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Entertainment Daily: Novocaine - Steve Martin plays a dentist accused of murder in this comedy
TAPE: EF01/0732 IN_TIME: 13:35:45 DURATION: 4:04 SOURCES: APTN/Artisan Entertainment RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/tv clips without clearance DATELINE: Toronto SHOTLIST 1. Film clip Trailer - 'Novocaine' 2. SOT Steve Martin - "It's sort of the definition of normalcy, the dentist. Of course like everybody there is a deep underlife going on of desire and lust." 3. Film clip 'Novocaine' 4. SOT David Atkins, Director - "What's exciting about this film is to take an ordinary mand and put him in extraordinary circumstances and see how he gets out of it. I find that anti-hero very interesting." 5. Film clip 'Novocaine' 6. SOT Steve Martin (on people being worried that he's playing a straight role) - "I haven't had that much, it's mostly the studio that worries about that and I think 'well what did you hire me'." 7. SOT David Atkins (on using Steve Martin to keep people guessing) - "I wanted the audience to sit down and go on this wild ride but keep it constantly unpredictable so you think you are going in one direction but actually you are going in the other. Then you are walking down the hall and there is two doors and you think you are going to go in A and no you go in B. In that way casting Steve Martin where everyone has preconceived notions of his work. Into this role as an ordinary man who is very human, he's not perfect, he makes mistakes and they get him in to a snowballing spiral, is part of that whole idea." 8. Film clip 'Novocaine' 9. SOT David Atkins - "This film is about in a way debunking the myth of the American Dream. I am interested in the underbelly of the American Dream. Here is a guy who is living the American Dream, he has it all, he's got the beautiful house and the beautiful fiance, everything. Yet underneath this perfect surface there is rot afoot, just like a rotted tooth." 10. Clip trailer 'Novocaine' STEVE MARTIN PLAYS STRAIGHT MAN IN INDIE MOVIE "NOVOCAINE" That wild and crazy guy Steve Martin isn't known for his dramatic roles. Films in which he's veered into serious acting territory ('A Simple Twist of Fate', 'Leap of Faith') have tended to fall flat at the box office. But having been buoyed by the recent success of his comedy 'Bowfinger', he's ventured back into drama with the new indie flick 'Novocaine'. In a perhaps unusual role for the wacky comedian, Martin ('Roxanne', 'Bowfinger') plays a quiet dentist, Frank Sangster, living in a Chicago suburb whose life gets turned upside down by his involvement with one of his patients. Susan Ivey, played by Helena Bonham Carter ('Fight Club', 'Planet of the Apes') is the drug-addicted patient the dentist falls for. He finds himself trapped in a web of lies to cover for her, as well as getting himself mixed up in a world of drugs and crime, forcing him to betray his fiancee (Laura Dern) and landing him as the main suspect in a local murder. Throughout his career, Martin has played a range of roles. But, he is best known for his comedic characters in such films as 'The Jerk', 'Roxanne', 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' and the 1999 movie, 'Bowfinger', which he also wrote. Helena Bonham Carter may have started her movie career in period pieces like 'A Room With A View', but after starring in 'Planet of the Apes', she seems to be showing a predisposition for appearance-changing roles. In 'Novocaine' she dons a set of fake teeth. The film's directed by Canadian David Atkins, who wrote the Johnny Depp film 'Arizona Dream'. FILM CLIP DETAILS Novocaine Artisan Entertainment 1 310 449 9200