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Entertainment Daily: American Pie 2 - The sexually frustrated youngsters party on at Deauville
TAPE: EF01/0654 IN_TIME: 13:31:40 DURATION: 4:21 SOURCES: APTN/Universal Pictures RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/tv clips without clearance DATELINE: Deauville, France. 2/9/01 SHOTLIST Clip - 'American Pie 2' Sot- Tara Reid - on the movie being helped by innocence - "There is an innocence about it. There is an innocence about not knowing. There is an innocence about hurting over a relationship or liking a girl or not liking a girl, or getting the guy or not getting the guy. That never changes even as an adult. So I think that with even the gross out humor in it, that's what makes it really funny, kind of because of the innocence. It's kind of a double whammy." Clip - 'American Pie 2' Sot Shannon Elizabeth - on success of first movie - "It portrayed girls in a different light too. It made the girls much stronger. In other films the girls are the pawn and I think the first film the girls were stronger than the guys in a lot of ways and I think teenagers, especially teenage girls love that, they can relate to that. That helped as well." Clip - 'American Pie 2' Sot - Sean William Scott - on his character - "I was pretty shy in school and I had a lot of great friends and in a sense I was an athelete so I could relate in that way. I took Stifler from guys that I went to school with that had qualities that I thought were a lot of fun and I thought would be interesting but obviously some of that was unlikeable. I always felt like you have to be the guy that truly believed in what he said, and if he did that without the intention of hurting somebody, with his words, I thought that would be somewhat acceptable." B-Roll Tara Reid at Party at Deauville Film Festival, France B-Roll Seann William Scott at same B-Roll Jason Biggs B-Roll Seann William Scott chats up women inside party Clip - 'American Pie 2' SOT Jason Biggs - "I believe that American Pie for this generation is very much like 'Animal House' or 'Porkies' was for their generations. Movies about teenagers that are essentially unedited." Clip - 'American Pie 2' SECOND HELPING OF AMERICAN PIE Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Tara Reid, and Shannon Elizabeth have all returned for a second helping of American Pie and to mark the European launch the youngsters held a party at the Deauville Film Festival in France. "American Pie 2" has proved to be just as successful as the first gross-out comedy in North America taking over $110 million at the US box office. Now the gang of sexually frustrated teenagers is coming to take over Europe. The original 1999 movie achieved cult status with young movie goers who saw their own life experiences, or at least those they wished they'd had, mirrored in the wild adventures of the coming-of-age movie. But that was high school and as the audience ages so must the characters. Thus in 'American Pie 2' they've just finished their freshman year at college and are off to a summer -long beach party by the lake to find out more about their sexuality. Or, as it turns out, to just find more sex. The plot revolves around the characters from the last film and their individual quests to quench their lustful urges. Jim (Jason Biggs) is still hopeless with the girls, and his liberal-minded father (Eugene Levy) is still trying too hard to help. Stifler (Seann William Scott) is still unable to keep his urges to himself, while the geeky Sherman (Chris Owen) has dubbed himself the Shermanator. Oz (Chris Klein) is free-er than he'd like after his girlfriend Heather (Mena Suvari) takes off to Europe. Finch's (Eddie Kaye Thomas) fixation with sex leads him to the practice of Tantric yoga which he claims can induce hour-long orgasms, while Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) can't get over his breakup with the gorgeous Vicky (Tara Reid). But it's not all about the guys. According to the publicity, the women in the movie want to have fun and they want adventure...They're ready for shenanigans with the guys, but they're not about to be taken for granted. Which, according to one reviewer, just means they're as uncontrollably horny as the guys. One question on everyone's mind is what will, or could, take the place of the apple pie set piece of the original? Well, it involves glue, a bedtime activity - and a lot of laughter and pain. 'American Pie 2' goes on release in Israel today and will be in cinemas across Europe during October. FILM CLIP DETAILS American Pie 2 Universal Pictures 1 818 777 1000