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Entertainment: Milan Fashion D G - Models get suited and booted at Dolce e Gabbana's Milan show
TAPE: EF03/0043 IN_TIME: 14:49:41 DURATION: 2:31 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: music on catwalks not cleared for use. replace with your own clearable music DATELINE: 12th January 2002, Milan SHOTLIST 1. Dolce e Gabbana catwalk FIGHTING FASHION FROM D&G The autumn-winter 2003-04 menswear preview presentations now showing in Milan talk of a man who thinks big. He wears his clothes oversize, flaunts diamond crosses and Cartier watches, and pairs pointed crocodile shoes with a classic business suit. He even dares to sport a tie, that most traditional of menswear accessories, decreed passe by fashion trendsetters a decade ago. Dolce and Gabbana kicked off the five-day showings Sunday with their usual bag of fun-loving fashion tricks. Without being aggressive, the designing duo's new man, accompanied by such fashion stars as top models Naomi Campbell and Eva Herzigova, is ready to fight the elements in quilted parkas big enough for two, jackets with built-in back packs, and mega cable knit turtleneck pullovers. Combat is in the air with baggy parachute pants strapped around the leg, bomber jackets full of zippers and straps, and heavy-duty buckled boots. The latest jeans from the duo, famous for being among the first to raise the coarse fabric to couture heights, are belted at the ultra-low waist by a wide silver buckled belt. The collection also offers a series of impeccable overcoats and a gray flannel double-breasted suit as conservative as anything seen on Bond Street. Fun comes in the accessories, silver running shoes and red crocodile boots for the classic suits, diamond crosses and opulent watches for the jeanswear. The grand finale of the show featured a parade of male models in gray slacks, white shirts and bold black ties.