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Entertainment Americas: UK Mercedes Movie - Mercedes unveil its star-studded ad campaign
TAPE: EF02/0579 IN_TIME: 20:50:44 DURATION: 3:31 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/clips without clearance DATELINE: 8th July 2002 SHOTLIST: IMPORTANT: U.K. CLIENTS ONLY / NO ACCESS OUTSIDE OF U.K. 1. Trailer - Mercedes-Benz. 2. SOT: Michael Mann with CA to B roll of the car - "This concept of the story and working with Benicio and then also this car. I have an affection for this car because it reminds me of the 300 SL when I was kid and every once in a while on the streets of Chicago you would see it. It has kind of a romantic resonance. " 3. B roll of the car. 4. SOT: Benicio Del Toro with CA to B roll of the car - "If you really look at it and listen to the story you will put it together, and it is a great machine, a Mercedes Benz you know. 5. B roll of the car driving. 6. SOT: Richard Payne (Communications Manager of Mercedes-Benz) - "Very early on it was proposed to us that we work with Michael Mann. The first name, our hero , our driver was Benicio Del Toro. Some months ago we hardly dared belive that that would come into fruition. but here we are working with Michael Mann and Benicio." 7. B roll of the car. STORYLINE: MERCEDES AT THE MOVIES After B.M.W.'s recent foray into short films, Mercedes Benz have decided to follow suit and build an ad campaign around a mini-movie. They have recruited Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro and Oscar-nominated director Michael Mann to star and direct a special trailer that purports to be a promo for an upcoming film called Lucky Star. However, it is, in fact, a commercial for the new range of SL sports cars. The "trailer" is currently showing on television and in cinemas. The ad has Del Toro playing Mr. H, a.k.a. The Luckiest Man Alive. Everything he touches turns to gold and no-one can explain it, which is why he is constantly chased by a mysterious government organisation, led by The Inquisitor. Rival firm B.M.W. had success recently when it got Brit actor Clive Owen to star in a series of short movies directed by famous directors like Guy Ritchie and the late John Frankenheimer. Mercedes could be going one stage further, though. The company admits that the promo could be turned into a full-length movie. Director Mann - who most recently helmed boxing biopic Ali - says: "The picture itself I can almost imagine as a complete motion picture. It feels like Kiss Me Deadly which was made I think in 1956."