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US Shooting - Dramatic video of man shooting attorney several times
TAPE: EF03/0979 IN_TIME: 23:41:33 DURATION: 1:32 SOURCES: COURT TV RESTRICTIONS: Must On Screen Courtesy Court TV DATELINE: Van Nuys, California, 31 Oct 2003 SHOTLIST: MUTE AS INCOMING 1. Producer in chair 2. Pan to man shooting at attorney around a tree 3. Man walks off 4. Man tackled by David Katz, off-duty policeman STORYLINE: An attorney shot repeatedly outside a Los Angeles courthouse has been taken to a hospital while graphic video of the attack was caught on tape by cameras on hand for the murder trial of actor Robert Blake. The shooter reportedly said, "You took my money. That's what you get," while chasing the attorney around a tree and frantically pulling the trigger of his revolver. It was not immediately clear whether the shooter used blank cartridges or real bullets. A police spokeswoman said the victim was shot multiple times in the upper torso and was conscious and breathing upon transport to a hospital. But the television footage shows the shooter firing several times into the victim's head, who then walks away in an apparent state of shock. Television footage of the suspect shows a stocky man with graying hair and glasses walking calmly from the courthouse after the shooting before police wrestled him to the ground, guns drawn. The shooter is in custody after being brought down by David Katz, an alert off-duty policeman while walking away from the scene. The attorney shot outside the Van Nuys courthouse has been identified by police as a 51-year-old Simi Valley resident. Inside, a hearing was under way in the murder case against actor Robert Blake. The shooting incident apparently was unrelated.