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Entertainment Daily: Penelope Cruz - EXCLUSIVE: Penelope Cruz's uncle confirms she's in love with Tom
TAPE: EF01/0596 IN_TIME: 13:25:44 DURATION: 2:40 SOURCES: Korpa/E!/VNR/APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Madrid, 16th August 2001 SHOTLIST E! Entertainment material 1. GVs Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz at Captain Corelli's Mandolin premiere, Los Angeles Korpa material 2. B-roll Manuel Cruz (Penelope Cruz's uncle) 3. SOT Manuel Cruz: "She's very happy, very content. The relationship is definite and she is very very well." Reporter: "Has she fallen in love with Tom Cruise?" SOT Manuel Cruz: "She is in love. Penelope is someone who gives her all when she's in love with someone, and she's very much in love with him." APTN Material 4. B-roll Cruz at the Captain Corelli's Mandolin premiere in London VNR Material 5. B-roll photocall at the Cannes Film Festival 2000 for "Woman on Top" Korpa Material 6. SOT Manuel Cruz:: "The family, we are very happy. For us, it doesn't matter if it was Tom Cruise or someone else. It's more important that she's happy and she is happy and we the family are happy for her." APTN Material 7. B-roll Tom Cruise at 'The Others' premiere 8. B-roll Nicole Kidman at 'The Others' premiere Korpa Material 9. SOT Manuel Cruz: Reporter: "Why are people saying it's a sham?" SOT Manuel Cruz: "This is almost like unachievable for Spain and everyone in the world because the whole world knows about him and it might look like a scam but it's not, it's definitely real." E! Entertainment material 10. MS Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz at Captain Corelli's Mandonlin premiere CRUISE AND CRUZ: IT'S TRUE LOVE It's official, showbiz's hottest couple, hunk Tom Cruise and Latino beauty Penelope Cruz, are in love. Manuel Cruz, the actress's uncle, has exclusively revealed to APTN that the screen stars are involved in a serious relationship. "She's very much in love with him," he told APTN. Mr Cruz, who lives in Madrid, added that family were delighted. He also scotched rumours that the celebrity couple were involved in an intricate PR stunt. "It's definitely real", he confirmed. Superstar Tom Cruise, 39, went public with Penelope Cruz, 27, as they attended the Los Angeles premiere of her new film, "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", earlier this week. It was the first time the couple have attended a public event together since Cruise's marriage split emerged. Cruise, whose divorce from Nicole Kidman was finalised last week, whispered intimately to the Spanish star as they paraded for the cameras at the Beverly Hills screening. But neither have gone on the record about their burgeoning affair, leaving to Penelope's uncle to break the silence. The pair became close as they worked on the movie 'Vanilla Sky', shortly before Cruise's decade-long marriage to Kidman foundered earlier this year.