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Mexico US - US congressional leaders meet Mexican counterparts
TAPE: EF02/0420 IN_TIME: 22:12:44 DURATION: 2:30 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: 17 May 2002 SHOTLIST: Recent 1. Wide of Guanajuato 2. Wide University of Guanajuato May 17, 2002 3. US Ambassador to Mexico Jeffrey Davidow (in white shirt) and Mexico's Ambassador to US Juan Jose Bremen 4. Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, head of Mexico's Congressional delegation, talking to other delegates 5. Mexican and US flags 6. Representative Jim Kolbe, head of US delegation 7. Inauguration ceremony 8. Legislators listening 9. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, PAN, head of Mexican delegation: "Let's examine together how to preserve our resources, and what our resources are, before we start fighting about a water that does not exist. No one should be forced to deliver the impossible." File 10. Zoom back Rio Bravo 11. Close up pipe pouring water May 16, 2002 12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Representative Charles Stenholm (Democrat, Texas): "I can't stand here and tell you who's got water and who doesn't. But I can tell you that our two countries are working together to determine a middle ground approach to it and if we don't do it it will spill over into other issues that will not be helpful to the spirit of this conference that we have here and the spirit that President Bush and President Fox are attempting to get our two countries on that kind of solid friendship". File 13. Wide of man attempting to cross border and then running away chased by US border patrol 14. Mexicans sitting on border 15. Wide of man being arrested by Rio Bravo May 17, 2002 16. SOUNDBITE: (English) Rep. Howard Berman, Democrat California: "There are many of us in Congress who are working hard to make some progress on that . And the fact that very little has happened so far should not be a cause for despair. I still have hopes that we can accomplish more even in this session of congress." Recent 17. Wide tractor of field 18. Mexican agricultural workers May 17, 2002 19. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Gustavo Carvajal, PRI, Congressman: "Next year there will be a total opening of our borders and at the same time the US is going to subsidise its farmers while asking us not to do it. That will finish Mexico's agriculture. So we need to reach some agreements to guarantee our products in the US. I think it is better to export products than people." 20. Representatives entering working session 20 Representatives during working session 21. Wide of working session Recent 22. Aerial shot of Guanajuato's church STORYLINE: Mexican and US congressmen started a two-day meeting in Guanajuato, Mexico, on Friday to discuss a wide range of common issues such as water sharing programmes, migration and free trade. This meeting takes place every year, but this time the stakes are higher: the migration deal promised by President George W. Bush was put on hold after the September 11 attacks and Mexico is struggling lo live up to its commitments regarding a 1944 water sharing agreement. The Mexican delegation expects to put some pressure on their counterparts to finalise a deal on the delicate issue of regularising at least three million Mexicans living illegally in the US. In Mexico there is a feeling that after the September 11 attacks the migration deal has been displaced by safety issues in the US. Some US representatives here acknowledged the need to tackle the problem and expect to reach an agreement before the end of the year. On their part, the US representatives, above all those from border states like Texas or Arizona, want to analyse how Mexico is going to pay their water debt, established in a 1994 water sharing accord. The agreement says Mexico will give the US water from the Rio Bravo in exchange for water from the Rio Colorado, but it has been unable to do so in the last few years. Both sides of the border are suffering from a drought that is threatening the delivery of water for agriculture and even for human consumption in some communities.