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and produced by Jack Date, Geneva Sands and Durrell Dawson in New Hampshire from September 12th through 14th 2016. 02:18:50 - 02:43:53 Night - Flashing Lights - Arrest (blurr face) 02:49:04-03:20:07 Police and DEA entering house 03:30:04-03:50:45 Finding guns, drugs, prescription drugs Manchester DD Cam1 - Ride along material with DEA in New Hampshire, several drug busts NL160909 FENTANYL "DD CAM" /"SD_001" Clip 00002 [huddle with DEA and local team before hitting road -- this is a Trint log that hasn't been cleaned up] [00:00:00] Photos why should we tell. You. So. Agent In Greenish Shirt: [00:00:18] So we're going to let Sozy do a lot of the talking because it's mostly his case. He's done a good job since you've got on here. Agent In Greenish Shirt: [00:00:41] We want to thank you guys for coming over. What we're looking for is one of. The three parts to it. You know several plays involved one unknown we suspect we know who it is. We only have a first name and. We haven't quite got him yet. Sozy will fill you in on everything. So what we did is we assign certain tasks to all the task force guys and the DEA guys, we weren't sure how you wanted to operate so you can you know fill in where you think you want to be. Noah (DEA): [00:01:16] Wherever you need us. If you want to split us up. As long as each of you is with one of us we'll just roll with it. Agent In Greenish Shirt: [00:01:16] It's going to be a pretty fluid situation. We've got a couple of hopeful things are going to happen. And a couple of solid things that are going to happen so we'll see how it shakes out. Who knows if we can roll a couple guys, we're going to try to roll right in and just continue to march into something else. Hope you guys are up for it. All right so let Sozy fill you in on the case and then we'll go over the who's doing what. Man Is Plaid Shirt (Sozy): [00:01:53] Thanks for coming guys. We appreciate your help. We got a CI to see how that came to us for a while. That goes a. Couple of people posting some harrowing facts and all. This. Astronomer right here David this area. David is the contact you might see. On TV in the beginning because you can't drive was driven by this guy. Who. Flies home Mobli it at Walgreens Walgreens. Will get the warrants done for you all this area before they are able to serve them. Yeah call me back. Sounds like Casio. This kid wrote it down and he wrote. That. He didn't have a connection. So they were up by it pulls up another guy here in town. So he got his stuff in the back. His name is Richard Roth. He said if you get into this guy and. We have to buy into them right now the purpose for 30 years. [00:03:02] We're going to do another one today. So. What we want to do. This guy's got a new connection he's been driving to my CI's house every single day. Honking the horn. Telling em about how much of a piece of crap these other people are. And that they ripped him off. You know and all that stuff you need to buy from me. So we want to order up from this guy in the skit Tyler. That's the second picture. [00:03:24] That should be either a white van should be a print out. There's a white Chevy van. It was like a big Astro van. It's turned stuff. What's that? Sorry. Silver. It's silver. Or a white Lincoln. So what I want to do is I want to order off of these guys that want to set him up at Walgreens again as a dealer. They've already done. I want the transaction to go and let them go their separate ways and then we're out. Rob and his kid. That's the first warrent that we have set up. [00:04:01] Those are the only possible known danger is, is Rob's kid who was a suspect when we arrested him. And tried him for shooting somebody. he got not guilty. His guns are still in our evidence room. As far as we know so he hasn't obtained any other guns. That would be five five years ago. [00:04:26] He's been present on at least one other deal he was in the van when it went down. [00:04:31] And the shooting was done with a shotgun. Full size. [00:04:36] Of all the guns and this. [00:04:41] So my first one is I want I want to get these guys do the hand to hand and I want them to have our money in his pocket and grab him and his kid. Like I said we already have the warrants done for him so if he gives anybody a hard time you can yank him from the car and then his kid for sure has it come to life. Or you could just be in it being present he's been present for all the other deals. One of the deals went hand to hand, went right through him. He was the driver. So. We want to grab them to get them out of the way. My CI is then going to order up from two different people we're going to try. One of them is a guarantee. That's the one Again we want to do one more before we get the house on a search for. The second one. See I found out that he has a new connection which actually did delivery right out threat last deal. This guy used to live in town. His name is George Bales comes up in class he's just Harold connection. So all right you have a water. All. I want to do the heroin first and hopefully grab it and shoot with it. It's not. And if we can't get this guy to come up this way which he has got to come up this way and we're going to roll right into the hills. I see I will pick it up because again we can't drive. We're going to take him up 125 to the address 5:49 here. [00:05:56] We're going to we were up already you it just basically just for the money if you in and come back out. As long as you're allowed to go in there it is one of those people that's the ticket. I have to search for them. Like right now they're just waiting for them to call. So it is. So as soon as the CIA and the target leave I'd like to get them out of here just because my CIA is my jam. This used to do this voluntarily get him down the street a little bit and they can stop him and say my CIA is in custody. Arrest them. And obviously we have warrants for them for his hearing for four previous CEOs plus what he does say they should both have. Heels on those that you know we would end up without money. And. Whatever advice he always stops at the ETM on the way I travel to the money. He goes out and gets his wife so you should have pills on himself plus plus we other the ones that should be pretty soon everybody's safe secure. We want to hit the house. I got to see which ones to go through. This guy's ancient doesn't mean he's not dangerous. 1938 he was born in New Jersey. Well it's also part of the reason. He's got to steal trash from back in the day in New York. We've had him for a long time that he's been so out of pills. He has a lot of property in town. No one has ever been able to get into him. [00:07:23] At one point in time we arrested somebody that he was friends with and he showed up and bribed try to bribe one of our cops. He grabbed his pocket so. The property is kind of big. It's like 20 20 is but a lot of you guys in the back. [00:07:38] You're seeing five or six pictures. This is the old man by the way. Will you guys see. This. [00:07:54] So. This should be up like in our picture of 125 you see here by way. [00:08:03] Of. [00:08:09] Property. In the back over here though because you didn't picture you see those two properties he owns a trailer right here on the front. This is a separate driveway it's actually 5:45. And then there's another driveway right after that. That's 5:49. When you drive north at 125 get Guess you a big fancy white cab in the driveway is just after that on the right side it can miss it. It's set way back. I got some zoomed in pictures and stuff you guys can do. This. Is. The one true way it's real Can't you see there's a camera in the driveway the zoomed in once right here. [00:08:44] So we're going to try that one could stretch. [00:08:53] So did he ever live in this is where they're going to get the Kelsey coming back out. This week we have been able to do this a couple of people staying in this camp and in fact don't know who they are. This is like an old shed or an old farm. As far as we know there was only. [00:09:11] One other person living with him who known to us. He's very very diminished capacity. [00:09:19] Or possibly wheelchair bound. But we did the last by the other day. We have a couple of new ones that went in and out while we were doing our last bite. [00:09:28] There was like three or four people that he's talking to was on Kallio saying while this place is crazy busy this people all the people walking around as people out in the field. So it looks like they came in one of them they came in actually it looks like a cat. Yes it's over blacked out from the lake and everything. [00:09:46] If you read up on some of these other things of course he's known to us to. [00:09:58] Not. [00:09:59] So after everything is all said and done everything secure in the house would be the last part. And so I kind of ran by what I wanted to do I don't know we want to use the teams. [00:10:10] If anybody is interested in doing something. Scott wants to talk to you guys and try get some assignments or something. I think that Cascio is the one that if he runs he's going to end up ask for jobs that we don't have teachers. So if he wants to do something quick quick and he's going to go get us into his dealer do whatever. That's what we're going to use in my piece of business you guys might be able to cover this up. I don't know whether or not he wants to talk his kid to where he wants. So like you said that's the Boston tea here that. [00:10:47] They are chasing. After. That. Yes. He. Does. Too. All right. [00:11:03] So the cars the cars that were. Used. In. Gallagher and time will be in our black. Chevy. We're going to be back in a marked units for the good of the road kills. So so that when you guys have to get up. I can't drive in any car that when I see stuff the black the lack of power is. Still out of sight. Just back up to you. So go down the list. You're going to get hurt. Then will be in. The minivan. And. You're going to be set up just observing in the Walgreens like don't see you being with that. What do you do. The front. Wall and we. Pull in every corner. So then this is the blue 06 maybe even the Romney guys. [00:12:06] And I'm going to get in before we need all the operations. Great if you could help out with any evidence collection. If I get something I'll give it to you. Well you can keep track of everything. And I'll give you my evidence back with everything in it. We had the house seems wrong. We're going to go over it for you. Once we secure the house everybody will identify with the yellow markers. I will go to photograph and document and secure. Chip in Tennessee. [00:12:58] That's going to be and that is going to be to see the whole time. [00:13:06] Our white van will be Sieber guys let me know. [00:13:11] You know the park might even. Be 10 12. [00:13:22] What will you guys want some of those guys just to let you know the portables you get about them within a mile or so. [00:13:33] I think everybody should be fairly close to the problem. So as you can see he's probably going to be talking to the guy gal that will be. Letting us know on the radio. [00:13:48] And I talked to a couple of these guys that we have. [00:13:53] It's been a while. All these guys have been breaking down lately. Just because. One of them at least is an addict. So if this guy breaks down. I'll take you guys to mass graves. Great interview with him once again. I mean if these guys can get down that wonderful thusly if they want to do some you know talk it out. [00:14:24] So the last is the CIA's which is the black 0 6 Chevy pickup truck. It's crap. You know course we have your cause to march units. [00:14:44] Hopefully it's nothing like Lindsay and his marked unit. [00:14:51] And also we roll into the whole celebrity. [00:14:59] There's no need for us to roll in hard. You know. We got crash tools we got everything we need if we need it in the vehicles. Frank I'm going to give you the keys to my other you see a cop in the back seat with crash tools on it and stick him again. [00:15:27] It's in red. Well last night. You guys know how to use the calleo and all that. You dial into? [00:15:42] Instructor can we steal your um, can I steal your thing again? [00:15:45] Yep, I have. [00:15:48] So he's got a Bluetooth. [00:15:51] Great address on it. It seems like the dogs. Are jealous because he was also that would only be if we had to go go go go go go go. [00:16:09] So that's why we're going to have that discussion. That's it. Clip 00006 [in car w/ Noah and Rusty] Rusty: [00:00:31] So you let them drive away with it buy money and to the buy and then you do a traffic stop and then arrest them. Noah (DEA): [00:00:37] That's the first part. Rusty: [00:00:38] Why do you wait. Rusty: [00:00:40] You wait because. You want to. Try to keep the CS clean. You don't want to burn them up too bad. Yes. Rusty: [00:00:46] I got you. Rusty: [00:00:46] So if you come away separately then uh it's some distance between the CS . Rusty: [00:00:51] Sure. And sometimes you'll arrest the CS on the scene right just make it look real. Noah (DEA): [00:00:56] We will. I think we're going to do that today at a different point. He's going to get locked up. Rusty: [00:01:00] But not really. Noah (DEA): [00:01:02] No, he'll just be in cuffs back of our car. Rusty: [00:01:04] Just for show. Noah (DEA): [00:01:05] For show. Uncuff him and that's the end of it. Rusty: [00:01:09] Just was playing the game right. Noah (DEA): [00:01:10] When the target wants to make phone calls he doesn't know exactly who did him, who did the police was and so it's good to create that confusion for him. Durrell (offcam): [00:01:23] If it's not too distracting before we drive off. What's about to happen right now. Noah (DEA): [00:01:29] We're going to go to a. Walgreens pharmacy down the street there and we're going to all set up, going to cover all the entrances entrances and exits to the pharmacy. And then uh. We're going to place phone calls to the targets and. Try to get him to come to the pharmacy and do a deal with you on the parking lot. There's going to be some waiting involved but we do that for our safety. We always set the scene first and then we pull them bad guy to us. We never let the bad guy dictate where it's going to happen at. Then once everyone set up make the phone call, we'll wait for the bad guy to show up and then we'll do the deal exchange drugs for money and then do stop with the bad guy and arrest him. That's the plan. [46.8] Durrell (offcam): [00:02:18] And this isn't just the DEA working, the DEA working local. Noah (DEA): [00:02:22] Yeah. This is a joint operation with Rockingham County sheriff and DEA. A lot of our operations are like that. Rusty: [00:02:29] Yeah we don't work unilaterally very often on some stuff we do but Domestically. We just don't have the resources to be everywhere doing this stuff. Rusty: [00:02:43] And [00:02:43] a lot of the local police work and work for DEA in what are called Task Forces. So they're basically they're on loan. They're deputized as DEA special agents but they were they were actually employed by the local PD or sheriff's office at their local municipality. But we you know they're deputized to come to the DEA office every day and they work as a DEA group. We pay their over time and so they are they're deputized as DEA special agents. With. Obviously they're their local cops but their emphasis is narcotics. Did [47.0] I miss anything on that? Noah (DEA): [00:03:32] No it's pretty [00:03:32] good. DEA has a great relationship with the local police. Sometimes you hear federal govt doesn't get along. That's not the case with the DEA at all. We are all partners, we're all out here doing the same fight. We all have budget constraints that to boost manpower. We always work together. They call us and we call them. It's a good relationship. Rusty: [00:03:53] So that room we were just telling you probably had what 15 16 guys in there were four or five DEA Special Agents the rest were state and local guys to give you an example of the way. [32.4] it's nice down here. Gosh. Durrell (offcam): [00:04:34] Really when it comes to my heroin and fentanyl the fight that you guys have the same fight it's got bigger. Rusty: [00:04:46] Huge. Yeah I mean. Noah (DEA): [00:04:48] It has and [00:04:49] up here it's it's really bad in New Hampshire. And the state of New Hampshire it's it's very sparsely populated and we're on we're on track for around 500 OD deaths due to heroin and fentanyl this year. 500 doesn't seem like a big number. But if you take that same per capita ratio and put it out to New York City it would be about 150,000 people. And if 150,000 people New York City OD'd. It would, I mean think about what would happen. The city would shut down, hospitals would shut, I mean it would be a complete public health crisis. So that's what we have up here in New Hampshire. Rusty: [00:05:31] And now we're dealing with obviously fentanyl which is why you guys are here and fentanyl related compounds like car fentanyl that are even cut more powerful than fentanyl which is many times 100 times more powerful than heroin. [56.8] Durrell (offcam): [00:05:48] Has the carfentanyl made it up here or is it like I see the headlines in Ohio. Rusty: [00:05:53] I'm sure if they've gotten carfentanyl. Noah (DEA): [00:05:55] I haven't seen it yet. Rusty: [00:05:59] You know [00:06:00] a lot what's what's sad is a lot of these addicts they don't know what they're taking. They think they're taking heroin. There are even times when the dealer probably gives them what they think is heroin they have no idea it's heroin in a lot of cases. It's the same thing with the designer synthetics. You know you go to a rave and somebody hands you a pill says it's Molly. Well there's about 15 different definitions of Molly on the street. Truck [27.1] just random monster red light. Can kill somebody. Rusty: [00:06:32] You know it's the same you know it's just a game of Russian roulette. You have no idea what you're putting in your body you don't know where it came from you don't know the quality control the purity levels. I laugh when I see these newspapers and Internet reports and news headlines that talk about good batches of drugs are bad batches [00:06:52] no such thing as a good batch versus a bad batch. You know drugs kill period. So this idea that. It's OK if you. Abuse it this way. But you don't want that batch over there because it might kill you. I mean that's just that's just bs. And that's why we that's why we have so many funerals and heartbreaking phone calls to family members doorstep conversations local police have to go give notice to a family that somebody died. Noah (DEA): [00:07:24] And these guys mixing it. They're not chemists. They're doing it in the basements, in the bedrooms, they're using blenders bought from Wal-Mart. So they're they're making an entire batch of who knows what. they think it's fentanyl. They think it's heroin, but it gets cut. But whatever they're doing they're mixing it, they can make let's say one kilo of that mixture. And you know the first 100 grams of that kilo is fine. And the second 100 grams that kilos you give to someone else (radio crackling) and that that was the strong part of it that was the fentanyl part and that person OD's and dies. So there there's no quality control. they have no idea what they're mixing and the people putting in their bodies have no idea what they're putting in their bodies. [71.2] Rusty: [00:08:05] And the fentanyl is coming from China. A lot of times which is just. I mean they're just pumping out designer drugs like crazy. And the Chinese are really trying to get their hands around it. The Chinese government. They've acknowledged it but it's a real real uphill battle. And you've got the Mexican cartels that are sending operatives you know they're sending distributors to different regions. They wholesale it to these local street gangs these local distribution networks and they let the locals just fight over turf. You know all these murders you you hear about in Chicago lately it's mostly drug related. This is these are turf wars between rival drug gangs. you know but at the end of the day they're all getting there they're all getting their heroin from the same regional cartel source who hangs around collar counties outside big cities and distributes to the street gangs they don't want to. You know the Mexicans don't have any need to get into street level distribution when they've got so many different gangs that they can sell to and just that business relationship is really really crystallized for us between the cartel regional cartels and them that did have command and control in Mexico and the street gangs. I don't know if you saw that in New York, Jack talks about it all the time and in the business relationship. Rusty: [00:09:30] But again [00:09:31] it's all driven by addiction and it's really really sad. But somebody's got to go after the facilitators. And that's what we do. We go up to the people that are out facilitating and preying on the weak and the addicted. [15.6] And in large amounts we're just rambling for you. I'm assuming this is what you want. Durrell (offcam): [00:09:56] Yea, all good. Rusty: [00:09:59] Jack and Pierre are going to look and go what the hell is rusty talking about. Noah (DEA): [00:10:02] He just keeps talking. Rusty: [00:10:04] Well we have these conversations pretty often with people that call you know it's a constant game of educating. lot of phone calls. Lot a lot of people still learning about these issues and still trying to wrap their arms around the fact that it's actually in their community. Durrell (offcam): [00:10:23] I mean I think the fact that there's there are different combinations of compounds that are kind of entering into different communities it seems like it's hard to kind of keep track. Rusty: [00:10:35] It's it's it's difficult it's a challenge. And again you've got you've got people that are willing to put poison in their bodies in record amounts. Rusty: [00:10:47] So is that a Walgreens across the street? Rusty: [00:10:47] I don't see Walgreens. Rusty: [00:10:47] We passed it. That's it over it. Don't you see that red sign over there. Radio: [00:10:57] (inaubible). Radio: [00:11:05] (inaudible) Radio: [00:11:16] (inaudible) Radio: [00:11:20] (inaudible) Radio: [00:11:53] Buy and then follow the bad guy once he leaves and then you guys can film the actual stop. It's up to you. Noah (DEA): [00:12:02] Yeah I think we're going to go a little bit closer than where you were. You know where the deal was supposed to happen is it going to be in the parking lot. Radio: [00:12:09] Yeah parking lot of that Walgreens. Noah (DEA): [00:12:15] Yeah I'm going to try to sit a little bit closer without being inside the lot. Rusty: [00:12:33] How's the tint on these windows? Rusty: [00:13:05] Good we can to take a nap. We wait a lot more than we do anything else don't we. Noah (DEA): [00:14:23] So that's where the deal is going to go in the Walgreens. Just going to see if we can get set up where we can have a better view of. ...maybe over there. Clip 00007 [in car outside Walgreens] Noah (DEA): [00:00:34] So we just drove arounds to make sure. I just want to check the driveway's for the Walgreens. That's the only one right there. So it's going to come in and he's going to leave from the same driveway so we;ve got pretty good pretty good eye on that driveway. When he comes in he does. Noah (DEA): [00:00:56] Yo Mike and Tye. (radio Audio): [00:00:56] Yeah. Noah (DEA): [00:01:03] Just checking in. What did you guys put down? (radio Audio): [00:01:06] Yeah we were right across form (inaudible). I have got to go. Noah (DEA): [00:01:19] Yeah 10-4. Yo DJ?. (radio Audio): [00:02:02] Hello. Noah (DEA): [00:02:03] Daryn what's up man. Hey man you got a DEA radio? (radio Audio): [00:02:10] I'm with Geno. Noah (DEA): [00:02:11] Oh you're with Gene. All right. So you and you got Ray with you. (radio Audio): [00:02:20] Yep. Noah (DEA): [00:02:20] Car 4. So it's you guys in a car Mike and Tie in a car. Are there any other cars out for us or is that it? (radio Audio): [00:02:29] No if you want I can go back and get Mike if you want. Noah (DEA): [00:02:31] No no no. I'm just I'm just trying to make sure we're all we're all accounted for. That's all you're here. All right 10-4 man. Alright brother. Clip 00008 Radio: [00:00:01] That like it. Durrell (offcam): [00:00:20] While we wait for the announcement I'll just ask you the obvious. And What are we doing right now. Noah (DEA): [00:00:26] We're. Waiting for the C-s to talk. Make contact with the target and have the conference. Yes is a confidential source who works for us. Durrell (offcam): [00:00:40] You know why don't you start over. What were we doing. Noah (DEA): [00:00:43] We're waiting for the confidential source. This is the individual who works who works for us on our behalf and takes direction at us on our behalf. He knows. You know various drug dealers throughout the area and this is one individual that he's bought from a couple of times for in the past. At our discretion using our money and those buys occurred at this Walgreens right here. So now we're waiting for him to do another buy with his target again, with our money but this time this buy is not a buy walk which means we buy and then everyone goes home. This is the buy bust which we buy the drugs and then everyone gets arrested and we'll arrest the CS just to make So it looks like he's getting arrested but he's really not. Radio: [00:01:34] Alright a call came back, but he's still tied up doing something but he's almost ready. Sozy's going to check out CI, get him ready to go. Probably past statements, we probably have another 25 minutes or so. Noah (DEA): [00:01:56] So he just updating the groups. There's there's many of us out here right now and we're all covering the Walgreens parking lot where it's going to happen at. You do that for safety. And I don't know if you could pick it up basically He just said the CS is called The Target and Target said you need some more time. He's still at work or is finishing something up. As soon as he's done he's going to he's going to call the CS back and then we'll go from there. So we're just waiting and you know it should happen within within an hour I would say. Durrell (offcam): [00:02:30] Do you know what drug they're supposed to be selling and buying. Noah (DEA): [00:02:37] I believe these are oxy. Oxy pills which. The target has been supplying to the CS. Clip 00022 [in car with Noah and Rusty, waiting for CI to pickup suspect] Noah (DEA): [00:00:00] Who'd you tell it to? (radio background) Oh that's alright. It's fine. Just leave it alone. OK buddy. Good job. You think you got a shot? Noah (DEA): [00:00:38] Yeah the Rockingham guys are coming a little broken. Do you know what they're saying? Radio: [00:00:53] Yeah, they got confirmation on the second thing that's going to happen. So we're going to take -- going to pick up bad guy in the off, drive him to 549 Calif Hwy... let him get away and stop him a little farther. Charlie's going to be in a black Chevy pickup. Noah (DEA): [00:01:32] Yeah, 10-4. Rusty: [00:01:33] This is a residence? Yeah.. 549 Calif Hwy C-A-L-E-F. Durrell Offcam: [00:01:47] What's the town? Rusty: [00:01:47] Epping. You see. Noah (DEA): [00:01:54] 545?. Rusty: [00:01:59] 549. This is the third part three right. Noah (DEA): [00:02:33] 10-4. I'm heading to Calif now. It's only. Two minutes away. It's pretty close. So you said that the Charlie is going to go to the target spot. In a black Chevy pick up, pick up the target there and then when they leave the residence they're going to do a stop on the pickup. Radio: [00:02:54] I think they're going to take him away though before they do a stop on the highwya. Noah (DEA): [00:03:01] Alright, 10-4. Rusty: [00:03:01] How far away from Epping? Noah (DEA): [00:03:06] We're only two minutes away. Radio: [00:03:20] (inaudible). Rusty: [00:03:31] Where's your house? Noah (DEA): [00:03:32] Oh, Londonderry. I'm just south of the office about ten minutes. Rusty: [00:03:36] Is it expensive around there. Noah (DEA): [00:03:39] The taxes are high the properties a little cheaper than what I'm used but yeah they really get you with the taxes. Noah (DEA): [00:03:53] ALright so We'll go to this house here the CS is going to arrive in a black pickup. Pick up the target. Targets and get into black pickup and they going to drive. Our guys are going to do a car stop on the black pickup. Noah (DEA): [00:04:11] They're going to make a deal first right? Rusty: [00:04:11] And they'll just make the deal in the car. Is there like a hat signal or something. Or is a deal already made. Noah (DEA): [00:04:21] I'm not sure. Radio: [00:04:30] (radio traffic) Durrell Offcam: [00:04:34] Do you know what this deal is going to be for? Rusty: [00:04:40] Heroin and pills right? Noah (DEA): [00:04:48] I think it's both. Radio: [00:04:48] Well we're rolling right now we're picking up the target, CI's pikcing up the target right now. Rusty: [00:04:51] Going to get some action. Finally. Noah (DEA): [00:05:04] We're heading out to the... Noah (DEA): [00:05:09] And. You guys up. Noah (DEA): [00:05:20] Okay we're. Going to be heading over to. The 549 Calif address just try to put down in the. Vicinity. Stay out of you guys way. Rusty: [00:08:09] She's picking him up at the residence. Noah (DEA): [00:08:11] The CS is picking up the bad guy. Rusty: [00:08:13] At. 549? Noah (DEA): [00:08:15] Uh no. The CS is picking up the bad guy. Right now. He's bringing the bad guy to this house and they're going to buy pills from this house right here and then right when they come out they're going to do a search warrant to stop the car and then go back to the house. Noah (DEA): [00:09:09] We left your car to sheriffs office right? Durrell Offcam: [00:09:19] Yeah. So is it this black driveway or is the house a little bit into the trees to the left? Noah (DEA): [00:09:21] It's down there. Durrell Offcam: [00:09:21] DOwn there. Clip 00036 [group gathered to prepare for raid] Agent W/ Skull On T-shirt: [00:00:00] Me. I'm upside down. OK so this is 125 northbound going this way. All. This is that log cabin. Alright? The house which is I'll have to zoom in to. Noah (DEA): [00:00:13] It's two driveways after, right? Agent W/ Skull On T-shirt: [00:00:14] It's two driveways after. [00:00:19] Is this one. On the left. Agent W/ Skull On T-shirt: [00:00:23] OK so you're going to say you're going to go north. You going to go pass the cabins right here there's a driveway that goes to this trailer right here. This is the next driveway that goes in it's a big horse shoe. This is what we're hitting right here. He has some people allegedly living in this camper out back over here. I don't know what it's like an old Church too. [00:00:45] It's All the same property though so we can clear those people, right? Agent W/ Skull On T-shirt: [00:00:52] Yep are just losing and it's just so clever saying to get out of the way. Noah (DEA): [00:00:58] Do you want us to clear this trailer? [00:01:00] If you guys want to help out and clear that trailer that's huge, that'd be awesome. The shitty part is rolling in the front. There's only one way in, one way out. So we're going to go in there looking like a parade. [00:01:13] We've got to get those two guys in first. You know fly the colors so they know it's a police car in case shit hits the fan and then. He has. Gone. No knock. I mean it's we didn't get a knock, it it's a knock knock warrent so we got to get those guys. And that. Gets me. As far as we know. This guy. His name is Richie and then. This other guy named Ronnie should be the only two who actually live there. [00:01:44] Scary. Everybody's scared of this dude, legit. Can't figure it out. [00:01:54] The old man? Scared of the old man? [00:02:01] And then hopefully. I mean what can we do with Richard grab bringing the money in his pocket and shit or no? [00:02:09] Yeah you can search him. Grab the money on him. No we've got to get up. No he doesn't have it Richie Wolfe has it, this guy has it. I get them. (crosstalk) So I get that I need one guy to stay with. [00:02:49] So. When Cody gets back from dropping him off we got Rich and Lindsey. You guys are going to roll in the first. You try to stay right tight to try to get to the door as best as you can. The driveway's wicked long. You can't see it from the pictures but when you come in is it's a big circle so you're going to come in. You're going to go through a gate and then you see the big circle. Obviously it's the white trailer. That's right. It runs parallel with 125. But generally that is like a little set if stairs or a porch on the right hand side. You know get up that should be him and Richie usually sit and wait in there, sit and watch tv... from Paul and those guys the last time when he went through there was people living in the trailer or camper. And. Obviously I only have a search warrant for where Richie's been selling the pills every single time that he went in to the actual dwelling. But we don't want anybody behind us. So if there's anybody in there, make sure to get them up front [00:03:52] (crosstalk) We don't really see your brain until you suddenly guys get them. You guys want to take the shack in the trailer Ray and I look at them. Agent W/ Skull On T-shirt: [00:04:02] I mean they'll be they'll be a group you guys so the group and you guys can do whatever. Other than that mean anybody that the way we go in we can just stop in the right and work your way around get around get somebody. And I notice a door in the back. [00:04:16] Who's going through the door? [00:04:18] (crosstalk) I. Think Lindsay and I go to the door Lindsay on the docket. You guys will take me in my back around to the back. Lindsay. [00:04:27] Lindsay will go from. Agent W/ Skull On T-shirt: [00:04:56] If we do and you can you know if you do one at a time and then do the second one with the time just so we can get out of the super fast if you do two of them. I know it sucks but do two of them so I can rip one of them yellow pages off and leave that with the return so I don't have to come back tonight. ANd drop all that... and then I'll type the second one formal for a return. [00:05:16] And I don't know if I have one but I might have a carbon copy. [00:05:20] (crosstalk) You got one or two just to get a break. [00:05:24] Once we get unsecured, we'll slow down. and see who's got what [00:05:30] So we're just waiting on Richie. Richie went to drop off. Agent W/ Skull On T-shirt: [00:05:36] Our CI. As soon as he gets back he'll get back in his crusier and we can roll up. [00:05:40] Same place where we just came from. Clip 00044 [chat w/ local Sheriff outside bust] Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:00:00] ...Identifying all the stuff. Noah (DEA): [00:00:03] Taking pictures of it. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:00:04] The evidence while they put in. Once they identify that it's something significant. They'll mark it, and number, yellow tag and then they'll photograph it and then collect it. And they'll document a list, a receipt. Noah (DEA): [00:00:18] Right. To give to him. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:00:21] So far he's been. Cooperative. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:00:24] Yeah, he gave consent for this. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:00:26] Yes, he gave consent for the barn. There was a question there was a gentleman living in the end room. just to be safe we asked if we could search that. They gave consent for that, consent for the barn and these people here at this point unrelated, they gave us consent. Durrell (off Camera): [00:00:49] Do you have an estimate for how often you are you having to search or get a warrent for residents with either heroin, oxy or fentanyl. Is there an average. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:01:02] It comes in spurts. This is probably so far this year, this is probably our ten or twelfth search warrent that we've actually had to do on a residence. We've done, think we're up to six or seven search warrants for vehicle, for vehicles you know done on motor vehicle stops. something's array with the vehicle or we find something and we secure the car and get a search warrant and particular car. We did a an operation near 95 in Seebrook. Saw cars meeting, people meeting followed them down into Massachusetts and came back up into New Hampshire and when they got back into New Hampshire. We knew they had picked up and we took six. Sixty six grams of Heroin which is six fingers. Basically the size of your finger. Six of those. Three individuals. And that was we did. Search warrant on two cars, there were two cars involved with that. So we're uh, pretty busy. Durrell (off Camera): [00:02:11] How long have you worked in this unit, this department? Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:02:13] This department I've been here 6 years. I've been a cop, I've been in law enforcemeent 31 years. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:02:21] Have you have you always been in New Hampshire. [00:02:24] Always New Hampshire. [00:02:25] Has it always been heroin heroin and. Oxy. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:02:27] No, well like I came on in 86. 1987. So. I went through the whole crack. Noah (DEA): [00:02:36] Yeah, you've Seen all the crises. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:02:38] The crack yeah. All the way through. We've seen the heroin come up. Noah (DEA): [00:02:40] This is the newest one. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:02:41] Yeah, this is, this makes the crack epidemic look pale. Durrell (off Camera): [00:02:48] How So? Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:02:50] People. People are actually dying over this. And it's hit up here. You know. [00:02:57] Back when the crack hit. You knew of people, there were few people in the community that were addicted. And you kind of knew who those people were. Cause it's a small. Small. Community. But with heroin. It's rampant. So much of it going on. Just so many people are passing away by it. Just trying to stay. Try to keep up with it at the very least. [29.4] They. Noah (DEA): [00:03:30] And [00:03:31] this is this is significant even if there is not an ounce of fentanyl inside of the residence, we know from our experience that he's got these users, they start with oxys. They move to heroin. And they're dealers in heroin. That profit margins are higher with fentanyl so whether they know it or they don't. Then they move to fentanyl and then they overdose and they die. So this is very significant hit that. This guy's been supplying oxys which certainly 1000% leads to heroin addiction which. Unbeknownst to them will get into fentanyl eventually. That's what we're seeing all overdosing with. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:04:07] Eventually he's going to stop dealing drug--pills. All those people that are getting pills from him will have to do something. Will have to go somewhere. And then heroin will be the next step. And some of the people even in this case that are connected with this case. They're doing both. Whatever they can get their hands on. Any opiate [55.7] Noah (DEA): [00:04:26] Whatever opiate it is, they're going to go. Durrell (off Camera): [00:04:30] Could you remind me, what's your name? Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:04:35] Scott Pelter [spelling?] Durrell (off Camera): [00:04:39] Thank you. Clip 00055 [Sheriff showing collection of pill bottles] Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:00:03] What's up you know I didn't see it. Yeah but I didn't see that, I found that from. (pulling items out of paper bag) Day. One. What's up. It's a big thing. [00:00:27] Somebody come to me. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:00:37] Right next to the TV that the little kid was watching. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:00:47] So in with the receipts and the gun and everything. (shots of pill bottles in plastic bags) In the same safe. And the pills. And he's got he's got another bag of this in his uh closet. All empties. Bigger than that. I Offscreen Voice: [00:01:05] That thing of percocets matches the pervs that we've been buying off of him was a script from the other guy. He had them locked in his safe but it's for Ronnie Mando (?). From 2014. Offscreen Voice: [00:01:19] So he was hoarding all of Ronnie's pills probably not giving them his medication even. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:01:22] Did you grab them too. Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:01:23] They're in the other box. Offscreen Voice: [00:01:23] The Blue ones are? Sheriff W/ UnderArmour Hat: [00:01:26] Yeah, did you grab them. Offscreen Voice: [00:01:28] I did not. Are they still another one on his bed. If they are then I'll grab them. Offscreen Voice: [00:01:35] The ones I was talking about, was there a blue thing full of percs in here somewhere. We counted them, start counting like 60 something. Offscreen Voice: [00:01:42] Well this has got to percs in it. Well that's oxycodone. Ronnie. Leslie Brown. Offscreen Voice: [00:01:50] Yeah Leslie Browne's the girl that was in the front seat of the van that day when we came back for the Offscreen Voice: [00:01:57] That's got clonazipan so she must have sold it to them. Offscreen Voice: [00:02:03] Do those say oxy... can we just turn that towards me so I can actually see. Offscreen Voice: [00:02:17] 90. Offscreen Voice: [00:02:22] 90 pills. Durrell (offscreen): [00:02:27] You know in general, most of these are his prescription? Offscreen Voice: [00:02:31] No no. Leslie Brown, one of the guys that lives in the house that he had walked in. They're not his. Offscreen Voice: [00:02:39] Flonazipan Offscreen Voice: [00:02:45] Those are his own. Offscreen Voice: [00:02:47] 252 methadone pills that he had locked in a safe with all the guns outside. Offscreen Voice: [00:03:08] Richard Ronald so he's got his brothers mixed in with this. Richard Richard. And one's stripped out -- no name at all.
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