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[SENATOR JOHN KERRY (D-MASS) IN TAMPA] [TAMPA, FLA USA] [SEN. JOHN KERRY HOLDS A FRESH START FOR AMERICA RALLY] [TAMPA, FLORIDA] RS 121. GEN. MCPEAK 21:55:49 I'm an anybody but Bush guy. I'd vote for Groucho Marx. And I know he's dead. 21:56:07 But just by chance. The guy who bubbled up through our system is a really quality guy. 21:56:23 We have not only a chance to replace a failed administration with failed ideas with a man who has the ability in my judgment to be not only an ordinary president or a good president but a great president. 21:56:54 He has the intelligence, imagination. He'll work at the job. Not every complicated issue has to be reduced to one page with big print and pictures... 21:58:14 We want a stronger America. That's what I want, that's what you want. A stronger America. SEN. BILL NELSON 21:59:21 With Betty Castor (Kerry in the background) BETTY CASTOR 22:01:46 Invest in stem cell research to invest in this state JOHN KERRY 22:02:49 Thank you Tampa... 22:02:57 Listen folks. It is so critical. If we're going to do the things we're going to do together... elect Betty Castor 22:03:29 Peggy Kerry waves 22:03:36 Tony McPeak designed and planned the air war in both 22:04:09 Your own Bill Nelson never stops fighting 22:04:29 Bush-Cheney administration means tricks for the American people and treats for Halliburton 22:04:41 The masks are coming off, the treats are over, and the tricks will end 22:05:20 Are you ready to put common sense back in America? Are you ready to put those mainstream values... back in the White House to protect the middle class> 22:05:42 Are you ready to put America back to work? New leadership? 22:05:49 If you do your job for the next 36 hours, help is on the way 22:06:00 MY friends thank you for coming out. Thanks for -- 22:06:13 Thank you for being part of this great American odyssey, which is the choice of POTUS that happens to be leader of the free world. 22:06:34 In these final hours, more than at any time in America's history in our lifetime... 22:06:56 On Tuesday you and the rest of America face a choice of a lifetime. The hopes of a nation are on the line. 22:07:21 With Admiral Bill Crowe... 22:07:28 And Gen. John Shalikashvili... 22:07:38 Gen. Wes Clark... 22:07:46 Gen. Bocca... 22:07:54 Supporting my candidacy because they know and understand that I know how to make this country and our troops safer than George Bush has. 22:08:16 We will make a fresh start in Iraq, and ... every country in the world has a stake in the outcome of what happens in Iraq. But they're not at the table. Because step by step the President said no or drove them away... 22:08:45 UN, they said no. They wanted to go merrily along the way and keep it for Halliburton or their friends... The world has a stake in the outcome and just because George W. Bush can't do it doesn't mean it can't be done. We'll get it done. 22:09:22 Florida is home to the central command, a lot of troops, a lot of patriotic... I will fight a more effective, smarter, tougher, more strategic war on terror... Is to know who the terrorists are, what they're planning, and be able to go get them before they get us 22:10:00 That requires the best intelligence in the world... To have the best intelligence, you've got to have the best cooperation you've ever had. This Administration doesn't know how to do that. I do. I will make America safer. 22:10:29 I want to look you in the eye and make it crystal clear... I defended this country as a young man. I volunteered to defend it as a young man. And I will defend it as POTUS. 22:10:56 "KERRY, KERRY" chants 22:11:05 All of us in this country, when it comes to Osama bin Laden and terrorists, there are no Democrats, there are no Republicans, we are all united in this country to hunt them down... 22:11:28 But I understand as you do that the troops are safer, America has a greater chance of success, when we lead great alliances, not when we go it alone. 22:12:06 "Kerry, Kerry chants" (Off-camera remarks?) 22:12:14 That's the thing about Floridians. They know exactly what they want and how they're going to get it 22:12:38 We need a President who can do more than one thing at once. 22:12:58 George Bush is the first president of the United States in 70 years to lose jobs. Think history for a minute. I won't bore you but think of it for a minute. 22:13:20 Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan, Clinton every one of them had to deal with war, recession, but all 11 Presidents, every one of them created jobs. Only George Bush has this miserable record when it comes to jobs for Americans. 22:13:54 George Bush actually has a policy in place when he takes your tax money and he rewards the companies who take jobs overseas. 22:14:09 Common sense back into our decisions. Closing that tax loophole and using that money that create, keep the good jobs right here in the USA (cough 22:15:26 If you had a CEO of a company who'd done what he's done to the workers of the company and the benefits of the company, he'd be fired tomorrow. 22:16:01 Unlike George Bush who has fought against the poorest people in the country, who are fighting to get out of poverty, he thinks they ought to stay there 22:16:50 Two bicycle mechanics flew the first aircraft 22:16:58 We're the first people in the country who produced Cape Canaveral... 22:17:10 Here we are losing our lead of graduates and engineering to India and China... I'm not only going to believe in science, I'm going to put science right back in the stage of American activity 22:17:38 God only gave us 3% of the world's oil reserves. But 61% of the world fuel oil... we import it. 22:17:53 There is no possible way for this country to drill its way out of this crisis. We have to invent our way out of it. And we have to do it now. 22:18:12 And there are more jobs in the potential of renewable fuels. By 2020, 2% of our electricity will be produced by alternative fuels. 22:18:33 There are people at the top of our government who tell Americans don't raise false hopes for the cures for diseases 22:18:48 Imagine if they told you years ago when Polio was ravaging the world, it was false hope to do research... 22:19:04 We've got 100 million Americans. You got 3 million people here in the state of Florida who don't have health insurance at all... 22:19:27 I'm going to be the President who sets America on the track and we're going to do stem cell research and we're going to find the cures of the future. 22:19:44 I just mentioned those 3 million people who don't have any health insurance. 5 million Americans have lost 22:20:07 We got a problem in America. How we going to solve the problem. Use the veto pen. But he's worked for the HMOs, the Halliburton. We need a President who's the champion of the middle class who fights for your jobs as hard as I'm fighting for my own. 22:20:45 This President stood up at his convention and if you don't believe me go to one of those .com's, websites... 22:20:59 I don't know if they dare post this speech on their website. His new idea for America is his same old bad idea, which is privatizing social security. 22:21:20 The cost of doing that is $2 trillion, which he's never explained where he's going to get. 40% cut in benefits. 22:21:41 Not on my watch... 22:22:38 We need to restore fiscal sanity and Washington to America's affairs. 22:22:59 I'm going to fight to import drugs from Canada and lower costs 22:23:08 The President made it illegal to lower to import drugs... 22:23:34 It will take me a nanosecond to send that bill to Congress and fix it and do what's right 22:24:12 This is the moment to hold George Bush accountable for the deficits, for the loss of jobs, for the loss of America's respect. This is the moment to restore our hopes and dreams and bring back the vision for this country. 22:24:37 And I want to emphasize the outcome of this election is in your hands. Everything you do in the next 36 hours. 22:24:52 Just hung up with John Edwards, and Edwards and I will be working until 8pm on Tuesday night 22:25:08 Govern this country with the decency and the vision it deserves... 22:26:07 That's part of what living out real values is. (cough) Values aren't 22:26:50 I was personally moved by that, and I'll tell you why. My dream is to have the chance to make your proud and lift this country up. My dream is to be able to walk into that office and tell you the truth and tell you I've got your back. That's what we elect a President for. 22:27:36 If you believe that we could create jobs here in America that pay more than the ones we are losing... 22:27:58 If you believe that health care is affordable and accessible, children of America have the doors of schools shut in their face, teachers don't have to dig into their own pockets... 22:28:26 If you believe that we can push stem cell research, don't have to be dependent on the 22:28:47 If you believe that we can change America...