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(V) Middle East Violence - VOICER Hamas leader arrested, house demolitions
TAPE: EF03/1139 IN_TIME: 00:11:15 DURATION: 1:17 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Various, 21 Dec 2003 VOICED BY KATHERINE BONNER SHOTLIST: Nablus, West Bank 00 00 Wide shot family of boy crying at hospital 00 06 Family member holding body of dead 5 year old boy 00 11 Family members weeping 00 19 Israeli troops in Balata refugee camp 00 23 Tanks, jeeps and soldiers parked across street 00 29 Israeli soldier next to tank 00 34 Tank and military vehicles driving down across street 00 38 Tanks parked, jeep drives up Rafah , Gaza Strip 00 45 Wide shot pile of debris 00 49 Pan of people sifting through pile of debris 00 57 Demolished house 01 00 Palestinians searching debris 01 05 Close up of young children clambering over debris ends 01 15 STORYLINE: Israeli troops conducted a series of raids in the West Bank city of Nablus on Sunday, arresting a Hamas leader and killing a 5-year-old Palestinian boy. An army force also destroyed five houses in the Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. The violence came amid efforts to arrange a meeting between the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers. The chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, said Saturday that the summit could take place as soon as this week. On Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that if the Palestinians did not make serious peace moves in the next few months, Israel would impose its own boundary on them. VOICE OVER: 00 02 weeping people 00 03 Distraught family members comfort each other. 00 06 They're mourning the death of this five-year-old Palestinian boy who was shot by Israeli troops in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus. 00 14 Hospital officials said the boy, Mohammed Al Araj, was killed by a bullet to the chest. 00 19 The army had no immediate comment. 00 21 The boy was killed during a series of Israeli raids on Nablus, in the West Bank. 00 26 A Hamas leader, Adnan Asfour who's a prominent spokesman for the group, was also arrested during the raids. 00 32 Nearly all of the current Hamas leadership is now in the Gaza Strip. 00 36 Israel has killed or arrested most of the Hamas leaders in the West Bank during the more than three years of Israeli-Palestinian violence. 00 45 In Gaza, five houses were blown up by Israeli troops in the Rafah refugee camp along the Israel-Egyptian border. Troops also destroyed the remains of 20 previously demolished houses. 00 55 The army said the raid was aimed at houses used as cover, last week, for militants who tunnelled under an army base and placed explosives there. 01 03 Israeli troops make frequent incursions into Rafah looking for weapons-smuggling tunnels and often demolish buildings they say are used to cover tunnel construction. ends 01 15