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TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/0362 IN_TIME: 20:39:52 LENGTH: 01:33 SOURCES: All APTN except shot 1.20 = ETV RESTRICTIONS: ETV = No Access South Africa/Internet FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: Voice and effects VOICED BY: PHILIPPA MEAGHER Dressed in black, South African right-wing leader Eugene Terre'Blanche arrived at court on horseback on Thursday, to hand himself over to the authorities and begin serving 12 months in jail for the assault of a black man. Terre'Blanche gave one last outburst, claiming that the South African government was run by criminals and murderers, before patting his horse goodbye and walking into the courtroom. VOICEOVER: 0.00 UPSOUND - Band playing 0.02 Terre'Blanche was seranaded by a band of his supporters as he arrived at the courthouse astride a black horse. As he handed himself over to the authorities to begin serving 12 months in jail for the assault of a black man he remained defiant, labelling the government in South Africa criminals and murderers. 0.22 UPSOUND: Terre'Blanche addressing the crowd 0.25 Gazing down at the crowd with a smirk on his face, the white supremacist vowed that he would emerge from prison a stronger man. 0.32 TerreBlanche's Afrikaner Resistance Movement is reviled by many South Africans for setting off the bombs that killed 21 people on the eve of South Africa's first all-race election in 1994. He was ordered to jail for assaulting gas station attendant John Ndzima in 1996, and for inciting his dog to attack him. He had been free on bail after his 1997 conviction, but his request to appeal was rejected Monday. On Thursday, Terre'Blanche was accompanied by about a dozen followers, some dressed in khaki uniforms and wearing red armbands with swastika-like symbols. 1.08 Spectators looked on from the main gates, as Terre'Blanche was taken by police vehicle to a prison, 77 miles west of Johannesburg after his surrender. His lawyer has requested a separate cell claiming TerreBlanche holds fears his safety. Like other inmates, Terre'Blanche can ask to be placed in an isolation cell, although such requests are not automatically granted. SHOTLIST: Potchefstroom and Ventersdorp, South Africa, 30 March 2000 and file APTN - Potchefstroom, 30 March, 2000 0.00 UPSOUND: AWB band playing 0.06 Terre'Blanche arriving at court on horseback 0.09 Shaking hands with supporters on horseback 0.20 Cutaway of people watching 0.22 UPSOUND: Eugene Terre'Blanche, AWB Leader 0.33 Cutaway supporters in uniform with AWB flag 0.38 Terre'Blance riding horse and getting off 0.44 Cutaway of security at courthouse gate 0.50 Pats his horse goodbye and walks up steps of courthouse 1.03 Mid shot of walking up courthouse, pan to black jeerers APTN - Potchefstroom, 30 March, 2000 1.07 Wideshot exterior Potchefstroom prison 1.12 Midshot sign reading: "Correctional Services Potchefstroom" 1.13 Wideshot of prisoners working in grounds 1.17 Guards waiting for him to arrive ETV - No Access South Africa - Potchefstroom, 29th March 2000 1.20 Terre'Blance in white car goes through prison gates XFA?