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TAPE_NUMBER: EF01/0178 IN_TIME: 14:28:13 LENGTH: 03:46 SOURCES: APTN/PARAMOUNT PICTURES RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/tv clips without clearance FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: xfa Title: Down to Earth Premiere Date: 12/02/2001 Location: Los Angeles The heavens may have been pouring down on Los Angeles but Paramount Studios will be hoping that they are smiling on CHRIS ROCK ("Nurse Betty", "Dogma", "Saturday Night Live") and his new picture, DOWN TO EARTH. The actor attended the world premiere Monday night, and had every right to be a little nervous: it is the first time he has had to carry a movie as leading man. He also co-wrote and executive produced it. Co-stars CHAZZ PALMINTERI ("Hurly Burly", "Usual Suspects", "Bullets Over Boradway") and REGINA KING ("Mighty Joe Young", "Enemy of the State", "How Stella Got Her Groove Back", "Jerry Maguire") also turned up, along with JERRY SEINFELD, VIVACA FOX, MAGIC JOHNSON and singer, MONICA who cut the key song for the soundtrack. The film is based on the Warren Beatty classic 'Heaven Can Wait' which was scripted by Elaine May. This time Beatty, working as the screenwriter, has given the story a modern twist. Brothers, Chris and Paul Weitz are the co-directors. Paul Weitz previously directed "American Pie" and, together, they wrote the screenplay to "Nutty Professor II, The Klumps." In "Down to Earth," Rock plays, of all things, an aspiring comedian who is taken to heaven before his time and, after all the paperwork is sorted out, he is given a second chance with a new body. Some of Hollywood's top comedy names showed up, despite the rain, to support one of America's favourite new comedians. It all began as a lunch meeting with Warren Beatty, who made "Heaven Can Wait" in 1978. That film, too, was a remake of Ernst Lubitsch's classic 1943 movie starring Don Ameche and Gene Tierney. Rock and Beatty decided it was time for another version but with a new twist. When Rock arrives in heaven, God and his co-workers quickly sort out the mistake but they aren't able to give Lance Barton back his body. So he gets a new one - that of an older white man. What ensues is a comedy - a double edged one - which looks at how people are perceived, a hot topic in Rock's stand-up routines. Rounding out the cast is Hollywood heavy hitter CHAZZ PALMINTERI who plays a no-nonsense head angel who sorts out the mess when Rock arrives too early at the pearly gates. REGINA KING plays the skeptical love interest. After all, she thinks she is being wooed by an elderly man. Also part of the A-list comedy team is WANDA SYKES another stand-up regular. She says the film got her thinking about how she might like to come back if given another chance The movie opens in North America on SHOTLIST: Hollywood, California 12 February 2001 1. Wide shot of Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood 2. Wide shot Chris Rock arriving with Magic Johnson in background 3. Various: set up shots Chris and scene at the premiere 4. Film Clip - Down to Earth 5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Chris Rock 6. Film Clip - Down to Earth 7. Set-up shot Chazz Palminteri 8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Chazz Palminteri 9. Film Clip - Down to Earth 9. Jerry Seinfeld walking past photographers 10. Set-up shot Regina King 11. Cutaway cameraman 12. Vivaca Fox talking to press pull to Chazz Palminteri 14. Magic Johnson talking to press 15. Monica talking to press (she did the key song for the soundtrack) 16 .Film Clip - Down to Earth?