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Turkey Plane Crash 3 - Hospital scenes from Diyarbakir/ exteriors airport
TAPE: EF03/0023 IN_TIME: 00:12:43 DURATION: 2:29 SOURCES: CHA RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Diyarbakir - 8 Jan 2003 SHOTLIST: 1. Various interiors of hospital foyer 2. Various of relatives gathered outside hospital 3. Various of ambulances arriving at hospital 4. Man being taken into hospital on stretcher (unclear if he was injured in plane crash or whether he is a distraught relative) 5. Woman being taken into hospital on stretcher (unclear if she was injured in plane crash or whether she is a distraught relative) 6. Wide exterior of hospital building 7. Various of relatives gathering outside hospital 8. Military at entrance to Diyarbakir airport 9. Close up of fire engine 10. Fire engine driving through airport entrance STORYLINE: A Turkish Airlines flight crashed on Wednesday as it tried to land at an airport in Diyarbakir, southeastern Turkey, reportedly killing 72 people. Five people on board are believed to have survived and have been taken to nearby Diyarbakir hospital. Relatives of passengers were flocking to the hospital for news of their loved ones. The RJ-100 passenger aircraft plane crashed in a military area near the airport and soldiers were helping to evacuate the injured, according to CNN-Turk television. Five of the injured were evacuated to nearby Diyarbakir hospital. CNN-Turk television said the injured were in shock but had no life threatening injuries. Anatolia reported doctors in the area were called to the city's main hospital to deal with the injured. It was not clear if there were additional injured people who were being evacuated to the hospital. Turkey's transport minister Binali Yildirim said the plane crashed in heavy fog but said the exact cause of the crash would be determined after the plane's black box is recovered.