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TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/0887 IN_TIME: 03:06:04 - 07:29:36 - 09:02:52 LENGTH: 02:31 SOURCES: ABC RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: English/Nat XFA Weary Western firefighters are getting some moral support -- and more money -- from U-S President Clinton. He surveyed burned-out forest land in Idaho on Tuesday, and told firefighters he appreciates what they're doing. Clinton is also releasing 150 (m) million dollars in emergency cash for fire fighting efforts. An estimated 20,000 military and civilian firefighters are working to contain blazes in Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Arizona, California, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana - the hardest hit by wildfires in the West. In McCall, Idaho, Tuesday, firefighters and military troops continued to battle the 23-thousand acre Burgdorf Junction fire in the Payette National Forest. Working 12-hour shifts, they mostly are digging up ground to create fire lines. Several new fires also popped up along the front range in Colorado on Tuesday in El Paso, County - the largest one is being called the Crow Gulch fire. A small airtanker is already working to put it out. Firefighters burned a fireline along this ridge to try to contain the blaze. And in Washington state, a flaming grasshopper is being blamed for starting a 5-thousand acre fire. The insect apparently jumped on an electric fence and was incinerated. It sparked the fire that broke out on Sunday on the Colville Indian Reservation. The fire is located about six miles northeast of Grand Coulee Dam. No buildings, other than a few sheds, are threatened by the fire and no injuries have been reported. About 50 firefighters, six bulldozers and several engines are at the scene. SHOTLIST: McCall, Idaho/El Paso County, Colorado/Coulee City, Washington -- August 8th, 2000 McCall, Idaho 1. Various of firefighters walking through woods 2. Firefighter covering fire, breaking up old logs 3. Various close ups of firefighter breaking up old logs 4. Close up of fire El Paso County, Colorado 5. Various aerials of fire and smoke over mountains, in canyon, in trees 6. Aerial of campsite, water trucks, etc. 7. Aerial of firefighters climbing up the side of a steep mountain 8. Various aerials of line of fire along a mountain 9. Low flying plane dropping chemicals on fire Coulee City, Washington 10. Various long shots of smoke from fire, view obscured by thickness of smoke 11. Long shot helicopter flying over forest, smoke 12. Close up of helicopter, carrying water, flying over and zooms out to wide of helicopter?