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Entertainment Asia: Dudley Moore Dies 2 - Actor Dudley Moore dies at home in New Jersey
TAPE: EF02/0257 IN_TIME: 07:04:00 DURATION: 5:17 SOURCES: APTN/ABC RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/clips without clearance DATELINE: Los Angeles 27 March 2002/ file SHOTLIST APTN File Moore's friends gather to wish him happy birthday - New York, USA 16 April 2001 - 1. Tilt down ext Carnegie Hall 2. CU sign Carnegie Hall (marquee) 3. WS Dudley Moore and friends 4. CU Dudley Moore 5. CU birthday cake 6. B-roll Bo Derek and Chevy Chase 7. SOT BO DEREK (on being close to Dudley) - "Well you know we went through an incredible life changing experience together, that rarely happens in this business and we've been really close for 22 years now." 8. B-roll Chevy Chase 9. SOT CHEVY CHASE (on Dudley being all rounder) - "It's hard to describe what it's like when someone like Dudley Moore or Ernie Kovacs... there are so few who are physically so good and men for all seasons who can do so much and there are so few that can make me laugh, actually belly laugh, without canned laughter in the background, he's one of those." 10. B-roll Mary Tyler Moore 11. B-roll Lauren Bacall & Barbara Walters 12. SOT MARY TYLER MOORE (on having fun making 'Six Weeks' with Dudley) - "I don't remember any specific moment but they were all wonderful times and we loved each other. He and Tony, Bill the director and I and whoever else was available would go out to dinner every night after we finished... we didn't really want to say good bye." 13. Group sing 'Happy Birthday' to Dudley ABC Footage 14. Clip - "Arthur" (courtesy: Warner Home Video) 15. Clip - "Not only but also" (courtesy: "Not only but also") 16. Clip - "Ten" (courtesy: Warner Home Video) 17. SOT (English) Blake Edwards, Director of "Ten": "He lives in a state of constant humour." 18. Cutaway people watching Moore play piano in movie "Ten" 19. Mid shot Moore on stage playing piano in Australia, 1996 20. Wide shot from above, Moore on stage in Australia 21. Mid shot Moore on stage playing piano in Australia APTN 27th March 2002 22 SOT BO DEREK on how Dudley would have liked to be remembered:"Although music was the most important thing to him and he was so generous with arts education and trying to pass along his passion for music to children and to other people. So I would suspect that what would make him the happiest is that we remember his music. He was a brilliant pianist, he was an amazing composer and I think that was his real passion and that was the real tragedy about his disease. Supranuclear palsy is degenerative. There is no cure, he knew that, yet he was still so brave, so courageous, so focussed on finding a cure, still sharing his passion for music. He was a very brave man to the end." ABC 1999 23. Close up Moore's face as he walks 24. Doctor looking at images of Moore's brain 25. Close up one image of Moore's brain 26. SOUNDBITE (English) Dudley Moore, Actor Comedian: "I am trapped in this body and there's nothing I can do about it." 27. Mid shot Moore, zoom in to close up of face APTN 27th March 2002 28 SOT BO DEREK on having films to remember Dudley by: "You know, sometimes you don't know the real person watching them in films, but from what I know of Dudley, you did see Dudley in his work and in his films and I think that's why people loved him from the minute they saw him on the screen. He was a loveable person, he was so dear, he was so sweet. The most incredible expressions came out of his eyes and you did see them in his films. That's nice for us - for anyone who loved him I think it's great we have his films so we can watch him and get a sense of him." 29. Clip - "Arthur" DUDLEY MOORE DIES AT SIXTY-SIX British born actor Dudley Moore, who became an unlikely Hollywood heart-throb portraying a cuddly pipsqueak whose charm melted hearts in '10' and 'Arthur,' died Wednesday (27MAR02) at his home in New Jersey, a spokeswoman said. He was 66. His publicist said that he died at 11 a.m. EST (1600 GMT) at his home in New Jersey in the US. Publicist Michelle Bega said Moore died of pneumonia as a complication of progressive supranuclear palsy. The star had been suffering from the degenerative brain condition for a number of years. Speaking late on Wednesday after hearing the news of his death, Moore's close friend and former co-star BO DEREK paid tribute to the actor, calling him a 'very brave man', whom she believes he would most like to be remembered for his talent and passion for music. Derek went on to say that unlike some actors, Moore always seemed true to his real self on screen, offering a 'great sense of him' through his various movie roles. There was more than a touch of autobiography in the film Moore and Derek made together, '10', possibly Moore's best known movie. The 1979 film saw Moore play a musician determined to marry a perfect woman. But the happy ending eluded him in real life with four marriages ending in divorce. He confessed to being driven by feelings of inferiority about his working-class origins in Dagenham, East London, and because of his short height of five feet, 2 1/2 inches (156 centimeters). Music was Moore's entree into public performance, first as a chorister and organist in his parish church in Dagenham and then in 1960 as a young Oxford graduate recruited for the hit four-man comedy review "Beyond the Fringe." Through this work, Moore formed a firm friendship with comic Peter Cook and later teamed on television as Dud and Pete on "Not Only ... but Also," a sketch comedy series. After a number of other successes on stage and screen, Cook returned to England but Moore settled in Southern California, where he met the director Blake Edwards in a therapy group. It was Edwards who directed '10' the film that established Moore as a Hollywood star. Two years later, he had another hit role: 'Arthur,' playing a rich drunk who falls for Liza Minnelli. That marked the peak of Moore's film career, though he made several more films including a sequel to 'Arthur' in 1988. Throughout his life, music was to feature as an important aspect of Moore's abilities, both as a jazz pianist and as a parodist.