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Ellen Malcolm Interview - 527 Groups / WKND
527 GROUPS / WEEKEND NEWS Interview with Ellen Malcolm, of ACT (Americans Coming Together), for a Nancy Weiner spot for Weekend News. Ellen Malcolm Interview President of AMERICANS COMING TOGETHER 527 Group 09 04 There is nothing stealth about it 03 It's really a healthy part of our democracy that people come together to participate in our democratic process 09 09 44 the fact of the matter is this is totally legal. It is totally appropriate. 05 And I think it's important in our democracy that people have a voice in the political process 10 and we can criticize people in office and we can bring voters to the polls. 17 11 17 they know that the new law did not stop political action committees, did not stop stop 527s 06 Did not change the law in that regard. 08 They know that we have the first amendment right to participate in the political process 13 And I think they know that lawsuit is not gonna go anywhere 16 They are just trying to blow smoke. 18 They are trying to put a stain on these political activites that are criticizing the record of Pres. Bush. 25 14 03 I think we are doing something very important in politics. 03 And that is making sure that people have a way to come together to affect the political process 08 It's one of the fundamental rights of our country 12 right now, that people are allowed to do that. 12 The suprece court has always upheld the ability of people to come together to participate in elections 20 And I would hate to lose that right, I think its the essence of our democracy 24 15 11 It is again the essence of democracy in talking about issues in this election 03 and making sure at the end game we can get voters out to the polls. 09