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Entertainment The Hulk trailer - Muscular, green superhero turned into feature film star
TAPE: EF03/0378 IN_TIME: 14:09:43 DURATION: 1:00 SOURCES: UIP RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film clips without clearance DATELINE: n/a SHOTLIST SOUND AS INCOMING UIP 1. Trailer 'The Hulk' THE HULK IS APPROACHING Following the blockbusters 'X-Men' and last year's 'Spiderman', the latest Stan Lee incarnation to hit the big screen is 'The Hulk' and Universal have released another taster of the comic book hero in action. Directed by 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon''s acclaimed Ang Lee, 'The Hulk' brings the muscular green superhero to life for the first time since the hugely successful television series of the 1970s, 'The Incredible Hulk'. Adapted from the classic Marvel Comics series, 'The Hulk', aims to combine all the elements of a blockbuster visual effects-intensive superhero movie with the brooding romance and tragedy of Universal's classic horror films. In depicting The Hulk as both a superhero and a monster, a wish fulfillment and a nightmare, Lee and his team have stayed true to the early subversive spirit of the character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, while completely updating The Hulk and projecting it into the dangers and aspirations of contemporary times. Australian actor Eric Bana ('Black Hawk Down') takes the coveted title role of scientist Bruce Banner, whose inner demons transform him in the aftermath of a catastrophic experiment. Academy Award' winner Jennifer Connelly ('A Beautiful Mind') portrays Betty Ross, whose scientific genius unwittingly helps unleash The Hulk; Nick Nolte ('The Thin Red Line') plays Banner's brilliant father, who passes on a tragic legacy to his son; and Sam Elliott ('The Contender') portrays the commander of a top-secret military research centre. 'The Hulk' is due to hit US cinema screens later this year on 20th June. CLEARANCE DETAILS The Hulk UIP 1 818 777 1000 44 (0) 20 8741 9602