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US Playboy - Auction on 50th anniversary of men's magazine
TAPE: EF03/1128 IN_TIME: 23:46:55 DURATION: 2:06 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: 17 Dec 2003 SHOTLIST- 1. Pan of auction room at Christie's 2. Playboy artwork with people taking bids over the phone in foreground 3. Man looking through catalogue 4. Items in auction: Hefner's little black books, and name plate from his desk 5. Close-up of black book 6. Screen shot of Jack Kerouac, manuscript "Before the Road" published in Playboy 7. Pan of Kerouac manuscript in glass case 8. Woman taking telephone bid for manuscript 9. Board shows 55-thousand US Dollars 10. UPSOUND: "At sixty thousand dollars, last chance, and selling to Mary's bidder for 60,000." Auctioneer hammers Kerouac manuscript at 60,000 US dollars plus buyers premium 11. Playboy Bunny outfit from Playboy club 12. Board showing eight-thousand US dollars for bunny outfit 13. Various of Bunny outfit in glass case 14. Auctioneer sells bunny outfit for 12-thousand US dollars 15. Marilyn Monroe photograph by Andre de Dienes -1960 16. Auctioneer and board shows it sold for 9,500 US dollars 17. Auction room 18. Tilt down from nude painting to employees taking phone bids 19. Hefner's 1988 Mercedes Limousine 20. Close-up license plate on Limousine 21. Pan across Limousine STORYLINE: A little piece of the "American Sexual Revolution" went on the auction block on Wednesday as Hugh Hefner auctioned off a collection of items from both the magazine's archives and his personal life to celebrate 50 years of Playboy magazine. On sale were various pictures, comics, even Leroy Neiman paintings that have been featured in the pages over the years. Also under the hammer were Hefner's little black books from years gone by. Possibly the most unique item was Hugh Hefner's black Mercedes limousine from the late 1980's, which came complete with an invitation for two to the mansion to collect the car and to attend the Playboy 50th anniversary New Years Eve party. The limousine and invitations are estimated to sell between 30-thousand and 50-thousand US dollars. Early on, the biggest ticket item was Jack Kerouac's manuscript for "Before the Road" which was published in the December 1959 issue of Playboy. "Before the Road" was estimated to sell between 20 and 30-thousand US dollars but actually went for 60-thousand dollars plus buyer's premium. Another item that brought a lot of attention and cash was a 1960's style bunny outfit from a playboy club, which sold for more than 12-thousand US dollars.