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TAPE_NUMBER: EF99/1451 IN_TIME: 18:14:02 - 19:20:06 // 20:45:21 LENGTH: 02:05 SOURCES: Shots 3-5 = APTN, 2, 6-9 = BBC, Shots 1,10-11 = CBC RESTRICTIONS: BBC = No Access UK/ CNN/ CNBC/ Euro News/ Internet, CBC = No Access Canada/Internet FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: English/Nat The hunt for yet another alleged war criminal from the Second World War has continued this week in Britain. A Nazi-hunting centre in Jerusalem has urged the U-K to prosecute or expel an alleged former officer in a Nazi death squad reportedly living in England. Konrad Kalejs, now aged 86, has remained at large since he was deported from the United States and Canada for serving as lieutenant in the Arajs Kommando - a Latvian group that killed at least 30,000 Jews, communists and Gypsies during World War II. Eighty-six year old Kalejs, is said to have arrived in Britain from his home in Australia in July 1998 after deportation from both America in 1994 and then Canada in 1997. Immigration inquiries implicated him in the running of a Nazi slave camp in his native Latvia. He's now believed to be living in this nursing home in Leicestershire. Holocaust experts urged the British authorities on Monday to prosecute or expel an alleged former officer in a Nazi death squad thought to be living in the U-K. SOUNDBITE: (English) "Konrad Kalejs served as an officer in infamous Latvian murder squad 'The Arajs Kommando'. This is a unit that murdered at least 30,000 Jews from Latvia between 1941 and 1943. He also was in charge of some of the guards at the Salaspils concentration camp, not far from Riga, Latvia. We are insisting that the British government either put him on trial in Great Britain, or expel him to a country were he can be put on trial for his crimes." SUPER CAPTION: Ephraim Zuroff, Director of Wiesenthal Centre Kalejs has denied involvement in Nazi-sponsored death squads. The chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust, former Labour MP Lord Janner, said he would ask British Home Secretary Jack Straw to investigate the allegations against Kalejs. Lord Janner believes that if there was not enough evidence for a prosecution, the Government should follow the example of the United States and Canada and deport him. SOUNDBITE: (English) "It's one thing to be able to prove a case beyond reasonable doubt and its another to be fully satisfied yourself that this man had sufficient involvement not to want him in our country as a citizen or a neighbour. So prosecution is one option, deportation is another, but if there's not enough evidence altogether then that will be the end of it." SUPER CAPTION: Lord Janner, chairman of the Holocaust Educational Trust Earlier this year Antony Zivoniuk became the only person living in Britain to be accused and convicted of Nazi war crimes. British security officials said they would examine the allegations closely and that immigration officials would cooperate with police if necessary. SHOTLIST: London, Leicestershire, UK / Jerusalem / Toronto, Canada - December 28, 1999 and File XFA CBC - Toronto - File 1997 1. Various of Konrad Kalejs being informed he is being deported from Canada BBC - Leicestershire, U-K - Dec 28 2. Various of nursing home where Kalejs is thought to live APTN - Jerusalem - Dec 28 3. Wide shot of Simon Wiesenthal Centre 4. Close-up centre plaque 5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Ephraim Zuroff, Director of Wiesenthal Centre BBC - Archive 6. Archive B&W footage of Nazi concentration camps BBC - London, U-K - Dec 28 7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Lord Janner, Chairman of the Holocaust Education Trust BBC - File - 1998 8. Antony Zivoniuk arriving at court 9. Zivoniuk leaving court in prison van CBC - Toronto - File 1997 10. Konrad Kalejs leaves courtroom 11. Konrad Kalejs drives away in car?