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Entertainment Daily: Mariah Carey - A look back at the sacked diva's career
TAPE: EF02/0005 IN_TIME: 14:16:35 DURATION: 7:14 SOURCES: APTN/various RESTRICTIONS: music video/performance rights must be cleared DATELINE: November 2001/file SHOTLIST 1. Clip video 'Loverboy' Mariah Carey 2. SOT MARIAH CAREY: "Music wa always a form of escapism for me and whatever was going on I could make up a melody in my head., I could go and sing, and that was my special little thing that I kept to myself. " 3. B-roll Carey just before breakdown (APTN File) 4. SOT MARIAH CAREY on haters "We are all living in the moment of being positive and there are people called haters, no, no, Cindy one more thing... and we give them positivity. See I can't even get a minute." 5. EXT VS hospital 6. VS premiere of 'Glitter' -Sept '01 7. b-roll Carey at premiere 'Sept '01 8. SOT Carey on support of fans & breakdown Sept '01: " We are expected to be perfect and we are not perfect, we are human beings. I am far from perfect, I am still learning, I overworked myself and I paid the price but my fans helped me through it and that is why I am here tonight and I am grateful to be alive." 9. Clip film 'Glitter' (courtesy 20th Century Fox/Columbia Tristar/Sony Pictures) 10. Clip video 'Hero', 1993 11 b-roll carey (1996) 12. Clip video 'Fantasy' 1995 13. b-roll Carey with fans at signing, 1997 14 B-roll Carey photo call for 'Honey' 1997 15. clip video 'Honey' 1997 16. B-roll Carey, World Music Awards, (APTN file 1998) 17. SOT MARIAH CAREY on being a legend (World Music Awards, APTN file 1998): "I don't feel like a legend I feel like I have just worked really hard doing what I am doing, and I am continuing to work hard, if not harder now to really try and maintain what I have accomplished and to go further so I am grateful to be here and just hope to continue to grow, that's all. It is definitely not like 'I am a legend', I don't look at myself like that." 18.Clip Video 'Amor Amor Amor', Luis Miguel 19. b-roll Luis Miguel at press conference, Miami Beach (APTN November 2001) 20. SOT LUIS MIGUEL (Spanish) refusing to answer questions about Mariah: " No, I don't talk about things like that." 21. Clip video 'Loverboy', Mariah Carey 22. SOT MARIAH CAREY on healing power of music (APTN file, 1998): " You can never change where you came from, but doing what I am do allows me a creative outlet to put some of the emotional stuff out and it is a healing process in a lot of ways." 23. Clip video 'Loverboy', Mariah Carey CAREY'S CAREER CRASHES All that glitters is not gold for Virgin Records who are poised to cut their losses in spectacular style when they pay off troubled diva Mariah Carey. After widespread media speculation, the singer is set to leave Virgin Records in a deal that will net the star $50 million in compensation. According to the New York Post, lawyers acting for Carey have secured the deal which will make her a free agent following just nine months of work for her new label. Virgin's five-album $100 million deal broken all previous records last year after her bitter split with Sony records but her latest album 'Glitter' failed to meet sales expectations and the film of the same name was a box office disaster. Meanwhile, the star behaviour became increasingly bizarre until she was eventually hospitalised due to mental and physical breakdown in July. According to the Post, Carey's US spokeswoman was unable to elaborate further on the developments. Whilst the stretch-limo load of cash will no doubt soothe the fact that Carey has been sacked, the fact is that 2001 was an awful year for the 31-year-old singer. How the insecure and sometimes difficult star must hanker for those glory days when she was the biggest female artist of the 90s, selling more than 140 million albums worldwide and putting out a near-unending string of hits including 'Heartbreaker,' 'Fantasy' and 'Always Be My Baby,' and winning two Grammys. She rose to superstardom on the strength of her stunning five-octave voice; an elastic talent who moved easily from glossy ballads to hip-hop-inspired dance-pop. Born in New York to mixed race parents, she was discovered as an 18-year-old by the Sony svengali Tommy Mottola, who signed the high-powered singer after hearing her demo tape at a party, he later married Carey (20 years his junior) in 1993. But their professional relationship lasted longer than their wedded bliss. The dysfuntional nature was referred to in the semi-autobiographical movie, 'Glitter', and Carey and Mottola divorced in 1998. She has now claimed to have found happiness with new partner Luis Miguel. 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