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TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/1323 IN_TIME: 10:11:22 // 13:04:33 LENGTH: 03:35 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: Arabic/Nat XFA Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, returned to Gaza on Saturday, and called on the international community to put pressure on Israel to end what he called "Israeli aggression". Fighting raged into Saturday night in the West bank town of Hebron. To begin with minor clashes broke out on Saturday, after members of the ruling P-L-O group, Fatah, marched in Hebron in support of their leader, Yasser Arafat. Carrying photographs of Palestinians killed in recent clashes with Israeli troops, the masked Fatah gunmen paraded through Hebron University, to the cheers of students. After an outbreak of stone throwing, Israeli forces fired rockets after an exchange of gunfire between Palestinian gunmen and Israeli troops in the city centre. There was damage to buildings and vehicles in Hebron. On the Gaza Strip, Palestinians buried a young victim of yesterday's fighting. 14-year-old Tayseer Abu Araj was killed during a firefight in Khan Yunis. Thousands marched in the funeral parade, crying flags and chanting. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) "This is what we insist on, and what we are exerting efforts on, on an International, Arab and Islamic level, also on a UN level, and on the level of both of the peace process sponsors, America and Russia, the European Union, and on all fronts we are exerting these efforts, and during time which our people always prove that they are people of endurance." SUPER CAPTION: Yasser Arafat SHOTLIST: Gaza City and Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip/Hebron, West Bank - November 25 and 26 2000, Gaza City - Nov 25 1. Arafat arrives 2. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Yasser Arafat, Palestinian Leader Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip - Nov 26 3. Wide shot of funeral 4. Body carried by Palestinians 5. Various of mourners chanting 6. Man firing Kalashnikov 7. Various mourners with flags 8. Close up man chanting in Arabic 9. Body being carried 10. Women chanting 11. Wide shot of funeral Hebron, West Bank - Nov 26 12. Israeli Army Jeep drives past 13. Various of damaged cars 14. Various damaged buildings?