and then fighting to make it here - we're in your corner.
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