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TAPE_NUMBER: EN0004 IN_TIME: 10:34:30 LENGTH: 10:04 SOURCES: Hollywood Foreign Press Association/ Dick Clark Productions/APTN RESTRICTIONS: All No Access Internet, No re-use/re-sale of film/video clips without clearance All Hollywood Foreign Press Association/ Dick Clark Productions material = Strictly No re-use/re-sale without clearance FEED: SCRIPT: xfa English/Nat STORY: GLOBES LOCATION: LOS ANGELES DATE: JANUARY 23 2000 AMERICAN BEAUTY, the debut feature from British director SAM MENDES, swept the boards at the Golden Globe awards at the annual Los Angeles spectacle on Sunday. The film picked up a total of six Golden Globes. Success at the Globes is often a forecast for eventual Oscar wins. Elsewhere DENZEL WASHINGTON took home the Golden Globe for best actor for his portrayal of a boxer wrongly imprisoned for murder in HURRICANE. He paid tribute to the man, RUBIN HURRICANE CARTER, on whom the story is based. BARBRA STREISAND was honoured for her numerous roles in both television and films, as well as her dozens of albums produced over a 30 year history on screen, stage and studio. An excitable SHIRLEY MACLAINE was on hand to give her the award. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association honours actors, directors, writers and producers for movies and television series. In the television awards, THE SOPRANOS swept the categories for best actress and actor. The Sopranos is a popular series about the life and personal traumas of a Mafia family and the internal squabbles over who will rule the criminal activity of the family. The two major stars of the series won in their respective categories, Edie Falco won for best actress and James Gandolfini walked away with best actor. The series SEX AND THE CITY was named best TV comedy and its star SARAH JESSICA PARKER was named best actress. Emotional win of the night was MICHAEL J. FOX being named best comedy series actor for SPIN CITY, which he is leaving because of his fight with Parkinson's disease. But he handled it lightly. "Actor out of work - news at 11," Fox said. In other categories, JANET MCTEER won for best actress in a movie for her work in TUMBLEWEED. JIM CARREY won for his work in MAN IN THE MOON, the story of comedian Andy Kaufman. The film has been a box office flop and something of a critical failure, so the award should be especially welcome. American Beauty writer ALAN BALL won for best screenplay. ANGELINA JOLIE won her second Golden Globe for her supporting acting role in GIRL, INTERRUPTED while TOM CRUISE picked up his second Golden Globe for best supporting actor for MAGNOLIA. Cruise assisted Paul Thomas Anderson with the character that he plays in the movie. Newcomer, HILARY SWANK won for Best Actress in a Drama for her work in "Boys Don't Cry." To no one's surprise, the Spanish film ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER from director PEDRO ALMODOVAR won the best foreign film award. The evening's final award; the one for best motion picture, was given to the night's big winner, American Beauty. After the Oscars, Golden Globe night is one of the most important evenings in Hollywood's calendar. Among the celebrities attending were SHARON STONE, MERYL STREEP, CALISTA FLOCKHART, DANNY DEVITO, WARREN BEATTY and HARRISON FORD. SHOTLIST: EXT GOLDEN GLOBES ; TRACKING SHOT MEDIA PRESENT; MCU JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT (TEEN ACTRESS) ; ARRIVAL JIM CAREY ; MCU AND SOT SARAH JESSICA PARKER ; MCU WARREN BEATTY AND ANNETTE BENING ; SOT JIM CAREY ; SOT HALLE BERRY ; SOT TOM CRUISE ; W.S. FAYE DUNAWAY WALKING PAST; MCU SHARON STONE AND HUSBAND, PHIL BRONSTEIN ; MCU JULIA ROBERTS AND HUSBAND ; SOT SHARON STONE ; SOT SIGOURNEY WEAVER ; MCU ; SOT ELIZABETH HURLEY ; SOT (IN PINK) ; C.U. CLAUDIA SCHIFFER ; SOT HUGH GRANT ; SOT (ON RIGHT) ; W.S. ARRIVAL WINONA RYDER ; ARRIVAL CALISTA FLOCKHART ; MCU NICK NOLTE ; SOT HILARY SWANK ; PULLIN TO DENZEL WASHINGTON ; MCU KEVIN SPACEY ;THE FOLLOWING REQUIRES MANDATORY COURTESY DICK CLARK PRODUCTIONS- W.S. INT. CEREMONY ; SOT MICHAEL J. FOX ; W.S. FOX ON STAGE ;APTN FOOTAGE-SOT MICHAEL J. FOX BACKSTAGE ; (FOLLOWING REQUIRES COURTESY DICK CLARK PRODUCTIONS)-ANNOUNCEMENT OF EDIE FALCO AS BEST ACTESS IN A TV SERIES FOR "THE SOPRANOS" ; W.S. EDIE FALCO ; SOT JAMES GANDOLFINI (BEST ACTOR IN "THE SOPRANOS) ; MARTIN SHEEN ANNOUNCING SARAH JESSICA PARKER AS WINNER OF BEST ACTRESS IN A TV COMEDY SERIES ; APTN FOOTAGE FOLLOWS-SOT SARAH JESSICA PARKER ; (MANDATORY COURTESY DICK CLARK FOLLOWS-GWYNETH PALTROW ANNOUNCING BEST ACTOR FOR COMEDY FILM ; CLIP "MAN ON THE MOON" ; APTN SOT JIM CARREY BACKSTAGE ; (MANDATORY COURTESY DICK CLARK FOLLOWS)-CLAUDIA SCHIFFER ANNOUNCES BEST ACTRESS IN A MADE FOR TV FILM IS HALLE BERRY ; REAX HALLE BERRY ; CLIP "DOROTHY DANDRIDGE; APTN SOT HALLE BERRY BACKSTAGE ; BEN AFFLECK ANNOUNCING TOM CRUISE AS BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR FOR "MAGNOLIA" (COURTESY DICK CLARK) ; CLIP "MAGNOLIA" ; APTN SOT TOM CRUISE; CLIP "BOYS DON'T CRY" ; APTN SOT HILARY SWANK (INTERRRUPTED BY A KISS FROM HER HUSBAND, CHAD LOWE); CLIP "HURRICANE" (COURTESY UNIVERSAL) ; APTN SOT DENZEL WASHINGTON ; ANNOUNCEMENT OF ALAN BALL AS WINNER OF SCREENPLAY FOR "AMERICAN BEAUTY" ; SPIELBERG ANNOUNCING SAM MENDES AS BEST DIRECTOR FOR "AMERICAN BEAUTY" (ALL COURTESY DICK CLARK); CLIP "AMERICAN BEAUTY" ;APTN SOT ANNETTE BENING; SHIRLEY MACLAINE ANNOUNCING CECIL B. DEMILLE AWARD TO BARBRA STREISAND (COURTESY DICK CLARK) ; APTN SOT BARBRA STREISAND ;CLIP "ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER"; SOT PEDRO ALMODOVAR (WINNER OF GLOBE FOR BEST FOREIGN FILM), COURTESY DICK CLARK; W.S. CEREMONY (DICK CLARK)?