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Campaign 2000: Al Gore at Union Univ. Ceremony honoring mother Pauline LaFon Gore
Vice President Al Gore arrives in Nashville, Tennessee and attends a ceremony honoring his mother, Pauline LeFon Gore, at the Nashville City Club. His mother receives an honorary baccalaureate degree and has a scholarship set up in her name. AIRPORT 15:22:09 rerack 15:22:27 ws helicopter daytime 15:22:55 rerack 15:23:02 bars 15:25:06 ws helicopter rolls down .. stops 15:26:09 extreme ws airport day time .. push in 15:26:32 ws marine exits helicopter .. another man exits 15:27:33 ws gore walks forward with female woman in uniform 15:27:56 ms gore waves and walks up stairs of Air Force II 15:28:14 ws gore waves atop plane 15:28:25 extreme ws to push in gore exits plane 15:28:36 ms gore glad hands .. pan 15:28:56 ws gore (from back) 15:29:07 ws gore from back 15:29:15 ms gore cutaway goes to fence post to glad hand .. mostly children .. pan and back to gore (shaky shot) 15:30:06 ws gore walks to glad hand with senior male .. hand on his shoulder .. pan back to kids and then to gore and older man .. glad hands again walks off 15:31:08 ws as he walks (poor shot) 15:31:20 black 15:31:59 rerack NASHVILLE CITY CLUB 15:33:10 ms gore from back at dinner with mother 15:33:40 cu (gore from back) .. pull out 15:33:48 ms gore and mother at table 15:34:18 cu gore head on .. pull out 15:34:23 ws gore and mom at table .. push in on gore's mother and pan to gore 15:34:43 cu gore cutaway .. pull out 15:34:57 ws gore cutaway at table with others .. pull out 15:35:45 extreme ws attendees 15:35:52 ms man at mic .. want to introduce special guest .. former governor .. (claps) .. pull back to gore 15:36:12 ms gore and mother .. clapping 15:36:41 ws cutaway of others in audience 15:36:53 ms attendees sitting at table - cuts/cutaway 15:37:16 audience memebers 15:37:20 ws audience from back 15:37:32 ms man at mic .. says: oldest insitutiton relating to southern baptist life .. one of finest teaching faculties .. union univ. sets itself apart as one of distinguished and distinct .. higher institutions .. grateful for honor for you to get to know us better 15:38:32 ms man at mic .. listed as one of top 10 schools .. top 5 in tennessee .. encourages character development .. focus today to reconognize one who has been longtime friend 15:39:21 today is day to celebrate union university .. pull back to pauline lafon gore 15:39:39 ms pauline gore cutaway smiles .. pull out to see gore (from back) 15:40:00 ms man ... says: pauline .. rooted in community .. mrs. gore's brother .. witt lafon (sp?) .. 15:40:24 ws as witt lafon goes to mic 15:40:30 ws witt lafon (pauline's brother) .. says: very modest family .. push in 15:40:49 ms witt at mic .. says: worked her way through union .. and through (law school) .. (audio poor) .. she's quite a gal .. claps 15:41:23 ms - no one at mic 15:41:28 ms man at mic .. pull out 15:41:50 ws man at mic .. in contact with many friends .. establishment today of pauline lafon scholarship at union university scholarships for students from west tenn. .. help many students like mrs. gore herself .. push in 15:42:29 ms gore (from back) talks with mom .. pull up to speaker 15:42:48 man ays: privileged to introduce son of pauline lafon gore who is also vice president of united states .. audience rises & claps .. pull back 15:43:07 extreme ws gore: thank you doctor and all .. on behalf of my mother .. push in 15:43:44 ms gore: very special day for my family because union always a special place .. uncle everett who passed away went to union .. uncle witt's wife a teacher 15:44:30 ms gore: president of student union .. intern in white house .. now going on to law school like my mother .. 15:44:54 my mother always said her greatest regret she never actually received her union diploma 15:45:11 you have granted a baccalaureate degree .. to someone who didn't complete (undergrad. degree) .. my mother skipped forward to law school 15:45:33 mother born into poor family in rural west tenn. at time poor girls not supposed to dream .. her parents married when both 17 .. neither had chance to get education 15:45:57 my mother's mother an orphan .. raised by several different families .. her youngest brother everett named everett darr lafon (sp?) .. 15:46:32 proud of entire family .. you know how families have stories passed on from one generation to other one my sister and i heard .. grandmother lafon .. living as young girl in arkansas .. 15:47:00 i recalculated .. extensive number of cousins i have in arkansas .. when she was here at age of 17 .. a young boy .. came over to work on railroad and met his bride to be 15:47:31 story points toward punch line in which someone asks my great grandmother what kind of man did 'ma' get .. she didn't get man at all got slick-faced kid 15:48:03 after some time there he came to run small country store in coal corner (sp?) in northwest tenn... store went bust during great depression .. always pride in midst of grinding poverty 15:48:37 nearby family whose father determined despite abject poverty .. to present image of pride and prosperity . instructed one of children .. laughs 15:49:17 my mother was 11 years old in all of that year when store gone completely bankrupt . grandparents loaded up all 6 children .. led by horse and buggy 15:49:41 early one saturday morning made .. all day trip .. from wheatley (sp?) county to larger community of jackson (jokes) 15:50:34 family arrived in jackson at nighttime on that saturday night (grandmother seached for church) 15:51:22 what motivated my mother to strive not dream of money but dream of opportunity .. as young girl she had been deeply troubled by stories my grandfather told her .. struggle (his) to inherit land righfully theirs instead it went directly to brothers .. women not supposed to own land in those days .. not supposed to go to college 15:52:11 those inequalities made deep impression on my mother ... 15:52:29 those inequalities ones she set out to correct she started her education in one room school in Coal Corner (sp?) and she went there through 6th grade .. that all when family made journey to jackson (in tenn.) 15:52:57 jackson as a community always deeply committed to education .. when jackson founded in 1822 one of first acts of jackson's founders to organize college .. predecessor to union univ. which came on scene one year later .. my mother said 15:53:43 she said it never occurred to me i couldn't go to college knew up to me to find way 15:53:54 my grandmother had gone to work in store in town and she pitched in on tuition .. mother enrolled in .. union .. waited on tables (to afford school) 15:54:19 insisted on taking blind sister .. to class at union .. she took notes for both of them .. read for both of them .. (not possible without kindness of professors) 15:54:45 back then it was small college with about 700 students .. today 2-and-half-thousand students (some from foreign lands) .. pull back to mrs. gore 15:55:13 ms cutaway pauline gore .. and pull up to gore 15:55:24 ms gore when my mother enrolled in union not that long that women got right to vote .. deep impression made on me as child .. 15:55:46 made deep impression instantly felt contrast between my mother's active participation .. absurdity as it struck me at our nation not allowing women to vote ... hard to explain why contrasts hit me so hard 15:56:21 union had been pioneer in helping to change attitudes .. first started admitting women in 1829 ... 15:56:51 real commitment to diversity seen in fact .. 1931 .. oldest baptist college in south .. admitted woman who was devout member of church of christ .. mother and father both strong willed individuals.... (gore's family alternated attending services at baptist and church of christ) 15:57:41 time dominated by depression .. herbert hoover still in white house .. tenn. valley authority not created .. not many opportuntites for poor girl .. to get education .. she dreamed of being lawyer .. injustices her mother and grandmother had faced 15:58:15 black 15:58:25 ms she refused to let go of that dream (rerack) 15:58:35 despite all obstacles before her .. after completing 2 years at union .. mother asked for .. loan to enroll at vanderbilt law school .. she repaid that loan .. she got room at YWCA in nashville ... worked in coffee shop restaurant for .. tips .. (rent at Y) spent $2.00 per week .. she met my father 15:59:44 decided to start night law school at YMCA (gore's dad) 16:00:03 each night after long day of hard work and long evenng of class faced long drive back to carthage .. 9went to relax at) andrew jackson coffee shop 16:00:28 very soon after he began to go to coffee shop found didn't taste (as good unless poured by pauline) 16:00:39 bars <<1600-1621: NO RELATION TO GORES>> 16:21:33 ms gore: ended up studying for bar exams and passed it same day 16:21:44 rerack 16:22:05 very soon after he (dad) began to visit coffee shop .. found didn't taste as good unless poured by (mother) .. from very first day parents partners .. ended up studying for bar .. passing it (jokes) 16:22:42 when my mother graduated from vanderbilt virtually impossible for woman attorney to get work in nashville so left for texarkana and put up shingle 16:23:08 only female in texarkana 16:23:14 black 16:23:53 rerack 16:24:27 ms gore: (mother) come back here to tenn. as his wife .. (dad) run for congress in old 4th district .. at time politicians' wives stayed in background .. he wanted her upfront .. he was so proud of her .. my mother took as her role model eleanor roosevelt 16:25:08 lucky for my father she did never ever a better campaigner than pauline lafon gore i hear it .. pan to mom 16:25:25 ms gore smiling and pull up to gore 16:25:36 ws gore at mic .. gore: see mom .. i cannot go back to memphis without running into clergy .. that she called every african amercian preacher for .. push in to mom then .. up and out to gore 16:26:09 gore: she heard in another re-election the candidate coming in second place had lost by only 13 votes .. 16:26:28 she walked dirt roads of disrict .. (on one border to other of state) .. on rainy day she would walk bare foot .. they saw my mother's heart 16:26:59 way she listened to people understood their concerns .. people she met on all those early campaigns formed a powerful .. friendship 16:27:17 some of them are helping me in this election more than half century later .. when i first ran for congress. .. she was one of those at end of dirt road .. where one of those walks through mud took place 16:28:01 every single vote in that community went to my father .. in 1938 .. aunt lucy made sure every single vote in that community went to me .. all from that experience meeting my mother 16:28:26 1952 .. my mother's political skills came to rescue 16:28:38 my father challenging powerful chairman of appropriation committee .. kenneth mckellar 16:28:54 slogan 'thinking fellar votes mckellar' .. had desvastating impact on pre-television era 16:29:10 my mother came up with perfect counter .. on her advice every time we found sign .. we put new sign up .. 'think some more and vote for gore' .. claps 16:29:31 no doubt without that slogan we might not have won race .. by the way mother i'm still waiting for your suggestion this year .. laughs 16:29:59 well pauline if your son as good as his old man i'll be for him .. she (pauline) told him .. i trained them both but did better job on son 16:30:23 mother more than effective campaigner .. my father's closest adviser 16:30:33 his strong support for civil rights .. 1940 ... opposition to vietnam reform .. campaign finance reforms .. 16:30:56 she always stood with him 16:31:01 in all things large and small she was his strength .. she has always believe in power of education .. she has seen transforming .. power in her own life .. taught that to me and sister .. my children.. when won award .. set up scholarship fund (smith county) 16:31:51 can think of no better tribute than pauline lafon gore scholarship fund .. she has alays found was to serve during WWII when my father resigned seat in congeress to enlist and then called back by roosevelt 16:32:22 that time politcal wives in washington 16:32:35 all expected to spend great deal of time calling on wives of husbands who outranked their husband .. war and ration on gasoline put end on custom .. her role model and friend eleanor roosevelt 16:33:08 thousands of letters she then volunteered at red cross .. help with war effort always had that kind of energy 16:33:27 in 197 after my father lost senate seat because stood up against veitnam war .. mother (returned to law) .. managing partner at law firm in washington d.c. 16:33:50 advised young women .. so many have told me of what important role model she was .. maybe her way (of winning battle grandmother and moher couldn't win).. always breaking down barrier some irony that this event .. 16:34:46 the city club great institution that it is was a men's only club for most of its existence .. until one day a u.s. appellate court judge .. invited her to lunch here .. privately she knew what he had not considered 16:35:21 quietly decided good .. to have experience .. (gore jokes about mother being removed from lunch room) .. management of club came over and enforced rule .. resulting outrage .. caused revolution 16:35:56 major change in life of this club and a few days later this city club opened to women and charter changed .. claps 16:36:13 my mother also been loving grandmother and now great grandmother .. few years ago she turned 80 years old .. birthday party ... (jokes about revealing mom's age) .. son albert asked her how old she was .. she told him 39 16:37:10 it has been said .. by beecher .. mother's heart is child's schoolroom for all of my 52 years my mother greatest teacher .. one can make all difference .. 16:37:37 no doors that cannot be opened if you work hard enough and knock consistently enough .. passed on deep passion for learning .. to use knowledge 16:37:59 i will cherish lesson she has taught me .. grateful to union univ for starting my mother on her path in life through higher education .. diplomas (earned 70 years ago) 16:38:26 grateful to you and appreciate honor you have extended to my mother today .. audience rise and clap .. .. gore walks to table 16:38:56 ms gore (from back) sits with mom 16:39:06 ws man at mic .. baccalaureate degree awarded to someone who attended union but did not graduate .. president david godfrey .. bachelor of arts degree 16:39:48 ws woman at mic (see gore and mom) ... says: certified to receive degree bachelor's of arts .. (lady steps ways and man goes to mic) .. my privelege to confer upon you bachelor's of arts degree approved by faculty .. gore stand to help mom out (audience rise and clap) shaky shot 16:41:01 ws from back at first 16:41:11 **ms gore, mom, and man .. man presents diploma to pauline gore .. past female speaker puts medal around pauline's neck .. (gore kisses mom) 16:41:56 ms gore and mom .. pauline says: thank you ver very much 16:42:14 i want to thank all of you for being here and sharing .... audience claps 16:42:39 ws gore with arm around mom walk over (shaky shot) 16:43:17 black