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TAPE_NUMBER: EF99/1115 IN_TIME: 07:38:26 - 09:26:09 LENGTH: 02:10 SOURCES: ABC RESTRICTIONS: No Access N America/CBC/ Internet FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: Natural Sound There's been a wave of rare animals births in American zoos. The first babies came at the aquarium in Newport, Kentucky, where four southern sting rays were born on Sunday. In Columbus Zoo in Ohio, keepers were startled when they arrived at work on Monday and saw a newborn black rhinoceros walking around the pachyderm building. The baby - apparently a female - is the first black rhino born at the zoo. Finally in Denver, a baby hippo was born on Tuesday. The little creature is already up and about with its mother. The staff at Newport zoo say mother sting ray gave birth earlier than expected. The little rays are about 10 centimetres (four inches) long and weigh less than half a kilogramme (one pound). "Mom" on the other hand is about 120 centimetres (four feet) and weighs more than 25 kilogrammes (50 pounds). The slightly larger rhino Kulinda at Columbus Zoo became pregnant last year while she and two other rhinos were housed at a nearby animal refuge during renovation work. The gestation period for the rare black rhinoceros is 14 to 16 months. But 11-year-old Kulinda, like most rhinos, showed no obvious sign of pregnancy. So when zoo workers arrived on Monday, they were in for a surprise. The zoo's newest resident won't be put on public display until keepers are sure mother and baby are bonding. Meanwhile in Denver, more proud parents: Samantha and Bertie, two river hippopotamuses. The gender of their baby is yet to be determined. The hippo enclosure has been closed since the baby's birth on September 28, in order to allow the mother and calf to bond. But on Tuesday, zoo visitors got the first chance to look at the little creature. Zoo officials are hoping the baby will live a long and healthy life like its father, Bertie, who at age 41 is the oldest resident of the Denver Zoo. SHOTLIST: Various, US - 4-5 October, 1999 XFA Newport, Kentucky - October 5, 1999 1. Baby sting rays swimming 2. Mother sting rays 3. Man holding baby 4. Mother sting ray in water Columbus, Ohio - October 4, 1999 5. Baby rhino nursing with mom in enclosure 6. Baby stumbles and tries to walk 7. Cutaway to baby rhino 8. Various of baby rhino with mom 9. Cutaway to baby rhino sleeping 10. Baby rhino with mom Denver, Colorado - October 5, 1999 11. Baby hippo eating with mother 12. Hippo flops in hay 13. Kids looking on 14. Wide of mother and baby hippo?