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Entertainment: US Lady of Soul Awards - Controversy surrounds Ashanti at top awards
TAPE: EF02/0718 IN_TIME: 14:05:46 DURATION: 5:41 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: music video/performance rights must be cleared DATELINE: Pasadena, Calif. August 24, 2002 SHOTLIST: 1.Pan of red carpet arrivals area. 2.B-roll shot of Angela Bassett arriving at the 8th Annual Soul Train Lady of Soul 3.B-roll shot of Angela Bassett holding Lady of Soul Awards Statuette. 4.Fashion shot of Columbia Recording Artist Ameri. 5.Fashion shot of Ralph Lauren model Ralph Jacob. 6.Fashion shot of recording artist Mya. 7.Fashion shot of "Flip Mode Rapper" Rah Digga. 8. Music clip - 'Foolish' by Ashanti 9. Set up shot of recording Patti La Belle. 10.SOT Patti La Belle: "I feel as though people have it a little mixed up. I don't think that she's trying to sound like or be Aretha Franklin, because she could never sing like Aretha Franklin, she sings like Ashanti, just like I sing like Patti La Belle. But she's achieved so much as a performer, a young performer, and it's about her record sales and stuff. So she's worked hard enough to achieve this Aretha Franklin award. And most people they mix up the reasons that she thinks she's getting it. She's getting it because she worked her butt off, okay. Say What." 11.Camera cutaway to pan of area. 12.Camera cutaway. 13. Set up shot of Evander Holyfield and Exhale 14. SOT Evander Holyfield: "When it came down to Exhale someone showed me a tape of them and they said they're good aren't they. And I said I don't know I said that's TV man. I said I've got to hear them in person, so they brought them to the house, and when I heard their voice, I knew I had to sign them before somebody else does." 15. Music clip - 'Bootilicious' by Destiny's Child 16.Set up shot of Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child 17.SOT Kelly Rowland: "They brought this movie to me and they were like, it's a scary movie you want to do it? And I was like, yeah, and I went out and I tried out for it, there were a lot of other actresses up for the part. And I got it and then they asked me for a second meeting and I went and they were like definitely, she's the one. So I'm honored to be doing the movie." 18. Music clip - 'Addictive' by Truth Hurts 19.Set up shot of Truth Hurts. 20.SOT Truth Hurts: "Collaborating with Dr. Dre can be a wonderful experience if you are focused. Only if you are focused and you are experimentalist so to speak, if you really like to do a lot of different stuff, really research music. I think it started in 1996; I met Dr Dre through a mutual acquaintance. That acquaintance was managing a group on "Aftermath" when "Aftermath" first began and I submitted a song through him and Dre liked the song and he wanted to know who I was. He had a group at the time and he wanted to know if I wanted to be part of the group, and I declined. And then when he met me he said I wasn't good for the group, but he definitely wanted me to stay around as a songwriter, so I did and I stayed around and wrote for "Aftermath" for five years, before he decided to give me a deal." 21. Impromptu performance by Isyss 22.SOT Isyss (This is a great distinction, how did you feel when they called your name.) "The whole moment was just surreal. It was just like, freeze-frame life real quick, like, is this happening right now. Even before I was like, calm down, okay, what are you doing? It was going. It was really nice." 23.SOTRah Digga: "To have an awards show that honors you know, women of soul, women of color. How could you be a woman, especially a black woman in the business and not come out and see a show like this." 24. Music clip - 'Rock the Boat' by Aaliyah STORYLINE: ROW OVER ASHANTI AWARD R&B singer Ashanti accepted entertainer of the year honours at Saturday's Lady of Soul Awards despite complaints from some music fans that she didn't deserve the title. More than 28,000 signatures had been gathered on an Internet petition decrying the decision to give entertainer of the year to Ashanti. Ashanti didn't directly mention the Internet controversy during her brief speech. Patti LaBelle, who presented the award to Ashanti, said the 21-year-old newcomer was "extremely deserving of this wonderful recognition." The annual celebration honours the accomplishments of female recording artists in R&B, Hip Hop, Rap and Gospel. Ashanti, who led all other performers with five nominations, also captured one award: best new solo artist. She has sold more than 2.3 million copies of her self-titled debut album, released earlier this year. Among her hits are the singles 'Foolish' and 'Happy,' and she has become a sensation with numerous TV appearances and magazine pictorials. Ashanti's critics complain that she's not talented enough to deserve the entertainer of the year honour, especially since it is named after the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin Previous winners include Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey , TLC and Jill Scott. The late singer Aaliyah's single 'Rock the Boat' won two awards: best R&B solo single and song of the year. In the group category, Destiny's Child won best R&B/soul album of the year for 'Survivor' and best R&B single for 'Emotion.' Angela Bassett won top acting honours for her work in films with the "Lena Horne Award for Outstanding Career Achievements." Bassett's long list of film credits include her Oscar-nominated role as Tina Turner in 'What's Love got to Do with It?' and most recently 'Sunshine State.' While Destiny's Child, the definitive R&B girl group were once again honoured, the shape of things to come was also highlighted in the sexy shape of Isyss, who picked up its first "Lady of Soul Award" as best new act for R&B Soul or group, band or duo. Dr Dre protege,Truth Hurts, is one of the newer artists on the R&B landscape. She has a background in opera, and she is produced by the hip-hop impresario Dr Dre. Truth worked as a songwriter for Dr. Dre and "Aftermath Records" for five years before the rapper-producer signed her to a record deal. The singer-songwriter is currently touring, and has a single climbing the charts. Finally, packing a punch are Exhale, who have heavy weight backing, in the gigantic form of Evander Holyfield. The former boxing champ has formed a label to promote the ing?nues. The other 'Lady of Soul' winners were: R&B/soul album of the year, solo artist: 'Songs in A Minor,' by Alicia Keys. R&B/soul or rap music video: 'One Minute Man,' by Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott. R&B/soul or rap new artist, for group, band or duo: 'Night & Day,' by Isyss featuring Jadakiss. Gospel album: "Believe," by Yolanda Adams Lena Horne Award for outstanding career achievement: Angela Bassett Co-hosts for the eighth annual awards program were Arsenio Hall Jill Scott and Shemar Moore Winners were determined by an unspecified group of radio programmers, recording artists and music retail employees. CLEARANCE DETAILS TITLE: Foolish ARTIST: Ashanti WRITER: Lorenzo/Douglas/Barge/Etterlene LABEL: Universal TITLE: Addicted ARTIST: Truth Hurts/Dr Dre WRITER: TBC PUBLISHER: TBC LABEL: Interscope TITLE: Bootilicious ARTIST: Destiny's Child WRITER: TBC PUBLISHER:TBC LABEL: Columbia ( (20) 7911 8200)