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Entertainment: Cameron Diaz - Acne outbreak kept Cameron Diaz from London premiere, says UK tabloid
TAPE: EF03/0025 IN_TIME: 14:58:49 DURATION: 0:39 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Cannes, New York. May, December 2002 SHOTLIST APTN File New York. December 2002 1. Various Cameron Diaz at 'Gangs of New York' Premiere APTN File Cannes. May 20, 2002 2. Various Cameron Diaz TRUTH BEHIND CAMERON'S ABSENCE Fans left wondering why CAMERON DIAZ failed to show up at the London premiere of 'Gangs of New York' on Tuesday night have their answer this morning - she had too many spots to make the trip, according to reports. British tabloid newspaper The Sun claims Thursday (9JAN03) that the 5 foot 9" sex symbol, who plays Leonardo DiCaprio's love interest Jenny Everdeane in the movie, suffered a severe outbreak of acne just days before she was due to travel to Europe to promote the film and decided she did not want to leave America. The report continues that film company bosses had scheduled several interviews with the star at the London opening, and were forced to cancel them at the last minute. The paper adds the star also said she was unable to attend premieres in Paris and Berlin. About 2,000 people braved the London cold for the premiere, and gave Diaz's co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day Lewis a warm welcome. The Sun quotes a source on the movie as saying Diaz is very honest about her skin condition but not enough to run the risk of looking rough in pictures. The star has talked openly about her acne previously, in an attempt to help others who suffer from the problem - she is keen to point out that nobody looks like the women in the glossy photos without the help of a lot of talented people. The blue eyed blond started modelling when she was 16, landing her first film break with 'The Mask' opposite Jim Carrey in 1994. She has since made regular appearances in various polls of the world's most beautiful people.