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Entertainment Daily: 112 - P. Diddy's new signing 112 grow from boys to men with their latest release
TAPE: EF01/0550 IN_TIME: 13:45:23 DURATION: 4:16 SOURCES: APTN/Arista RESTRICTIONS: music/music video/performance rights must be cleared DATELINE: Los Angeles. March 27, 2001 SHOTLIST (L-R: Slim, Q, Daron, Mike) 1. Music clip - "Peaches & Cream" 2. VS B-roll BTS on the making of the video for the new single "Peaches & Cream 3. SOT Doran : "I mean we are trying to be here from a long time, we are trying to build a legacy, we are trying to go down in history as one of the greatest R&B groups ever. And I think the greatest ever, they can be seen 25 years from that singing in Vegas, I can see us doing it." SOT Mike: "I want one of those Sammie Davis Junior life time achievement awards" 4. VS B-roll BTS 5. SOT Q: "We want to be complete entertainers, all across the board, complete entertainer, and a lot of times you go to shows and you may see the artists just performing or just singing, just walking across the stage, but we wanted to add a little more excitement to our show. The singing, the dancing , the interaction with the crowd. One thing in doing that was to step our game up our level of dancing up and our choreography. " 6. Music clip - "Peaches & Cream" 7. SOT Doran: " I mean really we aren't feeling a lot of pressure because we always know that we have a lot of things that separate us from from other artists, I mean you have a got a lot of people singing, you have got a lot of people dancing, but with this group we have got four individual lead singers. We are self contained, our songs don't come from outside people, they come from us, we write our own music, we produce our won songs, we have a lot to say. we know that we have a lot of things that separate us from other people, so it was really." SOT Slim: " We are consistent, we have been in it since 96, we have two albums, both albums went double platinum and we are just staying to stay focused, united and just consistent." 8. VS B-roll BTs 9. SOT Slim: " One thing about our group is that we handle our thing like a family, families fight. But one thing about our family is , about five minutes we have to wrap it up, we have to learn to compromise, and not just the group, but we have a family as far as out staff, we have an inner staff also, and we run it as family. You have your spats, all the family come together and address your problems, you have got five, ten minutes, and at the end of the day we hug each other, I love you, I love you, and lets keep on rolling. we are striving for one thing, and that is a Number One, and we are not stopping until we get one." Music clip - "Peaches & Cream" 11. SOT Q: "Everybody else, the album is in the stores right now, it is entitled part three, it is Q, Mike Slim, and Doran has just walked off, it is in the stores right now." 12. Music clip - "Peaches & Cream" GOOD MEN FROM BAD BOY An Atlanta-based hip-hop foursome featuring singers Slim, Daron, Q and Mike, 112's style is deeply rooted in soul and gospel. The members met in high school and began playing together in talent shows and at church. Their sound and style was strong enough to gain the attention of Courtney Sills and Kevin Wales, who took the quartet under their managerial wings. After bringing 112 to Puffy Combs' Bad Boy label (they have been dubbed the Gentlemen of Bad Boy), they were quickly signed and began work on their debut. With Combs at the production helm, the teenagers first single, "Only You" was released in 1996 and soared to the No. 3 spot on the R&B charts. The full-length, self-titled debut was released later that year and reached gold status. Now their album, "112: Part III" reveals their evolution form boys to men, in what has been billed as their most ambitious and sensual album to date. The process has been success accroding to the charts, with the album hitting first and second place in the R&B and Billobard top 200 charts, respectively. APTN caught up with them during the making of the video for their new single from the album, "Peaches and Cream", currently at number in the US singles chart. Ambitious for fame and fortune, the foursome believe they are only at the beginning of a journey that will take them to the top. Confident and focused they believe they are destined to conquer all before them. Nothing is being allowed to stand in the way of that vision and inter-band disagreements are immediately aired and resolved (with a group hug) before they are allowed to fester. According to slim nothing, not even their own egos, are allowed stop 112's advance to entertainment superstardom. "Peaches & Cream" is due for immienent relaease in the UK and Europe. CLEARANCE DETAILS TITLE: Peaches & Cream ARTIST: 112 WRITER: TBC PUBLISHER:TBC LABEL: Arista (20) 7354 7700