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Entertainment: Robbie Williams 2 - Robbie Williams and music giant EMI confirmed today that they had reached a recording deal.
TAPE: EF02/0839 IN_TIME: 20:50:46 DURATION: 1:13 SOURCES: SKY/ VIRGIN/ EMI/ CHRYSALIS RESTRICTIONS: SKY = No Access UK/Ireland/CNN-i/Euronews/Net, VIRGIN/ EMI/ CHRYSALIS Video Clips = No re-use/re-sale without clearance DATELINE: 02/10/02 LONDON SHOTLIST 1. Robbie Williams getting out of car 2. Ca Press 3. Robbie Williams entering doorway to press conference 4. Sot Robbie Williams: " I am rich beyond my wildest dreams..." 5. Video Clip 'Angels' 6. Sot Robbie Williams: " Yes I am back with EMI , I never left. It is great and I am glad, I am 7. glad. I don't know...I want to continue to break records and make records with EMI. " 8. Video clip Mariah Carey 'Loverboy' 9. Sot Robbie Williams: " What am I going to do with it? I am going to count it all. " 10. Robbie exits press conference ROBBIE RICH BEYOND WILDEST DREAMS Pop star Robbie Williams and music giant EMI confirmed on Wednesday that they had reached a recording deal, said to be worth about 80 million pounds ($125.4 million) by sources close to the negotiations. "I am rich beyond my wildest dreams," a beaming Williams told reporters at an impromptu press conference outside his management's offices in London. He appeared alongside EMI label head Tony Wadsworth. A fuller statement would be released shortly, they said. In a press release from the label, Alain Levy and David Munns, EMI Recorded Music's Chairman & CEO and Vice Chairman respectively said, "Robbie Williams is an extremely talented and versatile artist with a wonderful catalogue of albums. We are delighted to have signed a new deal on terms which are good for both parties and to be working with him for many years to come." Robbie's deal is the biggest record contract in British music history. The previous biggest UK deal, which was the £42 million (USD$63 million) paid to Sir Elton John in 1996. The global contract is believed to be second only in value to Michael Jackson's staggering £623 million (USD$935 million) deal with Sony in 1991. Williams, who releases new album 'Escapology' next month, is Britain's biggest male artist and his last album, 'Swing When You're Winning', was a huge hit. EMI have guided his solo career since he left boy band Take That, but their contract with him expired earlier this year. The new deal, thought to be for four albums, is said to include a promise that EMI will help him become a success in the US - a lucrative market he has so far failed to crack. Williams also demanded access to his back catalogue and assurances that EMI would embrace the internet and DVD. He has spent the past six months in LA where he began a romance with Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter. Williams flew in to Heathrow last night from Canada, where he has been shooting the video for his new single 'Feel', with actress Daryl Hannah. "Escapology" is Robbie Williams' fifth album and was largely written by Robbie Williams and his songwriter partner Guy Chambers. The album will be released on Nov 18th with a single 'Feel', which will go to radio in mid October and be released in December. CLEARANCE DETAILS TITLE: Loverboy ARTIST: Mariah Carey WITER: Carey/Blackmon/Jenkins PUBLISHER: Sony / EMI LABEL: Virgin TITLE: ANGELS ARTIST: ROBBIE WILLIAMS WRITER: ROBBIE WILLIAMS/ GUY CHAMBERS PUBLISHER: EMI VIRGIN MUSIC LTD/ BMG MUSIC PUBLISHING LTD LABEL: EMI/CHRYSALIS