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SCLC News Conference / Beauty Shots of MLK Plague
MLK - "I HAVE A DREAM" - PALQUE UNVEILING Commemorative Inscription Unveiling Ceremony - Coretta Scott King and Judge Craig Manson unveil the inscription. SCLC News Conference on 40th Anniversary March on Washington/ Beauty Shots of National Monument and MLK plaque 8/22/03 POOL RS 19 XDECK76 SLUGGED: 1700 MLK X76 Southern Christian Leadership Conference holds a News Conference on 40th Anniversary March on Washington (PARTIAL) IN progress.. -- REP JOHN LEWIS, GA 17:56:31 in progress 17:56:47 a chair ***** 17:56:51 picture black --- 17:56:55 now I present to you.. the natl chairman ***** 17:57:06 picture back up 17:57:19 activists from the south 17:57:37 me and dr. came . like so many people .. dr. king..and on that day. Mlk spoke and allowed the spirit of history. told 17:58:13 a message.,. 17:59:02 said if you bring all of this stuff 17:59:13 mr. President 17:59:28 a fruitful meeting with the president a few days later 17:59:43 issued a call RS 19 XDECK76 SLUGGED: 1800 MLK X76 ****** 18:01:03 lost audio 18:01:12 JESSE JACKSON ***** 18:02:08 audio back up 18:02:34 8 years later.. 18:03:09 so to all blacks every where 18:03:36 the impact was a huge emotional factor 18:03:45 then the students 18:03:48 and then .. point is after 8 years of significant struggle, the blood of the martyrs 18:04:12 of 8yeras of significant 18:04:20 one was connected was the emancipation proclamation and then for civil rights legislation 18:04:39 it was a broken promise.. in 1863.. 100 years ago, we left southern plantation 18:05:03 we won the war. when African americans were emancipated.. unleashed labor as an organizing movement 18:05:27 you promised me emancipation proclamation 18:05:38 you promised.. you came from a process. And you 18:05:53 could not use public libraries.. because the dream and sense of hope 18:06:14 the obligation to enforce the law 18:06:20 made john lewis's speech critical.. the promise later.. 18:06:36 over flowed.. sent to Louisiana 18:06:52 later, 19 top judges. 18:07:32 forty years later.. has a closed door policy.. national organization if women 18:07:54 NAA.. radical reaction to the progress of 40 years ago.. 18:08:12 he in a very characteristic way.. for states' rights and not for affirmative action 18:08:35 unlike 63, our votes come alive in the year 2004 , there will be a change in America 18:08:59 thank you walk away BRIEFING ENDS .. BEAUTY SHOT OF NATIONAL MONUMENT & BROLL OF PLAQUE 18:11:22 wide shot of national mounmen 18:12:02 pan down to ts of I HAVE A DREAM plaque 18:12:23 pan up from ts of plaque to ws of National Monument 18:12:50 wide shot of monument and pan down to ts of I HAVE A DREAM on plaque 18:13:41 push in to ts of words on plaque 18:14:46 wide shot of monument and pan down to I HAVE A DREAM letters