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France Beach (V) - VOICED City closes road to make beach area
TAPE: EF02/0615 IN_TIME: 22:22:39 DURATION: 1:10 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Paris, July 21 VOICED BY LOUISE BATES SHOTLIST: 0000 Sunbathers next to river 0004 Close up woman sunbathing 0007 Sunbathers 0009 Wide shot Seine, pan to sunbathers 0015 Paris Plage sign with river in background 0019 Wide shot river and crowd walking along road 0022 Tilt down palm tree to sunbather 0028 Close up sunbather 0031 Tilt up girl playing in sand 0015 Sunbather reading book 0038 Man sleeping with guitar 0040 SOUNDBITE (English) Vox pop 0058 Close up feet 0101 Couple with dog 0105 Wide shot people walking along promenade 0110 VISION ENDS STORYLINE Thousands of people flocked to the banks of the River Seine in Paris on Sunday for the first day of "Paris Plage." The northern banks of the Seine, usually a major thoroughfare, were closed to traffic and transformed into an urban beach. It is the brainchild of the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, as a way of providing a getaway for local Parisians and tourists alike right in the heart of the city. VOICE-OVER: 0003 Sun, sand and that certain je ne sais quoi - it could only be the French Riviera - or could it? While many Parisians are heading south for their holidays, those left behind now have the chance to enjoy a little seaside life right on their doorstep. 0018 On Sunday city authorities opened what they've called the "Paris Beach", transforming a stretch of road along the River Seine. Instead of tailbacks, there's palm trees and sun loungers. Tonnes of sand have been dumped at two spots along the road to create small beaches. 0035 The only thing missing was the sea. But that didn't seem to bother those who showed up. 0040 SOUNDBITE (English) Vox pop: "I'm having a fabulous time, this is great. Can you imagine? I'm in Paris, France, I'm on a sandy beach, I have Notre Dame in front of me that's going to sound off in 15 minutes. It's beautiful, I'm getting suntanned, I have my Coke in my hand, I'm a happy guy." 0058 The site will be open for another month. And if it proves to be successful, the Paris Beach could become an annual fixture.