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TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/1286 IN_TIME: 21:01:19 LENGTH: 01:05 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: Voice and effects XFA VOICED BY TARA OGDEN An illegal, home brew popular among poor Kenyans is being blamed for at least 68 deaths and sent another 245 to hospital in Nairobi. All the victims died in two slums where a consignment of the illicit brew was believed to have been brought in from the west of the country. Police said the death toll would probably rise much higher and warned many people might lose their sight. The illegal brew claimed its victims in Sinai and Mukuru, two of Nairobi's many sprawling, desolate slums. Home brew is popular among poor Kenyans because it is cheap. But its ingredients can range from high-octane fuel to metholated spirits. A glass of "changaa," as it is known costs about a quarter of the price of a beer. And it's lethal For more than half of the Kenyan population, it's the only escape from a life made miserable by poverty. These people are the victims of the latest batch of changaa. They've come or have been brought to the Kenyatta National Hospital, many semi-comatose or dying. These men came for a check up after they'd drunk the brew. But with no symptoms they can count thimselves among the lucky ones. The others will die or go blind. The authorities are now arresting those they believe responsible. But so long as half the population continues to earn less than a dollar a day, it's unlikely to stop the drinking of changaa. SHOTLIST: Nairobi, Kenya - November 16, 2000 **ALL TOKO MATERIAL** Mukuru (Slum in Nairobi) 0000-0005 Street scene in slum 0005-0009 Man at barber and second man reading newspaper 0009-0012 Newspaper reading 34 dead 0012-0018 Man pouring drinks out 0018-0024 Two man (not relatives) and pan down to dead man on floor 0024-0031 Wide shot of street slum Nairobi 0031-0042 Various shots of people on stretchers being carried into hospital 0042-0045 Man having red sticker placed on forehead 0045-0050 Two men in hospital 0050-0052 Medical attendants with victim 0052-0057 Close up of attendants with victim 0057-0059 Close up man on trolley 0059-0105 Medical workers in hospital 0105 ends?