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UK Greenpeace - Anti Esso/Exxon protest by environmental group
TAPE: EF03/0172 IN_TIME: 11:50:05 DURATION: 2:14 SOURCES: GREENPEACE RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale without clearance DATELINE: London/ Leatherhead, 24 Feb 2003 SHOTLIST: London 1. Greenpeace activist in tiger suit running into Esso station 2. Greenpeace activists shutting down pumps 3. Greenpeace activists locking pumps and winding tape around them 4. Man in car handed Greenpeace leaflet 5. Greenpeace activist in tiger suit wrapping tape around pump 6. Greenpeace activists tied to pumps 7. Policeman talking into radio 8. Wide of garage with police cars 9. Close up blue flashing light of police car Exxon headquarters, Leatherhead 10. Pull out from Exxon HQ sign 11. Security guard 12. Greenpeace sign accusing George Bush 13. Greenpeace activists with signs 14. Greenpeace activists being escorted from Exxon premises 15. Pull out from Exxon headquarters 16. Exxon employees being told by police to return home 17. Security sign telling Exxon employees not to turn up for work 18. Greenpeace activists on roof STORYLINE: Supporters of environmental group Greenpeace blockaded the British headquarters of gas company Esso and some of its gas stations on Monday to protest what they claimed was the company's support for a possible U.S.-led war on Iraq. Up to 1,000 staff at the company's headquarters at Leatherhead, south of London, were sent home for their own safety, a company spokesman said. Greenpeace said more than 300 activists closed over 100 gas stations in England and Wales, but there was no independent verification of this figure. The Esso spokesman said that by 9 a.m. (0900 GMT), protesters had visited some 50 of its 1,300 gas stations in Britain. Greenpeace accuses Esso and its parent company, the Texas-based Exxon Mobil Corp., of supporting the war and committing crimes against the environment. "The action comes in response to Esso's ongoing campaign to keep the U.S. hooked on oil, fueling war and causing global warming," said spokesman Ben Stewart. The Esso spokesman said protesters "have every right to express their views but it is ludicrous to suggest that Exxon Mobil is in any way encouraging a potential war in Iraq. Protesters, some dressed as Esso's tiger mascot, shut down power to some Esso petrol pumps and locked delivery nozzles together to prevent them being used. Greenpeace said some 30 activists had been arrested.