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Entertainment Daily: V2001 - The highlights of Saturday's V2001 in Chelmsford
TAPE: EF01/0602 IN_TIME: 13:43:04 DURATION: 6:25 SOURCES: APTN/Columbia/Universal/BMG RESTRICTIONS: music video/performance rights must be cleared DATELINE: Chelmsford, UK, August 18th 2001 SHOTLIST 1. WS festival goers arriving through gates 2. Up shot of arriving festival goers 3. Pan of crowds at beginning of day 4. WS 'Brain Machine' tent 5. Pan from poster to girl wearing goggles 6. MS tea ladies 7. GV woman on stilts 8. WS children bemused by moving wheely bin 9. Pan of crowds 10. Cutaway girl 11. SOT voxpop - "It's brilliant really, the weather is not too good but everyone is having a good time, enjoying themselves, having a few drinks and having a laugh really." 12. SOT voxpop - "Some of our friends came last year for the day and they said it was really good. We didn't come last year and said next year we would definitely come but it's better than I imagined it would be. We came for the weekend so we've got tomorrow as well." 13. B-roll Wheatus walking 14. SOT Wheatus - on playing at festivals - "It's actually quite a privilege to play with a lot of acts here today who we look up to and to get a sense of what their fans are like and see if they like us. It's like meeting a new person when you play in front of somebody else's fans. It's that awkward interaction before you decide whether or not you are going to like each other." Columbia Records footage 15. Video clip 'A Little Respect' by Wheatus APTN footage 16. B-roll Wheatus 17. SOT Wheatus - on playing live - "We are a lot less polished than our videos, we are a lot dirtier, not necessarily heavier, but dirtier live. There's a certain kind of energy level that we try to bring ourselves and the audience to during our set, but the main focus is the story telling of the songs." 18. B-roll people dancing to Faithless 19. SOT Sister Bliss (Faithless) - on playing live - "The live show fits the occasion, we strip everything back and make it raw, often a lot more punky I think than the records we make. It's a very charged emotional thing. I think some of Faithless style on record is a lot more laid back than on live shows. It's almost like doing a special live remix for the live situation." Cheeky/Arista Records 20. Video clip 'We Come 1' by Faithless 21. SOT Maxi Jazz (Faithless) - on riots in Genoa - "Maybe you don't want to hear my political opinions, I'd be one of the ones sitting on the streets of Genoa getting hit by a policeman. I saw some of that, did you see it? You can't believe that a grown man of 25, just because he's got a helmet and visor on, can not make out the difference between a woman sitting on the floor, I saw this woman sat on the floor take one massive... she just fell down like that, and then 2 more people went past and as they went past they gave her one too. Shocking." 22. B-roll JJ-72 23. B-roll Avalanches MCA Records 24. Video clip 'One To Another' by The Charlatans 25. SOT Tim Burgess - on keyboarder Tony Rogers being diagnosed as having testicular cancer - "When I first heard about it I was physically sick and so it effects your emotions really bad but I don't know really, we've just got to hope for the best. The odds are pretty good for getting rid of it." Universal Records 26. Video clip 'Like A Bird' by Nelly Furtado APTN Material 27. SOT Nelly Furtado - on festivals - "I was nervous, I played 'Tea in the Park' in Scotland but the crowd was smaller because it was in the tent. This is the main stage, my first main stage. The crowd was really great though, really great." 28. Pull focus from rain pouring off tent to crowds with umbrellas 29. WS robot walks into the tent 30. two people with inflatable chairs on their heads 31. WS grounds with rain TENS OF THOUSANDS TURN OUT FOR V2001 Tens of thousands of people turned out for the annual 'V' music extravaganza at the weekend, to see international stars including Nelly Furtado, Kylie Minogue, Wheatus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Texas, Spooks and The Charlatans. V2001 is held in two cities on the same weekend, one in Leeds in the north of England and the other just outside London in Chelmsford, Essex. The acts on each day's entire bill swap locations, so the Saturday acts in Chelmsford play in Leeds on Sunday, and vice versa. APTN went to the Chelmsford site on Saturday to check out the festival, and talk to the stars that have attracted all the crowds. Indie band THE CHARLATANS once again played a festival crowd under a shadow. In 1996 they kept their performance commitments despite the death of their keyboard player Rob Collins, in a car accident. This year, the band confirmed their current keyboardist Tony Rogers has cancer. The 35-year-old was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the end of June and has been receiving treatment in a private clinic in the West Midlands. He has undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy and has been responding to treatment well according to the band. The band were one of the headline acts, along with Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Texas and Coldplay. The latter two acts are making their return, with Texas having played in 1998, and Coldplay in 2000. Faithless, who caused controversy earlier this year, when the video for the single 'We Come 1' illustrated many young people clashing with police very much like the anti-capitalist protests, spoke out about police brutality in Genoa recently. Maxi Jazz said: "You can't believe that a grown man of 25, just because he's got a helmet and visor on, can not make out the difference between a woman sitting on the floor, I saw this woman sat on the floor take one massive... she just fell down and then 2 more people went past and as they went past they gave her one too. Shocking!" Other bands facing the crowds included NELLY FURTADO and WHEATUS, both delighted to be part of the festival. However, rain later in the day on Saturday failed to hamper the spirits of the crowds, even when it continued well into Sunday. Other stars include David Gray, JJ-72, The Avalanches, ex-Crowded House frontman Neil Finn and Doves. The day was marred, however, when man was arrested on suspicion of raping a 16-year-old girl in a beer tent during the pop festival, police said today. The girl,alleges she was raped in the Carling beer tent at the event in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, in the early hours of Sunday morning, a spokesman for Essex Police said. MUSIC CLEARANCE DETAILS TITLE: A Little Respect ARTIST: Wheatus WRITER: Clarke/Bell PUBLISHER: Sony Music LABEL: Columbia Records TITLE: We Come 1 ARTIST: Faithless WRITER: Armstrong/Bentovim/Fraser PUBLISHER: Warner / BMG / Champion LABEL: BMG TITLE: One To Another ARTIST: Charlatans LABEL: MCA Records TITLE: Like A Bird ARTIST: Nelly Furtado WRITER: Furtado PUBLISHER: EMI LABEL: Universal