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TAPE_NUMBER: EN9945 IN_TIME: 10:12:32 LENGTH: 04:06 SOURCES: APTN/NEW LINE RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video clips without clearance, No access Internet FEED: SCRIPT: xfa O'DONNELL IN WEDDING TRAP Story: The Bachelor Location: Los Angeles Date: October 1999 CHRIS O'DONNELL makes the leap into out and out comedy with his latest role in THE BACHELOR. O'Donnell plays the lead character, a marriage-phobic young man forced into wedlock to get his inheritance. Among the brides on offer are RENEE ZELLWEGER and BROOKE SHIELDS. Director GARY SINYOR has taken a very basic premise for his movie. Jimmie Shannon (CHRIS O'DONNELL) values his freedom more than life itself. As his male peers, even his best buddy, Marco (ARTIE LANGE), begin to hook up in marriage, Jimmie continues happily plugging away with his dating lifestyle, in no rush to find the one. When he least expects it, Jimmie crosses paths with the adorable Anne (REN?E ZELLWEGER) and falls in love. After a three-year relationship, Jimmie feels the pressures of commitment and decides to \"give in\", reluctantly proposing to Anne at the most romantic of restaurants. Sensing his uncertainty and angry over his botched and lame attempt at a proposal, Anne dumps Jimmie back into the town known as \"Bachelorville.\" Soon after, Jimmie's grandfather (PETER USTINOV) passes away and wills a $100 million inheritance to his grandson, on the condition he marries before his thirtieth birthday, which is less than twenty-four hours away. After seeking advice from the family attorney, Gluckman (ED ASNER) and stock broker, O'Dell (HAL HOLBROOK), a desperate Jimmie hastily arranges for a priest (JAMES CROMWELL) to wait in the wings while he finds a bride.He tries to reconcile with Anne and several other ex-girlfriends, including Buckley (BROOKE SHIELDS), a well-to-do ex-debutante; Ilana (MARIAH CAREY), an opera singer; Monique (KATHARINE TOWNE), a chef; Daphne (JENNIFER ESPOSITO), a cop; Zoe (STACY EDWARDS), a window dresser; Carolyn (SARAH SILVERMAN), a college student; and Stacy (REBECCA CROSS) a commodities broker. Through these hilarious antics, Jimmie can't help but discover the true meaning of love. Actor Chris O'Donnell, who also serves as executive producer on the film, was looking to develop a romantic comedy from a distinctly male point-of-view. He was attracted by the idea that Jimmie Shannon is confronted for the first time with the idea that he may lose his freedom for the rest of his life and that scares the hell out of him. Director GARY SINYOR puts it more bluntly. The film is about a guy who panics during his proposal and spends the rest of the film realizing that marriage is really about finding your soul mate and being ready to commit simultaneously. In 1993, O'Donnell was nominated for a Golden Globe and won the Chicago Film Critics Award for his starring role opposite Al Pacino's Academy Award winning performance in SCENT OF A WOMAN, directed by Marty Brest. He went on to play 'D'Artagnan' in THE THREE MUSKETEERS, for which he was named the NATO/ShoWest Male Star of Tomorrow in 1994. He then adopted an Irish dialect to star in the romantic comedy sleeper CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, and won over audiences worldwide with his stand-out performance as 'Robin' in the highest grossing film of 1995, BATMAN FOREVER. Texan born RENEE ZELLWEGER gave a vulnerable performance as Dorothy Boyd in JERRY MAGUIRE that left critics raving. She was named Best Breakthrough Performer of 1996 by The National Board of Review, received a Blockbuster Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy and was nominated for a SAG Award. Most recently, Zellweger was seen in ONE TRUE THING opposite Meryl Streep and William Hurt. Other film credits include A PRICE ABOVE RUBIES and THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, which won critical acclaim at The Sundance Film Festival and garnered Zellweger a Best Actress Award at the Mar Del Plata Film Festival as well as an Independent Spirit Award nomination. MARIAH CAREY exploded on the global music scene in the early nineties. Singer, songwriter, producer, video director, and the best-selling female recording artist of this decade, Carey is making her motion picture debut in The Bachelor. Her albums include the most recently released \"#1's,\" a compilation of her hit songs as well as a few new original tracks, \"Daydream,\" which won four World Music Awards and Two Billboard Awards, \"Butterfly,\" \"Merry Christmas,\" \"Music Box\" (MTV unplugged EP), \"Emotions,\" and her debut album \"Mariah Carey,\" which garnered four consecutive number one singles, earned two Grammy Awards, and sold over twelve million copies worldwide. Brooke Shields is currently starring on the hit NBC series \"Suddenly Susan.\" Her first feature film was the murder mystery Alice, Sweet Alice, with her breakthrough role in Louis Malle's controversial film Pretty Baby. A graduate of Princeton University with a degree in French Literature, other film credits include Sahara, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Running Wild, Freeway, and The Blue Lagoon. For Further information contact: New Line Cinema on: + 1 310 854 5811. 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