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TAPE_NUMBER: EF99/1327 IN_TIME: 19:40:53 LENGTH: 01:27 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: Voice and effects VOICED BY: Robert Ovadia Fierce bombardment of the Chechen capital Grozny has sent thousands more refugees fleeing to neighbouring Ingushetia. Many have joined more than two hundred thousand of their countrymen, who are housed in miserable conditions on the border. As Russia's campaign against the breakaway republic intensifies, refugees' hopes are diminishing over what they'll have to return to. VOICE-OVER: 0.00 The Russian winter, which defeated the armies of Hitler and Napoleon, has begun to wage a new war against the refugees of Chechnya. 0.10 Snow is falling, and the thousands who fled here - ironically to escape death at the hands of the Russian army - are left wondering whether their journey has indeed been futile. 0.20 SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "How can a child live here. Don't you understand, he's cold, it's very bad with no conditions. We can't wash the child. We don't have any soap, we don't have anything. I don't know if we will survive this winter or not. These are conditions for dogs. SUPER CAPTION: Shoadat Mumieva, Refugee 0.22 How can a child live here, this Grozny woman asks. Don't you understand - he's cold. I don't know if we'll survive this winter or not. These are conditions for dogs. 0.34 Queues of trucks and other vehicles fleeing Grozny wait to pass through the Russian army's last checkpoint before the Ingush border. Some have been separated from family. 0.44 For many the destination is Sleptsovskaya - and other tent cities already blanketed by snow, feeling the increasing burden of so many who desperately need shelter. The north Caucasus region has seen a spate of kidnappings by Chechen bandits - foreign aid workers are scared for their safety and because of this, international aid has been sluggish. 1.05 SOUNDBITE: (Chechen) "I have no clothes. It's cold in the tent. They aren't giving us any food. We only get bread sometimes." SUPER CAPTION: Timur Kashumov, Refugee 1.07 This 11-year-old Grozny boy says he has no clothes. It's cold, he says, and they aren't giving us food. We only get bread sometimes. 1.15 Even if Russia ceases its unwavering military operation tomorrow, Christmas for these children promises to be a bleak one. (VISION ENDS: 1:27) SHOTLIST: Chechnya/Ingushetia border - November 27, 1999 XFA 0.00 Wide shot Sleptsovskaya refugee camp 0.03 Mother and child walk along icey path between tents 0.09 Woman pushing pram with baby Elita along frozen earth 0.14 Same old woman crying, pan to Elita 0.20 SOUNDBITE: (Russian) Shoadat Mumieva 0.35 Ingush checkpoint, bus arrives 0.39 Woman holding baby, standing waiting for news of relatives 0.42 Family exits bus 0.45 Child running with can of water 0.53 Little girl getting water 0.56 Various woman sorting bread for distribution to refugees 1.05 SOUNDBITE: (Chechen) Timur Kashumov, Refugee 1.15 Mother and child standing forlornly in middle of frozen camp 1.19 Child waiting at water pump 1.22 Group of women collect water from pump 1.27 Vision ends?