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TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/0028 IN_TIME: 19:19:30 // 20:07:23 - 20:44:32 LENGTH: 03:03 SOURCES: All AuBC Except Shot 8 = APTN, Shots 9-11 = CBC RESTRICTIONS: AuBC = No Access Australia/Internet, CBC = No Access Canada/Internet FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: English/Nat Nazi war crimes suspect Konrad Kalejs, arrived in the Australian city of Melbourne on Friday after fleeing Britain to avoid being deported. Kalejs had been thrown out of several countries amid accusations that he was an officer in a Latvian death squad during World War II responsible for killing thousands of people, most of them Jews. As he arrived in Australia, hundreds of people turned out to demonstrate against the government's decision to allow Kalejs into the country and demanded further investigations into his alleged crimes. The arrival of Konrad Kalejs in Melbourne ignited a rage of protests for the Australian government to re-open his case. Kalejs was assisted through customs checks by airport officials in an attempt to move him off the premises quickly and avoid clashes with irate protestors. At the airport, dozens of angry Jewish students had turned out to demonstrate against what they say is the Australian government's failure carry out sufficient investigations into the allegations against Kalejs. One protester was furious that Australia's image will be tarnished by allowing Kalejs back. SOUNDBITE: (English) "We're not the British rubbish bin. We have to stand that our land has to be clean and good. We want good people in Australia, good people, not bandits, not bandits, good people." SUPER CAPTION: Vox Pop, Protester The students were undeterred by airport officials' plans to usher Kalejs away without passing through any public areas. Latvian-born Kalejs left London on Thursday, where he has lived for the past six months. He fled before the British government was able to deport him for alleged war crimes. Kalejs left Latvia for Australia after World War II and has been an Australian citizen since 1957. He stands accused of belonging to the Arajs Kommando squad responsible for the death of 30-thousand people, mostly Jews, in Latvia during the war. Kalejs says the allegations against him are lies. He was previously expelled from the United States in 1994 and Canada in 1997 in connection with the same allegations. Nazi hunters want him deported to Latvia to stand trial. Australian Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock said his government had investigated Kalejs but did not find enough evidence to charge him. Ruddock said the Australian authorities, would reopen their investigation only if new evidence came to light. SOUNDBITE: (English) "Well, I don't tell the Australian police how to carry out their functions. They have a responsibility towards the war crimes legislation that if evidence is there for it to be investigated. And the point I have made over and over again is that if people believe they have information that is of a substantial character it ought to be made available to the Australian Federal police." SUPER CAPTION: Philip Ruddock, Australian Immigration minister Earlier on Friday, about 3-hundred people rallied outside Federal Government offices in Melbourne, demanding a new investigation. The Latvian government has said it will request Kalejs' extradition if their inquiry finds proof of his guilt. SHOTLIST: Melbourne & Canberra, Australia, January 6/7, 2000/ London, England, January 6 2000 and File XFA AuBC - Melbourne - January 7, 2000 1. Various shots Singapore Airlines plane carrying Kalejs arriving Melbourne airport 2. Pan of arrival board 3. Protesters holding banners inside airport 4. Police at airport 5. Protesters carrying signs marching in airport 6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Vox Pop, Protester 7. More Protesters inside airport APTN - London - January 6, 2000 8. Konrad Kalejs walking through airport with police escort CBC - Toronto - FILE - August 18, 1997 9. Kalejs being informed he must leave Canada 10. Immigration adjudicator giving his sentence 11. Kalejs listening AuBC - Canberra - January 7, 2000 12. Establisher Philip Ruddock, Australian Immigration Minister 13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Philip Ruddock, Australian Immigration Minister AuBc - Melbourne - January 7, 2000 14. Mid shot line of police watching demonstrators outside government building 15. Mid shot protestors holding placards 16. Man on megaphone leading the anti Kalejs chants 17. Wide shot protestors?