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TVU 29 PETE BUTTIGIEG SPARKS NV RALLY REFEED ABC UNI 021620 2020 SPARKS, NV - Pete Buttigieg packed another high school gym with over 1,000 people tonight. According to the campaign, 1,238 were shoulder-to-shoulder in the room. Buttigieg took a trip down memory lane at the start of his rally at Sparks High School, talking about his notable trips to the area this campaign cycle. He brought up his trip in September when he experienced his first snow of the season and the time he held a rally in this very same gym and the lights shut off while he was on stage. "We were having a great conversation I'm sure some of you were here we were talking about where the country was headed. I was answering questions, and then lights went out and the sound went out and I summon my best deep voice and tried to project out off the brick walls in this space. And nobody could see anything and then somebody put their cell phone flashlight on and then somebody else did it and then somebody else did and pretty soon. This whole room was lit up and we could see each other just fine." [232946] The energy in the room today was electrifying throughout this whole rally. Supporters kept waving their posters around (camera was blocked countless times) and you could feel the vibration in the room when people started stomping on the hardwood floors of this gym after Buttigieg delivered his classic line of imagining the day Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States. [233112] Buttigieg brought up Rush Limbaugh during this event and the homophobic comments he made on Wednesday. A voter asked Buttigieg how he would counter homophobic attacks and that's when he dived into his experience with that just this week. Rush "I'm pretty good at holding my tongue. But it is tempting to point out some differences between my understanding of family values, and those of this president and his supporters like Rush Limbaugh." [234359] He was also asked which of Trump's "messes" would he clean up first if elected president. "Well, we're gonna have a lot to choose from. There's gonna be a lot of executive orders to do and to undo on that first day. We gotta - we gotta deal with climate right away, they're rolling back clean air and clean water protections we got to rejoin the Paris Climate accord on day one." [234240] In one of the lighter moments that had the room laughing, Buttigieg was asked if he knew how to say "dump Trump" in Norwegian, one of the languages Buttigieg knows. However, this one stumped him and he got some help from a voter. "I learned something new today," Buttigieg said after several attempts to repeat what he was being told in Norwegian. [235036] TVU 29 PETE BUTTIGIEG SPARKS NV RALLY REFEED ABC UNI 021620 2020 [23:27:36] Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. [23:27:46] Thank you so much, Mayor Kambalda, and somebody other mayors look up to, and it's just like he said, when you're mayor, you just gotta get things done. You don't have the luxury of alternative facts. You don't have the luxury of printing your own currency. [23:28:01] You certainly don't have the luxury of shutting down your own government to prove a point. You just get the job done. And the time has come to get Washington working a little more like our best run cities. [23:28:10] Some towns run the other way around. [23:28:17] We have campaigned so many places I can't see straight. [23:28:21] They actually put a little they put a little sticker on the table by the door when I come out that says what city I'm in. [23:28:28] Just in case I can't keep track anymore. But I'm never going to forget Sparks. [23:28:38] First of all, I'm from the one of the snowiest places that I know. [23:28:43] But the first snow of the campaign season when we came into the fall in September was when we were right here to see you. [23:28:50] I didn't think I'd have to come to Nevada and see you for a snow. [23:28:55] If that wasn't enough to remember you by, we're having a great conversation. I'm sure some of you were here. We were talking about where the country was headed. I was answering questions and then lights went out in the Santillana. [23:29:09] And I summon my best deep voice and tried to project out off the brick walls in this space and nobody could see anything, and then somebody put their cell phone flashlight on. And then somebody else did it and then somebody else did. And pretty soon this whole room was lit up and we could see each other just fine. [23:29:31] What a great, great indication of what it's going to take for us to turn this country around. Every one of us doing what we can to light up a room, to light up a community, to light up this country, because the time has come for a brighter day. The United States of America. [23:29:55] A lot of things have come and gone in those months since I saw you last. [23:29:59] But one thing that has changed is the image that guides all the work that we do. And I'm an invite you one more time to visualize it with me, just in case this is the last time I get to see it before the voting, before the caucus. It's that image of the first time that the sun comes up over the mountains of the desert in Nevada. And Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States. [23:30:38] Are you ready for that day to come? [23:30:46] Are you ready to put the chaos behind us? [23:30:51] Are you ready to put the tweets behind us? Me, too. [23:30:58] We got to make sure that that day comes sooner rather than later. And that's a big part of what this campaign is about. I don't even think that's a partisan statement anymore, because not only am I meeting fellow diehard Democrats who've been working to bring that day about, I'm seeing a lot of independents who feel the exact same way. [23:31:16] And even some what I like to call future former Republicans who are very welcome to join us in this effort. [23:31:23] We're together on this much that we can do better than the current president of the United States. And this is our chance. This is our only chance to get it done. [23:31:34] And I know that it can be frustrating to watch the news, especially watching things play out in Washington these last few weeks, watching what the GOP Senate did to send the message that anything is OK. Even cheating and involving a foreign government in U.S. elections. [23:31:49] But the great thing about being alive and able to vote in the year 2020 is, yeah, the Senate might have been the jury last week, but now the verdict is up to us on this president. [23:32:00] Other senators to. [23:32:08] So we'd better make sure we get this right. And this is our chance to choose the nominee who's going to bring an end to this presidency. [23:32:17] Now, don't you think it might be a good idea for a president who talks about working people, but the only economic promise he's kept is tax cuts for giant corporations. [23:32:26] Don't you think it might make sense for him to have to stand on the debate stage next to somebody who's not a millionaire, who actually lives and works in the industrial Midwest in the exact kind of community that he's let down to hold him to account? [23:32:46] Wouldn't it be nice for a president who tries to cloak himself in religion? I mean, this president. Tell you, you got to vote a certain way because of your religion. [23:32:59] Don't you think it makes sense to have somebody up there next to him, a believer, not afraid to talk about why God does not belong to a political party and that this country belongs to people of every religion and of no religion equally? [23:33:20] Don't you think a president who avoided serving when it was his turn and throws himself military parades ought to be held to account by a war veteran ready to talk about why there is nothing patriotic in pardoning war criminals and punishing war heroes? [23:33:42] I'm ready to go toe to toe with this president. [23:33:47] But here's even better news. We have an opportunity not just to defeat this president, but to win big enough to send Trumpism itself into the history books. [23:34:00] If if we draw as many people as we possibly can into this effort, if we build a politics, it's about belonging, not about exclusion. [23:34:10] But that means calling everybody in and looking to the future. We always win. Democrats win the White House one. We are focused on the future. And at a time like this, with the country so polarized and so divided. If people think their only choice is between the revolution or the status quo, it might not be obvious where they even fit in that future. [23:34:31] Let's build a future that everyone belongs in. Matching bold progressive change with unity and belonging for everybody in this country. [23:34:41] That's our chance. [23:34:45] And the good news is, as challenges our country will be the day that that sun comes up and we're facing new and difficult challenges from global pandemics to cyber security, threats to gig work in the tech economy, changing what it means to be a worker in this country. [23:35:00] We also have something very important going for us that as many people agree on who we're against in the White House. There's an even bigger majority that can agree on what we are for. That's what we have going for us. [23:35:15] We are for an economy where work is rewarded, workers are empowered, and one job is enough to get by on whether you got a college degree or not. [23:35:32] We are for honoring our troops, not just with a bumper sticker, but with a commander in chief who will see to it that they are never deployed into a conflict that can be avoided and that we bring an end to endless war. We are for fixing our health care system so that there is no such thing as an uninsured American while allowing you to choose what the right health care plan is for you. [23:36:05] And speaking of health, we are for taking just as much resources and openness as we bring into physical medical issues. And finally, having that same openness and comfort, talking with dealing with and healing physical, not just physical, but mental health and addiction issues to. [23:36:30] We are for taking the steps today to make this into a country where your race has no bearing on your health or on your wealth or on your access to education or on your experience with law enforcement in the United States of America. [23:36:44] We must act to make that a reality. [23:36:51] We are for the understanding that our country has been built up by the contributions of those who immigrate, seeking to contribute and give us a better life and give their families a better future. [23:37:04] And we recognize that this country can manage our border in a way that matches our values as well as our laws. We are for a better future in immigration. [23:37:20] Youknow, sunni-led us Sullivan, Kenneth up yobbo suggested by his astill based on. [23:37:31] We are for investing in our future by investing in education and giving our educators the benefit of secretary of education, who believes in public education and supports our teachers. [23:37:52] So you see, we know what we are for as a country and we have an opportunity to build together to galvanize, not polarize a historic American majority to make that happen. [23:38:03] That's the opportunity at hand. And we can't wait. This can't wait 10 years. This can't wait for years. [23:38:09] I see it in the faces that I am meeting, not just voters like you who I am asking to support me for this office, but people I meet who are not yet old enough to vote. [23:38:20] Who asked questions demonstrating the stakes right now? Had an 11 year old come to an event of mine. Stick his hand up and ask about prescription drug affordability. [23:38:30] That's pretty cool. [23:38:31] You got an emerging health policy buff here today explained the reason he was asked Hughes because he's worried about whether his family is going to be able to afford the insulin that he needs in order to live. [23:38:43] That shouldn't even be his problem. And he can't wait for us to see to it that there is no such thing as an unaffordable prescription, no matter where you get your health insurance in the United States of America. [23:39:00] At a 13 year old let me know that for Christmas, she asked for a bulletproof backpack because she's so afraid of what could happen at her school. [23:39:08] She can't wait for us to act to see to it that the Second Amendment can no longer be confused for an excuse to do nothing at all about common sense gun laws to save lives in this country. [23:39:28] A 10 year old come to one of my events and politely make the point that he's planning to be here in the year twenty one hundred. [23:39:34] And then when he is, he's going to be looking back on the decisions we made in 2020 and see whether we did what it took in time to create a climate where he and his future kids and grandkids could thrive. [23:39:46] He and the next generation cannot wait for us to act on climate and lead the world in facing the climate challenge as the global security threat of our time. [23:39:55] Now is the time to ask. [23:40:02] So you see the urgency and you see the opportunity in front of us. And I believe that we can meet these challenges. I'm convinced that we can do it, not because it will be easy, but because we have no other choice. And because that's what the White House exists to do. [23:40:18] I'm asking for your support to become president of the United States, not because I got it into my head one day that I'd like to occupy that office, but because of what I believe the office is for. [23:40:31] I believe the purpose of the presidency is not the glorification of the president, but the empowerment and the unification of the American people to do these big things. That's why I'm asking for your support. [23:40:49] And here in Nevada, a state that famously thinks for itself and looks to the future. [23:40:54] I believe that we have an opportunity for a storied result on Saturday that will help propel us toward that better future. With your help. [23:41:07] Now, I'm a big believer in dialog, and so our numbers have grown a little bit since I first turned up in Nevada looking for friends, but I still don't think there's ever too big of a room to have a conversation. So we gathered up your questions on the way in there and there are no cards in our famous fishbowl and to moderate guide our conversation. I'd like you to welcome, welcome, my friend, Mayor Crystal Bolden, back to the stage to be our moderator for the Q and. [23:41:39] All right, we all know a mayor can't avoid questions where there at the AC's game or the Riverwalk or at the farmer's market. All right. First question, Pete. Which of Trump's messes will you clean up? First. [23:41:57] That was your question. Go ahead and give a shout out to all that. Well, we're going to have a lot to choose from. [23:42:08] There's going to be a lot of executive orders to do and to undo on that first day. We've got to we've got to deal with climate right away. They're rolling back clean air, clean water protections. We've got to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on day one. [23:42:28] We got a backup working people on day one from right to work to the way they're undermining apprenticeships, the way they're blocking wage growth for American workers. [23:42:38] That's got to get action right away. We're going to have to work on our democracy, reversing the kind of voter suppression that's going on in different parts of the country. The 21st Century Voting Rights Act. [23:42:50] And it will be so important in order to keep America safe. To get to work immediately on restoring the credibility of the United States because our lives depend on. [23:43:07] Pete, how do you plan to counter homophobic attacks? [23:43:12] Yeah, this one got a little bit fun this last few days. All right, all Rush Limbaugh was saying sad things about. [23:43:27] I'm pretty good at holding my tongue, but it is tempting to point out some differences between my understanding of family values and those of this president and his supporters like Rush Limbaugh. [23:43:44] Let me tell you this. This president will find something to attack you on, and if he can't find something, you'll make something up. [23:43:52] We know that that's going to happen. [23:43:54] But I'll tell you this much. You know, we weren't sure what was going to happen when I made the decision to come out. It's a very personal decision. I came home from my deployment and I just knew that I was too old to not be dating anybody in in order to date when you were sitting mayor. You kind of have to go ahead and come out. [23:44:12] No way to know the political consequences. It's not like you could do a poll. Hey, you know, Mayor Pete was gay. Would you be less likely to vote for him? Right. [23:44:19] Kind of kind of blows your cover. [23:44:36] And. I just had to trust the voters were going to judge me based on the job that I was doing for them. They know what happened. [23:44:43] I got reelected in Indiana with 80 percent of the vote. [23:44:48] People are going to judge based on what matters to them, and I believe that's true now more than ever. [23:44:57] Pete, how will you take on big pharma? [23:45:02] So if that's you give away all as prey on the minds of a few folks in here. Well, I got a little bit of batting practice on this because when opioid makers made decisions that devastated communities, including mine, we took action. We sued them and we're winning. So I know a thing or two about taking on Big Pharma. [23:45:23] Now we have got to act on the affordability of prescription drugs. Don't get me wrong, if you invent a wonderful miracle treatment, I want you to do well. [23:45:33] But what we're seeing right now is different from that. When you see what they're doing to the prices of things that people need in order to live insulin medication for cancer, things we need in order to live. And you see the prices going up, not because they have to. [23:45:48] Not because there's a shortage of a rare ingredient. [23:45:51] They're doing it because they can. [23:45:53] Well, that's up to us. So when I'm president, any company that's jacking up drug prices faster than the rate of inflation will face a tax penalty so severe that they realize it's not worth doing in the first place. [23:46:04] That's the first. [23:46:11] And we're also going to take the common sense step of allowing the federal government, particularly Medicare, to actually negotiate the prices of drugs with prescription drug makers. [23:46:21] That's how we're going to get drug prices under control. [23:46:28] Pete, how did it happen that you've managed to go from mayor of a small Midwestern town to a candidate? And what gave you the inspiration? [23:46:38] Well, part of it is we were talking about earlier is the idea that maybe the mayoral perspective is a little bit more what we need in Washington right now than the inside the Beltway perspective. [23:46:52] And also thinking about the perspective of my community was a city that was described as dying. [23:46:59] When I first ran for mayor and we got on our feet, we got a long way to go, but we changed the trajectory of our city together. And so when people say, what makes you think a mayor ought to be running for president, you're not even a mayor of one of the biggest and most famous cities in the country. [23:47:15] My point is that's that's part of the point, because there are communities and by the way, in our biggest cities, there are neighborhoods, just as there are whole towns across America that have felt left out of all of the processes that are getting attention in Washington, that we needed a different kind of voice. [23:47:33] And then we've got to bring that voice to Washington. [23:47:36] Look, this was not what I guess I would be doing at the end of my second term as mayor. [23:47:42] When I first ran, I ran it in order to help fix what was going on in my city. [23:47:45] But right now, I see a country I see a White House that needs not just good policies, but it needs the instincts of a mayor who knows that you are a walking symbol. You're a walking symbol when you're a mayor of the unity of your community. [23:48:01] You remind people so different from each other, they have nothing in common besides the same community that they live in. [23:48:06] You remind them that they at least share that much. And at a time when we need that, when we need somebody to call our country to its highest values, frankly, I think we just need a president who you could look at and feel your blood pressure go down a little bit instead of up to the roof. [23:48:29] I began to realize that I had something to offer. [23:48:32] And then once I made sure Chason and I were on the same page and we made that decision together, we we realized that the only way to know for sure if we were on the right track was to put it to the voters. [23:48:44] And it was a wild thing to do. [23:48:46] When we started, this thing had four people on our committee staff. I'm not a millionaire. No personal fortune to kick in, no name recognition, no big email list. [23:48:56] But the amazing thing about American democracy is you get a shot. One high school, gym and backyard and diner and coffee shop at a time. You get a shot to look eye to eye with voters and make the case and ask them for their support. And so against all odds, I'm standing before you with a long way to go, humbly asking for your vote, but also walking into this building with the lead in Democratic delegates for the nomination. [23:49:22] It shows. [23:49:42] All right, Pete. How do you say dump Trump in Norwegian? [23:49:52] Is there an actual original picture here? [23:49:54] This fight was to Mahamadou? Maybe. It's not all. [23:50:09] Briefly to. [23:50:14] Hopefully I didn't say something dirty. That's a little past my little past, my knowledge of Norwegian goodness one more time. [23:50:25] I believe, Kryten. Yeah. All right. [23:50:28] I learned something new today. Thanks, Scott. [23:50:37] Amazing when you get a roomful of a thousand people in America. There is somebody who knows a lot about everything. [23:50:45] FTS If the Democrats don't control both houses of Congress, how will you work with the GOP to accomplish your agenda? It's an important question. [23:50:56] So here's the good first of all. My first instinct is to reach across the aisle again. Mayors have to do that, especially Democratic mayors in places like Indiana have to do that in or to get anything done. [23:51:08] So that's where we'll start. [23:51:10] And I went through three Republican governors and we found ways to work together on different things. But for that to work, there has to be good faith. [23:51:18] And we know that good faith is in short supply, especially in the Senate and House GOP today. So if that's not working, I have another plan. [23:51:27] And the plan involves the big blue and white airplane that comes with the Oval Office that the president uses mostly for the purpose of traveling among golf courses with his name on it. [23:51:38] I don't even golf. [23:51:48] But what I will do. [23:51:51] Is take advantage of the fact that the things we're talking about, they were just my idea or Democratic Party ideas. [23:51:59] These are things that most Americans want, even in conservative states. The increase in the minimum wage that they are blocking a real paid family leave policy. Doing something about gun violence. Acting on climate. Delivering health care for every American. This is something that's not just popular in a deep blue, far left district is what the American people want. Even in the red states. [23:52:20] And so the best use of that airplane, if you ask me, is to fly on right into the backyard of a member of the congressional GOP who is not only defying my White House, but defying their own voters and have that conversation with the voters. [23:52:39] Of course, that's plan B. Plan is to have enough coattails that we're not dealing with a Republican majority in Congress. [23:52:48] And make sure we got a wrong. [23:52:57] As president, how would you depolarize America and restore decency to the American conversation? [23:53:05] Well, that just might be the most important part of the job. [23:53:10] Again, when you're married, there comes a point right, where you realize that it's not just about the policies. It's not just about the management. It's about what tone you set for your community. So much more so for the presidency. [23:53:21] And it's not about ignoring our differences. It's not about watering down our values or pretending we'll agree on everything. It's sending that message that when we especially when we disagree. [23:53:32] We got to do it in good faith. We got to do it as one country that has a common faith. [23:53:37] It's something I learned in the military. You know, when somebody got in my vehicle and we were getting ready to go outside the wire. [23:53:44] They didn't care if I was going home to a girlfriend or a boyfriend that didn't care if I was a Democrat and Republican. We were totally different from each other. But we need to trust each other with our lives because we had. [23:53:54] And our whole country is in that same situation right now. [23:53:57] So I will work every day to invite the American people to remember what we do have in common, that we share basic values about what kind of country this ought to be and about how we ought to treat each other. And frankly, the best way for me to answer that question is not to tell you in words, but to try to show it in the way our campaign is run. And you're all part of that, too. [23:54:19] I see volunteers here, organizers modeling our values. [23:54:27] Reaching out to one another to folks who who may not agree with us on everything, but we're still glad you're here. [23:54:40] Reaching out within our party. I don't believe in the politics of clubbing people over the head and telling them they're wrong until they give up. [23:54:48] I believe in the politics as inviting as many people as possible into this conversation. We can show, not tell how to do that. [23:54:55] In the course of this campaign. And you're already doing it by the spirit you bring into this room. And I thank you for it, because that is how it begins before the first votes really count. [23:55:09] We've got our last question. [23:55:13] What is your stance on immigration issues? All right. [23:55:16] So, first of all, I'm here because of immigration. My father decided that he would leave his home country, this tiny country called Malta. [23:55:26] It's about the size of St. Joseph County, Indiana. And he left because he wanted to get a great education. [23:55:32] And he had a mentor who told him, you know, if you stay here, I promise you, you can be a very big fish in a very small pond. [23:55:39] And he said, I'd rather be a medium sized fish in the biggest pond of all. And that's more or less what happened. He got his education, became an American citizen, became a professor, found himself somebody from a place where they even have a word for snow wound up in South Bend, Indiana, and the lake effect zone downwind from Chicago. [23:55:59] And that's what my family is here. And I have seen my city. [23:56:03] Which was again described as dying just a decade ago, losing thousands of people after the factories closed. [23:56:08] Now growing and a big part of why we're growing is immigration, especially a Latino community that has breathed new life into neighborhoods that were empty. [23:56:17] Now, that is part of the lifeblood of our city and of our country. [23:56:25] And the important thing to recognize is it is not taking something away from one of us to welcome another one of us. [23:56:35] It is about Ed. It is about multiplication. [23:56:40] Immigrants are taxpayers. Immigrants are doctors. [23:56:46] Immigrants are neighbors and family members, and we have a responsibility to just fix the system that frankly requires more here as workers than it is willing to admit as citizens. [23:57:00] The president says we're full. We're not full. [23:57:04] We are ready to grow as a country in the way that we always have at our best moments. [23:57:08] And yes, that means making sure that we have a process, but we've got to make sure the process is fixed. And right now, the process is broken. We will have full, real comprehensive immigration reform when I am president. [23:57:21] And in the meantime, at the border, while we're figuring out the laws. [23:57:25] One thing you will never see under my administration as a for profit facility for the detention of children. [23:57:31] Our morality and our humanity is at stake. [23:57:41] One more big thank you to Mayor Crystal Bolden for being your voice. [23:57:49] US mayors like to call him the mayor from the future because he's always a couple of steps ahead. [23:57:55] And so glad you've been able to share this time with. And again, if you're a supporter, I'm so thankful and I'm urging you to reach out to everybody that, you know, if you're still thinking it over. Hopefully now I've had one more chance to ask for your vote and you understand what I believe is at stake in this election. [23:58:12] And the only other thing I have to ask you is to bottle up whatever sense of hope propelled you into this room and share it with anybody in your life who is so exhausted and so dispirited and so depressed by the news that they might have walked away completely from the process, which is how even if we walk away, that's how the cynics win. [23:58:30] This is our chance. The power is in our hands. [23:58:33] And I believe there must be some hope that brought you into this room. I know why the word hope went out of style for a little while. [23:58:40] In our politics, because of the division and the bleakness and the meanness of the moment that we're in. [23:58:45] But I believe that running for office is an act of hope. [23:58:49] That's why they took the word hopeful. You notice this in the news. [23:58:53] They took the word hopeful and they turned it into a noun and they use it as another word for candidate. I'm a twenty, twenty hopeful. [23:58:59] That's what I'm doing here, because running is an act of hope. And you are here is an expression of hope. [23:59:10] So are you ready to share that with everybody that you know? And are you ready for that? Desert Sunrise when we put this presidency behind us? And are you ready to make history on Saturday in the Nevada caucuses? Then let's do that together and go on and win in November. Thank you for coming. [23:59:32] Thank you for caring. Let's go out there and get this done. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.
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