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Entertainment: Milan Fashion Cavalli - Roberto Cavalli goes for gold at Milan Fashion Week
TAPE: EF03/0053 IN_TIME: 14:54:24 DURATION: 3:36 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: music on catwalks not cleared for use. replace with your own clearable music DATELINE: 13th January 2003, Milan SHOTLIST 1. Roberto Cavalli catwalk show 2. SOT Roberto Cavalli (in English): "Fashion means every day because when you wake up in the morning you want to chose the pieces that you feel you like. Fashion is political sometimes, fashion sometimes makes you day better or not. Fashion is life. For me fashion is everything. Fashion in my mummy." 3. SOT Terence Trent D'Arby: "My loyalty is to his talent. Creative people tend to appreciate the company in support of other creative people. Also as a person, he's a very loyal person himself, he's loyal to his friends and his friends are always going to be loyal to him." 4. SOT Edgar Davids: "It's like having fun. You dress how you feel, it's important." 5. Roberto Cavalli catwalk show 70's Disco inspires Cavalli The flamboyant atmosphere of the 70's disco infused the new Autumn/Winter menswear collection from Roberto Cavalli. Technicolour jumpers and embroidered sheepskins offered a 2003 take on 70's hedonism - The Eskimo meets High fashion. The models entered the catwalk from a huge igloo; starting a journey that will bring him from the North Pole to 70s disco. Passing through different contaminations and mixing colors and shapes, this collection ranges from fur coats, hats and shoes typical of Eskimos to embroidered sheepskin coats and colorful mirrors beloved by Mongolian peoples. This journey starts with folk fabrics and oversize sweaters and brings him to 70s disco characterized by silver and gold suits, laminated or in Lurex, creating a rejoicing of lights and reflections. Maxi-ribbed turtle-necks, cargo pants and a kerchief-patterned total look are mixed once again with frosty trends and fur pants. A melting pot of styles, colors and ethnos leaving its space-and-time roots to become a lifestyle signed Roberto Cavalli. The show was attended by 80's music sensation Terence Trent D'Arby.