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Entertainment Americas: US / Blood Work - Clint Eastwood on acting and directing new thriller
TAPE: EF02/0671 IN_TIME: 20:56:15 DURATION: 5:18 SOURCES: APTN/Warners RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/clips without clearance DATELINE: Los Angeles. July 2002 SHOTLIST: 1. Film trailer - 'Blood Work' 2. SOT (English) Clint Eastwood: "It was just an opportunity to do a little bit of a different slant on detective work which I've been associated with over the years, and at this particular stage in my maturity, I felt that it was time to take some roles that had some different obstacles then I would say if I was a younger man in my 30s or 40s doing these kind of jobs." 3. Film trailer - 'Blood Work' 4. SOT (English) Clint Eastwood: "Well he's a guy who probably very good at what he did at one time and was sort of a high profile detective involved with profiling different cases and solved a few and all of a sudden he's forced into retirement and so he's retired and enjoying retirement as much a you can enjoy anything under the circumstances. So he becomes back into active duty so to speak, trying to solve a very, very complex case. It turns out the case, the whole motivation of the cirmes were only committed because of his vulnerability." 5. BTS B-roll 6. SOT (English) Clint Eastwood: "You can tell when a scene is good, if you are in the scene and you are playing the scene you can tell when it's working for all the characters. Now it's difficult for actors who direct. Sometimes when there off camera not in the center of the scene they start voyeuring it, watching instead of particapating, so that can be a problem. So you have to make sure you are always throwing the switch." 7. Film clip - 'Blood Work' 8. SOT (English) Jeff Daniels: "Part of my job as kind of a comic relief funny side-kick in the movie is to needle him, talk back and "what's your problem" stuff like that. And it's 'Dirty Harry,' and when he looks at you, you think "Oh yeah keep running your mouth off" and you just go, just shot me." 9. Film clip - 'Blood Work' 10. SOT (English) Wanda De Jesus: "Standing in front of Mr Eastwood, for a second I'd have to pull back and say "my God he's a legend." But Clint is so unassuming and so down to earth and loves making films and respects actors that it was kind of not difficult to do my job." 11. SOT (English) Paul Rodriguez: "And the fact in real life and in the movie he gets the most beautiful Hispanic woman and all I get is Dylan Walsh, whose not bad looking but he's not my type - blood type that is - that didn't lead to a lot of friendliness." 12.Film clip - 'Blood Work' STORYLINE: NEW THRILLER MAKES CLINT'S DAY Hollywood veteran CLINT EASTWOOD is back chasing baddies with a new film, 'Blood Work.' The suspense thriller stars Eastwood as retired FBI agent Terry McCaleb, who is pressed back into service to catch a serial killer. Eastwood's character has serious health problems. The FBI profiler suffers a heart attack, and is cared for by his no-nonsense cardiologist played by Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston. But Eastwood's character feels compelled to risk his own life to try to catch the killer. The term 'Blood Work' refers to how FBI agents in the bureau serial killer unit describe their job. Blood debts must be paid in blood. 'Blood Work' is based on the 1988 novel of the same title by Michael Connelly. The book is inspired by a true story. The movie opens pre-transplant, with McCaleb working the scene of a serial killer's latest murder; as usual, the perpetrator has written a message in blood, imploring McCaleb to catch him. The killer gives his pursuer a fighting chance, waiting in the media throng outside the crime scene. McCaleb gives chase, but is felled by a massive coronary. Two years later, having survived the wait for a transplant, McCaleb is recuperating in peace aboard his houseboat when the movie's central gimmick arrives in the form of Graciella Rivers (WANDA DE JESUS), who informs McCaleb that he got her sister's heart after she was shot to death in a convenience store robbery. Comic PAUL RODRIGUEZ and Dylan Walsh play a jealous, bitter police detectives who try and thwart McCaleb. But with help from his boat-bum neighbour ( JEFF DANIELS - 'Dumb & Dumber') and a Los Angeles County detective with whom he has a romantic history (Tina Lifford), McCaleb quickly finds unusual details in the killing and links it to another seemingly random stickup homicide. And his personal connection to the victim takes his work in unexpected directions. The majority of the film was shot on location in California, with a few scenes shot on the Warner Brothers Studios lot. Indeed, Eastwood's one-time TV anchor wife-turned mom, Dina Ruiz, 37, plays a reporter in the movie. At 72, Eastwood, who also produced and directed 'Bloodwork,' is showing no signs of slowing down yet. He has starred in 44 films, directed 18, and produced 23. He has won a plethora of awards including 9 Oscars for his western 'Unforgiven.' CLEARANCE DETAILS Bloodwork Warner Bros 1 818 977 6278