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Entertainment: Lopez to wed Affleck - J Lo announces engagement to Ben and talks about their love
TAPE: EF02/0966 IN_TIME: 14:35:46 / 21:26:13 DURATION: 6:20 SOURCES: ABC/APTN/Sony RESTRICTIONS: music/performance rights must be cleared DATELINE: Recent & File SHOTLIST 1. Clip video - 'Jenny From The Block', J Lo 2. Tilt up Jennifer Lopez - APTN file 3. B-Roll Ben Affleck - APTN file 4. B-Roll Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow - APTN file - Paris, France. 13 October 1998 ABC 5. Sot Question - "You really thought that he was one of those Hollywood..." Sot Jennifer Lopez - "Playboy types, skirt chasers. He'll be mad that I said that, but no I've told him, he knows. We've talk about this so many times and we have talked about how people see him with one type of person and me with another type of person and the two of us together is like how did that happen and how we're probably more like from the same background and the same kind of upbringing and same kind of family and same kind of house and that kind of stuff." 6. Clip Video - 'Jenny From The Block', J Lo APTN 7. B-Roll - Jennifer Lopez with Puff Daddy - APTN File 8. B-Roll - Jennifer Lopez with Puff Daddy - APTN File - MTV Awards, USA. September 1999 8. B-Roll - Jennifer Lopez with ex husband Cris Judd - APTN file ABC 8. Sot Jennifer Lopez - "You want to know how I feel and so I will tell you. What I knew that was different this time is that I was just more scared, it was too powerful and it made me really... where as before I had control of the things so I wasn't afraid to be in there, in the fire and the fire was far enough away so that I could dance around in there. This time it was smothering me and so hot that it made me afraid." Sot Interviewer - "Bigger." Sot Jennifer Lopez - "Bigger and realer, you just feel it, it's something different, it's a totally different than anything else that you have experienced." 9. Clip video - 'If You Had My Love', J Lo APTN 10. Jennifer Lopez at Angel Eyes premiere - APTN Los Angeles, USA. January 2001 11. Jennifer Lopez at album signing - APTN Los Angeles, USA. January 2001 13. Pan across girls competing to be the face of J Lo's fashion label, wearing 'J Lo' clothes. 14. Clip Video - 'Jenny From The Block', J Lo ABC 15. Sot Question - "How much fun is it to be able to buy anything that you want?" Sot Jennifer Lopez - "Fun, it's fun. I was the girl with the hole in her shoes. We really didn't have a lot of money. I had the holes in the sneakers, I had the holes in the sandals." Sot Question - "Were you embarrassed about that?" Sot Jennifer Lopez - "Of course I was embarrassed but like anybody else I didn't dwell on it but it existed. When I was out with mum and she had money she would go out and get you what she could. bills, I knew the word bills when I was 2 because it was always about the bills. We had to pay the bills, we're behind on the bills, did you pay the bills,we've got to pay the bills, bills, bills, bills. Everybody out there goes through it, that's how I grew up and so to now be able to have a closet full of designer shoes is like I will never get over it, I'll be 60 years old, I will walk in to my closet and look at the shoes and I will be like yes. I will look at my nice coat and be like look at this nice coat. It's a joy for me and it's a joy to give it to my family and it's a joy to share it with people that I love. It's one of the great things about it. I'm not going to lie and, it's great, it's great to have a house that you feel like your family can come to." 16. Clip Video - 'Jenny From The Block', J Lo ABC 17. Sot Jennifer Lopez - "I had cried a lot over sadness over the years, things that had gone wrong or relationships that didn't work out and for the first time in my life I cried incredible purging tears of happiness and it was the most cleansing feeling and the most wonderful feeling I had ever had." 18. Clip Video - 'Jenny From The Block', J Lo 19. Sot Ben Affleck - "That's it, I'm getting a drink" - APTN file J-LO: IT'S THE FIRE INSIDE JENNIFER LOPEZ's engagement to BEN AFFLECK is the real thing because of the "fire inside", she told ABC's Diane Sawyer yesterday (13NOV02). The actress and singer explained that, unlike her relationship with SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS and short-lived marriage to dancer CRIS JUDD, she was unable to keep the "fire" at a distance when it came to her new fiancee and 'Gigli' co-star. The couple, who have been photographed kissing over the past few months, were recently engaged in a "traditional, but also in a very spectacular way," Lopez says. The couple met last winter while shooting the movie 'Gigli,' in which Lopez plays a gangster sent to supervise a thug, played by Affleck, in a kidnapping. She describes Affleck as "brilliantly smart," charming and affectionate. "My mother loves Ben," she adds. But she admitted that before she met him she thought he was just another arrogant star who had too many girlfriends. The ABC interview was taped recently in Manhattan and in Lopez's old Bronx neighbourhood. Lopez didn't mention a wedding date, but the couple could tie the knot on Valentine's Day, according to friends and sources quoted in the November 18th issue of People magazine. Affleck, 30, who remains good friends with one-time lover GWYNETH PALTROW, has never been married. Lopez, 32, has had two previous marriages. She split from model-restaurateur Ojani Noa in 1998 after about a year and this summer ended a 10-month marriage to dancer Cris Judd. That divorce becomes final on January 26. The video from Lopez's new single 'Jenny On The Block' features Affleck in a cheeky take on the media's endless quest for footage of the pair together. 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