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Entertainment Daily: Marilyn Monroe - Hugh Hefner throws a party to commemorate the original blonde bombshell
TAPE: EF01/0440 IN_TIME: 15:08:24 DURATION: 4:02 SOURCES: APTN/ 20th Century Fox RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/tv clips without clearance DATELINE: Los Angeles, 31 May 2001 SHOTLIST: 1. FILM CLIP, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 2. Wide of party 3. Various of Marilyn Monroe lookalike 4. Midshot Playboy playmates 5. Set up shot Hugh Hefner 6. SOUNDBITE: Hugh Hefner - Playboy President: " I think, without question, she is the sex celebrity of the twentieth century. She has been embraced by everything but feminists to writer of every note. And I think it is the combination, in her work,and also in her personal life, the combination of the sexuality and the vulnerability that really made her." SUPERCAPTION: Hugh Hefner- Playboy President 7. FILM CLIPS, 7 Year Itch 8. Set up shot George Lucas, (from 'Marilyn Monroe, The Final days', Film Clip, 'Somethings got to give' 9. Cutaway cameraman 10.SOUNDBITE: George Lucas:"She had a very good sense of humor, I think, and a very good sense of humor about herself, and she knew what she was about- she understood herself very well and as a result, she was able to play particular kinds of roles, that played into the image that she had created." SUPERCAPTION: George Lucas- Film Director 11. Wide of Hugh Hefner toasting and speech 12 GVS Hugh Hefner and bunnies and cake 13. Cutaway press line 14. SOUNDBITE: Sidney Pollack:"Like a lot of our cult heroes, she died before she got a chance to for the bloom to come off the rose. The same thing happened with James Dean. These are also people that represent a certain innocent time in America's past, so we're very nostalgic about it." SUPERCAPTION: Sidney Pollack- Film Director 15. Set up shot Barbara Eiden 16. SOUNDBITE: Barbara Eiden:"She was just so sweet and kind and beautiful. I've never seen anyone that pretty in my whole life. She was very innocent.. she was very guileless, not unintelligent, but guileless and very warm and kind." SUPERCAPTION: Barbara Eiden Former Actress 17. OUTTAKE CLIP MARILYN REMEMBERED ON HER 75TH BIRTHDAY To mark the life, and the death in 1963, of sex icon Marilyn Monroe, the Playboy President Hugh Hefner threw a party at his famous mansion yesterday to celebrate what would have been her 75th birthday. About 400 industry movers and shakers, Marilyn Lookalikes and of course the Playboy bunnies all showed up for the occasion. And it was those ladies who prove that diamonds really are a girls best friend. For the occasion all bunnies were given 75 carat diamonds to wear for the night. The screen siren was the first Playboy centrefold in 1953. However, she caused a stir when she announced that all she had on during the photoshoot was the radio. Playboy boss Hugh Hefner remembered working with her and how she affected the film industry. Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st 1926 plain old Norma Jean Baker and grew into one of the most famous stars of her time. Her untimely death on August 5th 1963 is shrouded in mystery. Rumours still abound that she was the victim of some bizarre conspiracy plot - in which the Kennedy brothers had her killed fearing she was about to reveal details of her affair with both brothers. To mark the occasion, 20th Century Fox and American Movie Classics have dedicated a day to screening all her hit movies and have made a documentary about her final days. Star Wars director George Lucas sums up her appeal. "She had a very good sense of humour and a very good sense of humour about herself and she knew what she was about and understood herself very well and as a result she could play particular kind of roles that played into the image that she'd created for herself." Hugh Hefner, as ever, was belle of his own ball and made a special toast to Marilyn - the original Playmate. Surrounded by a birthday cake and his bunnies he happily posed for the cameras. Director Sidney Pollack believes it was her death that catapulted her to her legendary status. "Part of it was because like most of our cult heroes, she died, before there was a chance for the bloom to come off the rose. The same thing happened with James Dean. These are also people who represent a certain innocent time in America's past so we're very nostalgic about it and for it." Monroe's films include classics such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch and How to Marry a Millionaire. She began on contract with Fox studios and it was there that former actress Barbara Eiden first met Monroe, who admits that she was totally star-struck when she met the actress. It was widely known that the star suffered from depression and a chemical dependency. Marilyn Monroe was shooting the movie "Something's got to Give" when she died tragically at the age of 36. CLEARANCE DETAILS Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Twentieth Century Fox (20) 7437 7766 Somethings got to give Fox Entertainment The Seven Year Itch Twentieth Century Fox