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Entertainment: Penelope Cruz - Penelope Cruz sings for charity
TAPE: EF02/1021 IN_TIME: 21:29:03 DURATION: 2:39 SOURCES: VNR RESTRICTIONS: music/performance rights must be cleared DATELINE: Recent SHOTLIST 1. video Penelope Cruz 'Penelope' PENELOPE CRUZ CHARITY VIDEO Following the launch of 'Voices of Hope', a star-studded charity CD to raise money for poor children in India, Penelope Cruz has released a video for her track on the album. Cruz sings 'Penelope' along with J.M Serrat and Vincent Amigo for the song and is featured in the black and white video set in a train station. The 'Voices of Hope' compilation album, was concieved by fellow actress Melanie Griffith and her sister Tracy. The 14-track disc also features contributions from Ricky Martin, Sting, Elton John, Placido Domingo and Bob Dylan. Griffith's film star husband Antonio Banderas also performs on the album, singing a version of 'Imagine.' The results will raise money for The Sabera Foundation, which helps poverty stricken children and women in India. Cruz introduced Griffith and Banderas to the foundation, and the two women currently preside as co-presidents in the United States, along with supermodel Esther Canadas, who is director of the organization in New York. Since the foundation began in 1999, it has raised 1.5 million dollars. It costs one thousand dollars a year for a minimum of ten years to put food on the table and provide medical and educational help. To give some of the children a taste of American life, Griffith used her pulling power with the White House to get special visas for 14 children to come stay at the Banderas mansion. During the press conference, they were in the pool. Depending on the success of the charity drive, the stars hope to expand their work into other third world countries.