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US Flights - REPLAY: First flights land at Los Angeles and Dallas airports.
TAPE: 000000 IN_TIME: 00:00:00 DURATION: 2:13 SOURCES: ABC RESTRICTIONS: No Access North America/CBC/Internet DATELINE: Los Angeles/Dallas - 13 September 2001 SHOTLIST: Los Angeles 1. Wide shot of Alitalia plane on domestic flight coming in to land at Los Angeles airport, then taxiing on tarmac 2. Plane taxiing in, comes into view past buildings and goes behind buildings 3. Control tower, tilt down to plane 4. Ground crew with cargo vehicles 5. Ground crew boarding plane 6. Wide shot ground crew boarding plane 7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Angelica Bridges, Passenger "People were just in shock and we did spend two days in Calgary, and the Canadian people were so wonderful to us, they couldn't have done more." 8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Raymond Civetello, Passenger "The reason that would happen is because of a terrorist attack - after 20 years in the military you know that's the only thing that would do it. And then I called my wife and she confirmed it and it's one of those disbelief things." 9. Wide shot of rear of aircraft Dallas 10. Wide shot of plane taxiing along runway after landing at airport STORYLINE: Limited flights resumed in the U-S on Thursday afternoon in the wake of Tuesday's nationwide grounding of all flights following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. An Alitalia flight originating in Milan had been diverted to Calgary, Canada, on Tuesday, and passengers had been stranded there since then. On Thursday the 147 adults and three children on board, along with 12 crew, were finally on their way home to Los Angeles where they touched down in the morning. It was the first arrival of an airliner carrying passengers in California since Tuesday's shutdown. Two dozen police officers stood watch inside the international terminal as the jet rolled in. U-S citizens on board Alitalia Flight 6-2-2 told of their shock and disbelief at hearing the news of the atrocities, but said the Canadian people had been very kind to them during their unscheduled stopover. Officials earlier warned the thousands of travellers stranded in California to stay away from all airports unless they had airline flight confirmations, and then to expect long delays, stringent checks and an extensive uniformed and undercover police presence. The return to operations was slow, with only about a dozen passenger flights diverted to Canada, Mexico and Hawaii expected to arrive on Thursday. Los Angeles International Airport and Ontario International Airport to the east were to officially open at noon, but on an extremely limited basis, said Lydia Kennard, executive director of Los Angeles World Airports. Tightened security included the end of curbside baggage check-in, only passengers with tickets or flight confirmations allowed past terminal checkpoints, extensive bag searches and further limits on items that may be taken aboard planes.