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Argentina Clashes 2 - WRAP Clashes between police and jobless protestors
TAPE: EF02/0544 IN_TIME: 22:12:58 DURATION: 1:51 SOURCES: RCN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Buenos Aires - 26 June 2002 SHOTLIST: 1. Masked protestors running away as tear gas is fired 2. Clouds of tear gas with police firing and protestors running 3. Riot police with shields pans to TV crew crouching down 4. Clouds of tear gas 5. Line of riot police 6. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Woman voxpop: "The President of the Argentinians needs to do something. This is a clash of the poor against the poor, we are in bad shape people, in bad shape. Look at what they've done to us, look at the truck. We are working people, working all the time." 7. Pans off woman during soundbite and reveals smashed up car 8. Line of riot police 9. Distant shot of protestors 10. Pans past reporter to line of riot police and on to protestors STORYLINE: Two demonstrators died when Argentinian police and soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of jobless workers who blockaded highways in Buenos Aires on Wednesday to protest the economic crisis. The protesters were barricading a key highway bridge in southern Buenos Aires. At least 60 arrests were reported by local news agency Diario sy Noticias as police broke up the demonstration shortly before midday at the Pueyrredon bridge connecting the capital's north and south. Masked demonstrators responded to the volleys of police tear gas and rubber bullets with a hail of rocks and smashed windows in cars, shops and local banks with homemade clubs. One bus was also set ablaze. The demonstrations came on a day when jobless picketers also blocked other access routes to the capital, defying recent government pledges to use force if necessary to maintain public order. The caretaker government of President Eduardo Duhalde had warned protesters in recent days to exercise restraint, warning it would not hesitate to use force to keep the peace. Road blockades and protests against the government's handling of a four-year-old recession have become near daily events across Argentina since the crisis exploded last December into street riots that claimed 29 lives.